The #1 Natural Anti-Aging Beauty Secret- How to Stay Youthful & Young Looking with Collagen Protein

in today's video we're going to talk about one of the most important proteins that you need to be getting into your body right now that's gonna help you feel and look way younger it's gonna energize your body it's going to restore and rejuvenate your cells and it'll even help you lose weight while you sleep think it's a magic bullet stay tuned to watch this video hey folks I am so excited to talk to you about collagen I'm sure many of you have heard about collagen it's becoming more of a commonly known supplement that many people are taking but what I want to talk to you about is why is it so important and how is it so amazing for restoring our youth it literally is a magic bullet and many of you know I'm a naturopathic doctor I do specialize in restoring and regenerating people's bodies through my naturopathic practice I'm a lymphatic drainage therapist I work with a lot of folks that are dealing with post surgical healing cancer treatments and degenerative diseases of the digestive system and autoimmune disorders many of you are looking for a magic bullet like the magic pill that will solve all your problems and while that really doesn't exist unfortunately I love to tell you otherwise there is something pretty darn close to it and it's actually collagen and I'm a huge proponent of collagen it is animal source but there's a lot of different ways to source it there's three types of collagen type 1 2 & 3 and type 1 is really what I want to talk to you about in this video collagen is one of the most important proteins comprised of 19 different amino acids in connective tissues and all mammals and animals including us humans and that's where it gets its healing power all of the beneficial aspects of these long very fibrous protein structures full of wonderful amino acids is really how collagen is able to help our body heal and what's really interesting is there's a lot of different types of collagen sources what science is found is that marine collagen harnesses an amazing Fountain of Youth literally marine sources of collagen can help your body regenerate tissue even better than some of the other animal sources why that's important particularly for the marine animals themselves they use collagen from the summer to the winter months to minimize the exposure of their environment like cold water so in the summer time they're in warmer water and then in the winter months they're in much colder water that affects their vascular system and what researchers have found is that marine life uses collagen certain fish use collagen to boost up and enhance the size of their heart to function better and to actually adapt and survive in the winter months now that's fantastic for us that utilize collagen that is marine source because not only do you get benefits of collagen you actually get the protective effects for your body and for your skin and all of your hair and your tissues your core vital organs this is where I as a naturopath think collagen is truly today's Fountain of Youth and it's been around for thousands of years our ancestors and even our grandparents made beef and other gravies and bone broths and Eskimos and Indians have history of consuming these wonderful nutrients from our animal sources and it's absolutely core for us to be able to get that protein and those amino acids in our body what's amazing is 30% of the protein in our body is college oriented 70% of that is comprised in our skin so to maximize beauty and skin quality you want to get collagen in your daily skincare regimen and when I say daily skincare regimen everything is in sight to out so we want to beautify from the inside to the outside and so by consuming and ingesting oral collagen in powder form or liquid form that is one of the best ways for us to enhance our skin elasticity minimize eye wrinkles to enhance the connective tissue of our body and more importantly structurally to enhance the integrity of our organ systems now this is really important for those of you suffering from IBS and gastric issues digestive issues cysts and fibrotic tissue there's amazing research that shows literally collagen can actually help repair the tissue so that is wonderful in terms of the makeup of collagen stability to what they say scientifically is to enhance the extracellular matrix so it strengthens the outside tissue and skin if you will of our organs and our vital systems that's an essential healing aspect and that's really where we get this Fountain of Youth that I talked about when I opened up this video now the other thing that's really amazing about collagen type 1 is that it has an amazing ability to help the body burn fat while we sleep now hello that's awesome so you don't even have to actually be doing anything but consuming collagen and by Nature the way it's utilizing all those amino acids and the engagement of those items in our body axl actually enhances our metabolic process and our metabolic function for those of you that have metabolic dysfunction or metabolic syndrome X you've heard of me describe that PCOS hypothyroidism autoimmune excuse chronic fatigue all of those actual diagnoses can benefit greatly from use of collagen and collagen is pretty amazing because there's been a lot of research in terms of how it benefits the body and where the research really kind of plays a significant role is just in four and eight weeks so there are actually utilizing studies and a very short period of time to showcase benefits long term you enhance that collagen production of your body naturally you get an even greater result so that's significant now one important thing to note as we age we actually have a decrease in our collagen production what we see is at age thirty we kind of reach our peak collagen levels research is showing that at age forty we have a decrease of collagen production by about twenty five percent okay so I'm in my thirties I've been aware of these studies for a while with my research and my role as a naturopathic doctor I think assuming collagen for over 15 years and I really do believe that that has helped minimize some of the aging and now let's think about that that's when we usually start to complain about crow's feet sagging droopy skin neck skin women start being concerned about their hands so the best thing you can do for your beauty care regimen is to consume collagen now at age sixty that stat moves all the way up to over fifty percent over fifty percent less collagen is being produced by your body that's significant so if you are over 50 over 60 this has got to be in your regimen and it's part of not only your beauty care routine it is your youthful wellness program because our skins just one external factor that's one organ think about all the other internal organs your digestive system your reproductive system your hormones all of your core organs your lungs there's research that collagen can actually help minimize pulmonary fibrosis so it has significant role in helping our bodies reverse the aging clock and really restores and rejuvenates the body so that things that are degenerative and elemental factors like our and just the natural aging process slows down that's significant because we feel great we are energized we have our systems all operating at optimal levels and we are much more youthful in our cellular makeup so it really is it's really a mitochondrial elixir and mitochondria is the heart of yourself you can boost the heart of your cell and energize it inertia through nutriceuticals and supplementation like collagen you are going to be feeling great long-term so that is why I wanted to make this video because I have been a consumer of collagen for a long time our amazing research studies that showcase college and supplementation was actually helped naturally enhance your own body's natural production of collagen so it's a win-win you take a supplement you get the collagen and you start building the collagen there are four in eight-week studies that show significant improvement in our beauty our skin or wrinkles literally all the places where we're frustrated like the little crow's feet and the furrow lines there are significant decreases in wrinkles increases in skin elasticity and even further than that the elastin which keeps and holds our skin tight and taut actually increases by 18 percent in just four weeks so one supplement usually will come with a 30-day supply and so one purchase of a supplement of collagen will yield great results I mean it's just amazing so I wanted to talk to you a little bit about how to pick out the best type of collagen the most bioavailable form is type one and it is proven to help your body's own collagen produced naturally there are animal-based collagen that's our source it's really the only way to get collagen into your body apart from what you're producing and what I find is marine collagen that's sourced approp currently actually has scientifically been proven to have the most protective effects on our skin aging process I have a lot of patients and individuals here in the social media world and on YouTube they ask me about collagen and I recently partnered up with an awesome collagen producer manufacturer I'm very excited to share with you guys Renu 5 I actually have it here this is the product I'll give you a link you can you can actually purchase it on Amazon and they have wonderful wonderful products GMO and gluten free yay what's really key about Renu 5 is their marine collagen sourcing is so clean and so rich it's by far the best thing out on the market so I'm very excited to share with you this product because I found them and I hope you do as well in your life but at any rate collagen has an amazing ability to enhance the nutrients and enzyme reactions you need in your body to strengthen your arterial walls your ligaments enhance your bone production minimize osteoporosis and joint pain reducing inflammation and the effects of information on your body it's so fantastic and it does that all while you're sleeping so I hope you'll check it out if this video was helpful please give me a thumbs up if you have any questions shoot me a message down below and I hope you have a wonderful youthful happy day you


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