The 4 Most Important Yoga Poses for Beginners At Home In Just 15 Minutes

if you are brand-new to yoga there are
certain postures that are essential for you to learn so you can feel comfortable
in a class or practicing on your own at home here are my picks for the most
important yoga poses for beginners note you don’t have to be able to do all
these poses exactly as pictured always listen to your body and modify if needed
number one plank plank teaches us how to balance on our hands while using the
entire body to support us it is a great way to strengthen the abdominals and
learn to use the breath to help us stay in a challenging pose from all fours
tuck under your toes and lift your legs up off the mat slide your heels back
enough until you feel you are one straight line of energy from your head
to your feet engage the lower abdominals draw the shoulders down and away from
the ears pull your ribs together and breathe deeply for eight to ten breaths
number two tree tree POS c1t re is an awesome standing balanced for beginners
to work on to gain focus and clarity and learn to breathe while standing and
keeping the body balanced on one foot start with your feet together and place
your right foot on your inner left upper thigh press your hands in prayer and
find a spot in front of you that you can hold in a steady gaze hold and breathe
for eight to ten breaths then switch sides make sure you don’t lean into the
standing leg and keep your abdominals engaged in shoulders relaxed
number three warrior to warrior two is an external hip opener and opens up the
inner thighs and groin it’s a good starting point for many side postures
including triangle extended angle and Halfmoon balance stand with your feet
one legs length apart turn your right toes out 90 degrees and your left toes
in 45 degrees bend your right knee until it is directly over your right ankle
while keeping the torso even between the hips stretch your arms out to your sides
and gaze over your right hand hold for eight to ten breaths before
straightening the right leg and turning your feet to the other side to repeat on
left side number four bridge pose Brigit counter pose to a forward bend is a back
bend bridge is a good beginners back bend that stretches the front body and
strengthens the back body lie down on your back and place your feet hip width
apart press firmly onto your feet and lift your butt up off the mat interlace
your hands together and press the fists down to the floor as you open up your
chest even more imagine dragging your heels on the mat towards your shoulders
to engage your hamstrings hold for eight to ten breaths then lower your hips down
and repeat two more times

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