THE 2k Row Warmup You’ve Been Looking For!


  1. Thank you for the video– one question: I always thought that one should do a warmup doing the activity of the event. With that in mind, should the stretches you recommend be done after, not before, the rowing warm-up?

  2. So finally decided to actually warm up prior to a row. Great warmup. Decided to give 2k all I had. 6:53. 2 seconds off PR I set with the help of your 7min 2k video. Not bad considering heavy squat day yesterday. Great warm up. Was able to push harder than I thought.

  3. Bookmarked! Thanks for sharing this warm-up routine 😃

  4. Still testing 6ks through winter but I’ll be sure to check this out again come 2k season!

  5. Loved the tips, I think that it helped me a lot today. Improved me 2k with 9 seconds (:

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