Thank You To The Healthcare Front Lines

Hey, guys, it’s Dr. Z. So I want to say something that
nobody in the media’s saying which is, thank you. Thank you to our front-line
healthcare professionals who are the ones risking their
lives with terrible staffing, equally terrible
leadership, in many cases, terrible government planning,
terrible preparation, but they’re the ones there, taking care of patients
during this COVID-19 epidemic that people are terrified because of the media
hysteria about this thing, but you go into work and you
take care of those patients, even when those patients are stealing your personal protective
equipment and your masks out of your supply closets, even when your own so-called leadership are looking more like poor
managers than leaders. There’s no leadership happening. You’re still the ones
touching the patients every single day, putting
yourselves at risk. In China, we saw so many
healthcare professionals get sick because they go in, they’re
going towards danger when others are running away. Our paramedics, our EMS, our staff that work in nursing homes, they’re all putting themselves at risk to take care of our most vulnerable. We did it during swine
flu, we do it during SARS, do it during Zika, it doesn’t matter. That’s what you are called
to do, and you do it, and thank you, and what we,
the rest of society should do, is elevate you on a pedestal, give you the resources and
the tools and the autonomy to do what you do best,
which is care for others, and keep you safe,
because we know, we know, especially with our front line nurses, they will sacrifice themselves
to keep others safe, and we don’t have to do that. It’s called leadership and planning. We’ve had time to prepare for
this, and what have we done? It’s still a mess, you guys. So I’m asking our leadership to lead. Stop trying to manage. Help resource and support our front-line healthcare professionals, because otherwise, I’ll tell you, their morale is already
iffy here in the Bay Area. People are struggling, but
they’re doing their job, and I remember it
happened during swine flu. It’s the same thing, but we
need to support them now. Better protocols, better
resources, better PPE, better education of
patients to not come in if they don’t need so, so
we can manage them remotely and offload some of the
stress that’s happening. In Italy right now, the
hospitals are overwhelmed. In China, a quarantine hotel collapses. This is the time when people
who are called to help others rise up and stand, and if we don’t support
them, we’re complicit. All right, guys? So, here’s the call to action. Share this video with your leadership, with government officials, with someone you love who
works in healthcare, all right, to support them and say, you know what, thank you for what you’re doing
during this difficult time. All right, guys? I love you. We out.


  1. Recently spoke with an ER doctor that contracted COVID-19 treating an asymptomatic patient. He was encouraging others to keep their spirits up. He set a great example.

  2. I have 3 friends who are nurses, 1 works in a hospital, 1 is a traveling nurse, 1 is retired. None of them see COVID-19 (at least 3 days ago) as a big deal. I found their outlooks baffling. They are basically saying the flu is worse. Is it possible nurses get a rosy picture from management to avoid panic and attrition?

  3. Hi Dr Z, I’m a Physician Assistant in cardiology since 1998. We are now allowed to practice tele medicine in order to keep unnecessary visits to the office. Thank you for bringing awareness to all on the frontlines.

  4. The president actually said thank you to nurses and other front line workers today. I would appreciate student loan forgiveness a little more.

  5. I didn't choose this job. It chose me.

  6. Lab tech here. We don't have as much exposure to things as nurses but we are definitely feeling the pressure.

  7. Rockstars – Thank you!!!

  8. Managing is not leadership. Thank you on behalf of my favorite nurse!

  9. Large retail pharmacy chain technician here: it's very nice to hear someone say this amidst all the panic. We'll continue to do our jobs to the best of our ability!

  10. From all the pediatric homecare nurses, we love you ZDogg.

  11. As a paramedic from Colorado, thank you for this.

  12. Retired NP here..wishing there was a way to deploy us out there to help..I would do it immediately.

  13. Unsung heroes. Please do take care of them .

  14. So we would have had enough masks, but most were sent to China by their friends and relatives, which I don't blame them but it cleaned out our supply. Then, because most of our masks and PPE are made in China, we couldn't get shipments. Now, 3M, who makes masks in Canada and the US is running 24/7. What we need is for the people who hoarded up far more than they can ever use in a lifetime, we need them to donate to our hospitals, clinics, and first responders. Even if the govt has to buy them for what they paid, we need this to happen.

