The 10,000 Calorie Sumo Wrestler Diet


  1. My Partner is cooking Chankonabe for dinner tonight.

  2. What do I always watch this.

  3. 9:07 me after not doing my homework and getting away with it

  4. Fun fact an obese sumo wrestler and a random obese person in the US are completely different due to the routine that sumo wrestlers have

  5. It’s sad that some people think that sumo wrestlers are just fat but they can crush your head like a watermelon

  6. Sumo wrestlers seem like some of the nicest people

  7. Imagine him throwing punches

  8. If this is diet I’ve already get my 8 packs

  9. 2.3K people actually called Jenny !!
    I'm eating chanko , I dont know abt ya'll😋😇

  10. Make some movie about him

  11. 8:00 that was just disrespectful lol

  12. The guy with the glasses low key makes us think he's a loser

  13. 2:36 whats that white powder?

  14. dummy thicc

  15. who else want's to see these guys vs strong men ( e.g. brian shaw )

  16. I feel like he’d motivate the hell out of you in the gym without ever raising his voice or sounding angry
    He’d just softly say some proverb and you’d warmup with yo max lol

  17. Maybe I missed it, but don’t Sumo wrestlers supposed to also drink a huge amount of beer with the Chanko?

  18. imagine the size of this guy's shits… never mind.. don't imagine

  19. Byamba could play the Kingpin role perfectly lol

  20. hi there

  21. Sumo wise, this guy is an absolute pro. Nutrition wise, this guy is just another bro.

  22. Where do all the calories in this come from? I've looked at recipes and they all look so lean.

  23. Anyone in the UK know where you can get a big-ass bag of ground beef like that? That looks expensive

  24. Das Frühstück für Champions^^

  25. Isn’t this dude part mongol, I want throat singing n shit

  26. He’s the Sumo equivalent to Santa Claus.

  27. jesus fucking christ that guy's ass !

  28. This guy is making me hungry lol he seems to be a happy fella

  29. I've seen this guy in One Direction and a Dorito commercial.

  30. I’ve seen this video way to many times

  31. So they eat like a strong man just a lot less

  32. Man the vid is so American. A Mongol practicing a Japanese tradition who buys his groceries at Koreatown.

  33. what song was playing in the beginning ?

  34. Damn this dudes flesh is major erotic lol

  35. My sister fat like that guy

  36. Buddha said – Happiness lies in a pure soul! For example look at the Byambaa..

  37. Just from his looks I seriously couldn't tell that he weighs over freaking 160kg. This has to be seriously ripped below the fat. That guy at 7:40 doesn't move him an inch!

  38. Se monta le de que😒

  39. Sumo wrestling is a Chinese sport right??

  40. Sumo wrestling is a Chinese sport

  41. I wonder how a +100kg champion Judoka such as Teddy Riner would do in a contest against this man in his own sport of Sumo and vice versa.

  42. He claims to be a 4x (and current) world sumo champion. If you look at the page for Sumo World Championships, it states he won it in 2006 and 2007. Is this a different competition than the one he claims he won 4 times?

  43. Please put him on some football pads

  44. Body builders should eat this when they bulk

  45. not a six pack to be found in that gym haha

  46. Camonicachen

  47. so if you have to overeat and be overweight, do it this way.

  48. His smile is contagious 😁

  49. everytime he smiles i smile too hehe

  50. 白鵬に殺されるだろ

  51. Happy buddha

  52. He protect.
    He attack.
    But most importantly…

    He eat healthy with a 10.000 Calories Diet.

  53. imao that director guy is so out of the picture

  54. This guy knows his way around a chopping board.

  55. Byumba was in a doritos add

  56. 2:10 anna university Chennai India ,my college is iit madras which is near to anna university

  57. Michael Phelps eat 12000 calories a day and he is in great shape. It just depends on how active you are, not the amount of calories.

  58. More docs like this thank you

  59. I need a anime made about this man ASAP!!!!!!!!!

  60. A ese gordo byamba, cualquier meagashira en japon le da una paliza..

  61. What is he yokozuna

  62. The meat has a lot of calories, right?…Right?…..That's cute.

  63. Finish itTT!

  64. Would love to drink some sake with this dude – He is funny and cool as hell –

  65. Wasn't he one of the sumo wrestlers in one direction music video

  66. Hh! So positive!!!

  67. I really like him, but what happened to his hair?

  68. That black dude got a horrible ass cut

  69. 9:05 this made me smile 🙂

  70. This Man vs Eddie Hall.


  72. 1:01
    shopping cart: screams internally

  73. All those dorky fat out of shape weebs in that lesson pretending to be sumos was so cringe

  74. What’s that music called? At the beginning, the traditional Japanese screaming one?

  75. Is he just age 29 😱

  76. Sumo wrestlers would be excellent offensive line men in football the nimble on there foot and very balanced

  77. 2:10 Anna University :p :p XD XD

  78. 10k calories only? Michael Phelps clock in at 14k a day 😂

  79. He’s younger than me. Almost a decade younger

  80. 0:01 what is that stickman doing here

  81. At one point Japanese sumo's top athete's are Mongolians !

  82. this man demonstrably sweats while he eats, but i'd never tell him that.

  83. I put my faith for you to win undisputed

  84. He is so strong he smashed everyone down even me cough its true
    Dead memes: Lair he Huged u to the ground
    Me: ..

  85. Oi

  86. Not gonna lie, but that food actually looks delicious. I’m pretty sure you can live off that type of diet. I’m just wondering how many bowls of that does he eat

  87. I'd like to eat some male chanko

  88. I love this guy!

  89. That’s how Asian people were taught how to respect foods by Remembering the hard work from the chef and the farmer. Unlike the American where they like to think like a low class by saying it’s my food I can do whatever I want and they would be like who cares about the farmer and the chef because that aint my problem.

  90. I love the fact that:
    A) This dude is super smiley and friendly and LOVES cracking jokes (and laughing at his own)
    B) at moments like 7:29 you can see in his eyes why he's the World Sumo champion. Imagine having to stare this guy down!

  91. 5 years old. Chillies guy ever

  92. @dva

  93. These guys should be executed with a Smith&Wesson 500 for being fat!

  94. Is mr. Byamba here in chicago, i think i saw him yesterday..

  95. That man is a buff

  96. Даша

  97. Drink a shot everytime he says chanko

  98. I can’t eat that because it has eggs and I’m allergic to eggs and I can’t eat gingerI like sushi

  99. When their underwear things come off someone lands on your face 😩😲😬

  100. Loved this video so much

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