The 5 Best Pregnancy Exercises For Every Trimester!

Hi, I’m Lindsey Bomgren of Nourish Move Love and today I’m sharing five exercises I add to my routine when I am pregnant I’m
currently in my third trimester of pregnancy and these are great exercises
to add in your second and third trimester! The first is transverse
abdominal breathing. Now I have a whole post or a whole video about transverse
abdominal breathing on the blog, and I’ll link out to it below. But transverse is your deep muscles, so TA Breathing is your deep abdominal
muscles so not your six-pack muscles but the layer underneath that which is used
to hold baby nice and tight and also what you want to focus on so your
six-pack muscles are your rectus abdominus are the ones that can split
during pregnancy causing diastasis recti which I did come into this
pregnancy with a one to two finger separation so TA breathing is even more
important for those recovering from DR, guys So I’m just going to show you, I’ll start from a nice seated position here so you can kinda see me from the
side inhale belly expands exhale pull belly, pully baby in nice and tight,
you can see everything comes nice and tight, inhale belly expands exhale, comes in nice and tight. So to find the transverse abdominals take two fingers, I’ll come up onto my knees so you can see a little bit better, take two fingers and you go slightly inside their
hips this right here so and how about yes expands exhale you should feel right
here right inside your hip bones get nice and tight and now you want to try to hold this transverse abdominal breathing hold it nice and tight, working on for the length of time, like holding for four seconds you’ll start to feel these
muscles get kind of wobbly and shaky okay so that’s exercise number one for
more on TA Breathing be sure to check out the full video I have on that.
Exercise number two is more strength training versus HIIT training
I love strength training during pregnancy we’re not necessarily trying
to build muscle mass and break down muscle mass to really gain muscle but
more so in maintenance mode so I tend to go down to lighter weights but
more reps is what to do during pregnancy two of my favorite strength training
moves during pregnancy just grab the good old set a dumbbell a squat curl press, so come out a little bit wider make room for babe, give me a squat, a bicep curl, a overhead shoulder press, down down This is a staple move I do during pregnancy. Another good — grab one dumbbell or grab 2 Sumo squats, heels in toes out, weight at the chest, down and up. knees go out, pull the inner thighs in. Sumo Squats just feel so awesome for me during pregnancy, especially in that third trimester when lunges can start to be a little bit
funky, a lot of pressure down there so I love a good Sumo squat. Awesome moves for strength training during pregnancy. Number three is balance
and core work so I know balance can get a little bit tricky as your belly grows,
you can always grab a table top or a counter, but balance is really great to
continue to work on throughout pregnancy even as that relaxin sets in, and your
ligaments and muscles start to loosen up a little bit Barre is really great for this
as well as a couple of my favorite moves require one dumbbell, or two dumbbells, a
single leg deadlift — so I’m going to be balancing on one leg here, and I’m going to hinge hinge hinge forward, and pull up. working on my hamstrings glutes but also
working on my balance and core. Hinge hinge hinge. and pulling up. A good old single leg deadlift. I also love a lateral lunge and press. So lateral lunge to the side, come up, balance if you can find that balance, I’m going to show you again, see it’s tricky during
pregnancy! Lateral lunge, find your balance push that dumbbell overhead down and up so finding your balance is actually some of the best core work you can do. It’s much better than crunches will ever serve you. And then
4th is low-impact — so it simply going low impact for cardio as well I have a lot
of great low-impact workouts on the blog and in my second trimester I’m usually still jumping, but but one of my favorite way is to monitor my heart rate and take out
some impact in for example squat jumps, so instead of just doing squats jumps for 30
seconds, I do two air spots (one two) and then on our third one, I add a jump. So it’s
one two third one and jump so it’s just alternating low and a half with a little
bit of high impact if you want to take the impact out completely, there’s still a lot of great exercises you can do that are going to raise your
heart rate one being dumbbell or kettlebell swing
hinged swing grabbing extending dumbbell you can alternate hands, just driving your hips back, hinging straight forward this is engaging the legs but
also going to raise your heart rate naturally, right. and then if I’m trying to
to raise my heart rate in a cardio way I love some kickboxing moves some punches
stuff like that actually have a 15 minute low impact cardio hiit workout
that I’m shooting and I’ll share with you guys so lots of great low impact
ways to still get your heart rate up, as you can tell, my heart rate is up try to catch my breath as
I talk to you! Finally number five is hip opening exercises and stretches. You don’t want to overstretch during pregnancy, but as I prepare for labor, opening those
hips is really important. I like adding a yoga block to my routine so I’ll come sit on the yoga block here in a nice low yogi squat push my elbows into inner
thighs this is a great hip opening exercise
and a great way to prepare for labor, one of my favorite ones. I also have more hip opening exercises on the
blog but another favorite is a little runners lunge you can be down here you
can come up to your knee right here and then push on to the knife edge of your foot.
Another awesome hip opening exercises. I have good prenatal yoga on the blog as well that focuses on opening your hips so be sure to check those out!
So those are five moves I add to my fitness routine when I am pregnant and
moves that you can add too! And I also have a lot of pregnancy friendly and
pregnancy-safe workouts at Be sure to check them out!

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