  15. Doc, I have turn off the news and have pretty much so we relied on this and a few other websites for my source of information. As an RN on the front lines thank you for this!

  16. And grocery store workers

  17. I received a call yesterday from UAB. My 3 month check-up will be done by phone in the morning. Today UAB Hospital called to cancel my hubby's knee surgery scheduled on the 24th. I have made it a point to tell them thank you. To please share my gratitude with all the doctors, nurses and support staff involved in our care.

    My son's girlfriend is a micro biologist at Johnson & Johnson. They are working tirelessly to come up with solutions to battle Covid 19. To all those including our man ZDoggMD…thank you!

  18. These moments, when I see the persistence and never wavering courage of healthcare professionals, make me proud to study medicine. I'm a nursing major on my second year of studies and I want to say thank you to all of the people on the frontlines of this thing. God bless you all, much love from the bottom of my heart, stay safe, stay amazing!

  19. RN here.

    It is busy, we are ridiculously and laughably underprepared for this it’s shameful. Will higher management and CEOs learn anything from this after it has all blown over. Probably not a damn thing. It’s all about the bottom dollar to them.

  20. RN here.

    It is busy, we are ridiculously and laughably underprepared for this it’s shameful. Will higher management and CEOs learn anything from this after it has all blown over. Probably not a damn thing. It’s all about the bottom dollar to them.

  21. Thank you for acknowledging us. I have many Healthcare workers in my family. I also say Thank you to all Healthcare workers and first responders worldwide 🙏

  22. @ZDOGGMD I have noticed the people who are swabbing the public in the “drive thru” test lines, aren’t changing their gloves! They are going car, to car, car!!! Is this normal?? Could this be part of the problem????🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  23. ♥️♥️ couldn’t imagine doing anything else in the world ♥️

  24. Also, thank you to the people working in grocery stores, transit systems, etc. We appreciate all of you very much.

  25. Thank you zdogg you are actually the first I’ve heard say thank you. A nurse I work with was nearly assaulted at a gas station on her gas stop pre shift when she went in scrubs. My last pt I took care of was covid positive and we were so short on supplies I had to reuse my small n925 mask or choose to wear a large that wouldn’t have passed a fit test. My daughter is a type one diabetic. I’m just as scared as the public and questioning my life decisions.

  26. Thank you all! I worked ED FOR 34 years and I am happy to be retired now. You healthcare workers are great!

  27. Furious some mgmt requiring healthcare providers to take PTO when can’t work due to work based exposure. No Admn leave as they weren’t using PPE (because of course there was none available to them). How is this responsible mgmt?

  28. I was just in the hospital yesterday being tested for COVID. The nurses and PA were so amazing. They had they’re systems and processes down. Thank you to all healthcare workers!!! By the way, that nasal swab for COVID I think went all they way up into my brain. VERY uncomfortable.

  29. Dr. ZDogg, thank you as well. Your videos are very valuable so thank you for your time and effort in making them. I’m certain you have many demands on your time right now.

    Dr. ZDogg, a lot of my anxiety of this disease comes my feeling of helplessness and my perceived conflicted information on this disease’s severity. I’m getting a lot of my information from quality sources such as Dr. Seheult of MedCram, Dr. John Campbell, and Dr. Peter Attia. I don’t think any of these sources would be considered click bait.

    My perceived conflict comes from your interview with Dr. Offit; while I can tell you and Dr. Offit are concerned, Drs. Attia and Campbell seem far more concerned. Sorry I can’t quantify this concern, this is just my overall impression.

    (Perhaps a video idea 💡) My wife and step-daughter are in Thailand. Needless to say my separation from them right now is very stressful. (Sometimes the stress is to the point where I practice mindful meditation so I can focus on one breath at a time) My wife is a government employee with a boss who isn’t taking this disease seriously. I’ve advised her that we are going to beat this disease with VERY BORING practices such as, washing her hands frequently, trying to avoid people as much as possible, not touching our face, and not sharing food with others. (It’s Thai tradition to eat “family style”; eating from the same plates 🤯) I’ve given my step-daughter, she’s 13, the job of cleaning all the fomites in my wife’s dorm room. I’ve made it a game, I pay her 5 baht per fomite she finds and cleans. Do you have any other suggestions?

    If you read this far, wow and thanks 🙏🏼

  30. Thanks for all your help, sir. You're doing a great service. One question that hit me this morning: With everyone at home ordering food, and very little testing going on, are we infecting more people through food contamination and packaging? I work in food service and, let me tell you, most workers are very bad at handling food properly. I wonder whether we are literally delivering the virus right into households. Anyone thinking about this?

  31. I’m a nurse and firefighter wife. We’re both working through this without hesitation, because it’s what we do as healthcare workers. With schools closed for at least another month we’re lucky enough to have local family to keep our two kids while we’re working. I can’t help but worry about the families who have no local friends/family to keep their kids while they are working mandatory overtime for days on end. I hope that our local and national leaders have considered this and can offer childcare for their healthcare workers on the front lines. You are awesome and I love your channel..thank you for posting this!

  32. Thank you for thanking us! 🥺🤗

  33. As a cattle rancher married to an ex ICU Burn Trauma/current OR nurse I would like to extend my thanks to you all in healthcare. I see first hand the dedication and humanity you all have. Great job Z for all you do.

  34. Amen! Our angels… thank you all!!

  35. So true! Thanks for the thanks.

  36. Autonomy is a key word. Give us the power to work at the top of our training. We know what to do.

  37. God Bless them ❤️🙏🛐 Thank you so much

  38. The thanks to healthcare workers goes without saying. They are exposed to worse things than cotonavirus on a daily basis. I have an entirely different message to those who delivered our healthcare system into the hands of business managers more worried about the bottom line than actual patients. We shouldn't have had to look to the government to tell hospitals to prepare for a pandemic. Anyone with a brain knew it was coming. We didn't know in what form, so I don't expect test kits or vaccines tomorrow, just hospitals with the ability and staff to respond to a crisis like this.

  39. Up your nose with a rubber hose doc , and your ear , and your rear with 03 and manage your load.

  40. And pcp pneumonia before we even understood hiv transmission

  41. RRT here from Canada. Thanks for the support, Dr. Z! The steep slope of the "curve" is yet to come I fear. Us RT's often have 'little man' syndrome, feeling like we're never acknowledged as equally or as often as the nurses, but we'll be at the bedside with them in those ED and critical care moments, and do what we do with a tired yet warming smile!

    Stand-to! Man the walls! Care for the sick, y'all!

  42. Thank you Z. Rules are changing daily; it's hard to keep up. Just keep taking my temperature daily….


  44. Yes, an enormous thank you! You are so courageous at the front lines, health care warriors!!

  45. With those dark circles under your eyes, I thought this was a Louis Rossmann video.


  47. Thank you for saying thank you Dr. D! Not enough covid tests at our hospital, patients are not being screened, we are all being put at risk. You always have our backs!

  48. DOCTOR Z: My wife and I are nurses. We’re both thinking of leaving the profession, after this crisis is over.

    The lack of supplies and safety are what is driving us out. I’m not certain who to blame, but the lack of supplies are unacceptable.

    Thank you for the video.


  49. Student nurse in israel that works in the ER: I was just put in isolation a few hours ago…..thanks Zdogg!
    its been hard going in to work and then being treated like a pariah on the "outside " . Its nice to be recognized for what we do….

  50. Thank u so much for ur video we need videos like this in this period 💓

  51. To my brothers and sisters in ERs across the country, we got this!

  52. Stealing masks no s—! I am sewing 4 layer cotton masks for medical staff or the would have nothing. Anybody who can sew jump on the wagon patterns and instructions how to in YouTube. Let's roll!

  53. Registered Dietitian here. Big thanks to all my colleagues. We got your backs.

  54. CREATIVE a leadership is needed. The hotels that are closing could make rooms available to healthcare workers. That way, those afraid to bring the virus home have a restful place to eat and recover. Hell, it’s keep some of their employees -employees and I’m SURE it could be a tax write off

  55. Although I doubt you earth yourself electrically, leather shoes , grounded bed sheets should be disconnected and rubber soles only

  56. Much appreciated, Dr. Z. I'm a nurse in a hospital and I recently had a patient with a respiratory illness and we could only put out so much PPE as visitors were stealing them due to the hysteria around COVID-19. It is wonderful to be able to help any patient but any measure to avoid hospital flooding is nice too so the resources are there for the patients who need to be in the hospital. Thank you so much for this awareness video!

  57. Preach my brother!!!❤❤❤❤much love!!!!❤❤❤❤

  58. Thank YOU Zdogg for staying on top of this and keeping us informed and calm! We love everything you do!

  59. Your awesome! When this hopefully works out, you need to take over the AMA

  60. The leadership at Mercy of Northwest Arkansas deserves a big THANK YOU for supporting us and ensuring that we are safe during this situation. – Matt Redican, BS, RRT

  61. So I am working in the hospital. We have no active covid cases. My birthday is this weekend and I had been planning to go to my sister's. When I mentioned it to her, she was shocked and said no to me coming there… She even said I was irresponsible. Bc I work in the hospital!! I am very in touch with what is going on and I don't think going to see her and my niece… Both very healthy… Is a problem. Thoughts, Zdogg?!
    And just FYI, I am already hunkering down like everyone else on my days off and not going to my parent's home as they are both over 65. I, of course, don't want to put anyone at risk but an just wondering if it really needs to be that extreme? Feeling a little isolated and ostracized. Thankful for my work family, as we all truly support each other on the unit ❤️

  62. Every news broadcast is saying thank you to healthcare workers and first responders who keep on keeping on.


  64. RN here. Currently on quarantine due to a cough. I don't check enough boxes to get tested but enough to prevent me from patient care. Now the patients I worked with prior to symptom onset don't get notified because there is not a pending test for me. I do chronic disease management with vulnerable (and mostly elderly) patients in their homes. If any of them were exposed by me it would be devastating and all I can do is sit on my hands until I'm "symptom free" for 24 hours.

  65. Forgive our med school loans!

  66. I'm thinking 50 % of the population is infected right now


  68. If you had to pick, which one would you have, C-Diff or COVID-19?

  69. Good points. 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍

  70. To all my fellow healthcare workers- I salute you🙏💪😁 nurses especially- we been fighting a nursing shortage for years working double shifts. Love all of you. As for the leaders- HELP US OUT INSTEAD OF MICROMANAGING. ANSWER A CALL LIGHT FOR GODS SAKE.

    I just shared this with my sister who is on the Front lines caring for the elderly in Florida.♥️

  72. 100% …Thank you, All. Each person being responsible is needed to protect our nation.

  73. Am I the only RN that wants to work for Doc Z?

  74. Hey Doc, I've been a nurse a long time, it's tough seeing the fear in the newer staff. Maybe the old hands are too cynical for their own good. Leadership is in short supply, I'm fortunate enough to have good nurses with me. Together, we'll find a way, we always do. You're a voice of reason, and I want to say: "Thank you."
    Keep up the good work, and stay safe.

  75. ZDoggMD eloquence. I suspect some folks come to this site simply for that. Who are the trolls who disagree with this? — If the horse don't pull you've go carry the load; I don't know whose back's that strong, maybe find out before too long.

  76. I just read a notice from the CDC advising staff to wear a scarf over their face if they can get masks. This lack of planning from the top down is pathetic and criminal. We already have a RN and MD shortage and poor leadership is going to negatively impact caregivers’ health for a long time. Reminds me of a military adage about supplies:
    We have done so much for so long with so little that we are now prepared to do everything with nothing. 😷😥😡🤬

  77. Thank you for posting this. No one else has said this to us. Not even friends and family.

  78. Big Corporations save money by staffing ERs with contractors, not employees. No benefits, no protection for my family… Sorry I can't make it to work. We're human beings, not disposable, expendable resources. Medical staffing reminds me of the early industrial revolution before labor organized. Safe workspaces NOW!

  79. Well said..thank you. Keep leading please with the info.

  80. Thank u too!


  82. I just want to make a shout out to our managers at the ED that I work at, they've been awesome! We're currently working on making sure we have bugs worked out for our process for dealing with all this before the crap hits the fan. LOVE ME ED FAMILY!!!!

  83. We health care workers are also risking the lives of loved ones we take care of at home like our 80 year old mother, 84 year old aunt, mid 70s in-laws. When everyone else is running away from sickness, we are running toward it!

  84. Thanks for the recognition @ZDoggMD as a paramedic in the southwest I couldn't agree more. We are not only putting ourselves at risk but our husbands/wifes and children when we come home from shift. We're not able to call out due to potential disciplinary action. Its absurd and our system that was already unable to handle the daily influx of patients is on the brink of collapse with the additional need COVID-19 is causing.

  85. And pay nurses what they are worth

  86. My full time job is in dds long term care just got a plan kinda in place. My hopsital part time job is asking for hours. Im like ive never been so popular.

  87. Thank you for recognizing those nurses on the front lines!

  88. Hey Dr. Z. I’m a PA in primary care in NY. I work in a private office for 2 physicians who have left seeing the “sick patient’s” to myself and the other PA. Their schedules are routine visits only. Our PPE is a droplet mask and a single N95 we got a week ago. No gowns and no eye protection. We were told to Lysol the mask and wash our hands. The best part, is they don’t think Covid19 is a “big deal.” They find the “social distancing” and self quarantining inconvenient. They want the bodies in the building, so they mix elderly “routine visits” with symptomatic, likely positive patients (the other PA and I find this to be an ethical dilemma). Matter of fact, we were told today that if (or when) we get this, it isn’t likely that we would die. If we don’t like it, we can use our PTO to step away for a week. I joined the health profession to heal, and yes, I am prepared to treat patients in need; all day any day.

  89. I would love to share with my leadership. However, I can’t this week. As the crisis is rapidly hitting our area, Nursing leadership assured us that we would all be fine, had nothing to worry about because all patients are being screened at the door and then half of them went on vacation!

  90. I needed to hear this today. Thank you.

  91. Love your videos, Dr Z. I know your content is geared toward medical professionals, but is there a chance you could do a segment on what us non-medical folks can/should be (not) doing in the home? We're getting guidance from the gov, but it isn't crystal clear. I've got 5 kids at home, working remotely, and I'm trying to follow the guidance best as I can to keep us healthy and avoid strain on the healthcare system.

  92. And – my job is to take care of the front line folks as needed. As a high risk Immunosuppressed counselor with LMHC, LCAC – I can and do take care of recovering nurses via Zoom. I’m here for every front line worker who needs it.

  93. Trump/Pence just ordered unlimited resources

  94. I'm a Emergency Room Nurse!!! Thanks for this video! Nobody talking about what's happening with us or trying to protecting us!! I made a oath to service the sick and dying. That's what I will do..


    COVID—19 is Hysteria part of larger agenda.

  96. Amen, brother

  97. Absolute heros

  98. FYI, the numbers the World Health Organization is using to compare the mortality rate associated with COVID-19 vs. annual flu mortality rates are apples to oranges. The mortality rate calculation for COVID19 is based on CONFIRMED cases while the mortality rate for annual flu is based on ESTIMATED cases. If you use confirmed cases to calculate mortality rate for the seasonal flu you get 10% which is more than double the mortality rate calculated for COVID19 so far. Time will tell the whole story but thus far the Coronavirus appears to be no more deadly than the annual flu. Estimated vs. confirmed numbers are apples to oranges; the reason they use estimated numbers is because they really don’t know how many people actually contract the seasonal flu each year.

  99. Let’s be like Spain –

  100. Registered Nurse from the Bay Area. We need to keep going, thank you for the encouragement!!

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