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sawadika up it's Tuesday May 14th I'm JP miss Danza and this is Phuket extra brought to you by PSD windows and doors now here's the news you need to know a bar host working a Patong Bangla Road is now dead after he was stabbed to death by another host during a fight between the two on Monday evening the two men were working as freelance hosts on the islands main nightlife strip earning commission from various bars that they would take customers to police say the fight broke out at about 949 p.m. last night leading to one of the men 32-year Buckland punxy DA allegedly pulling out a knife and stabbing 42 year old Anna Chet John widget he was later taken to Patong hospital where he was declared dead police say more details will follow as the investigation progresses police say they have the man accused of raping a 26-year old Norwegian tourist on the party island of koh phangan this past weekend and he's a felon who had only recently been released from jail just a day before the terrible crime 33 year old rat what hunt Sawan had been serving time for a narcotics possession and trafficking according to the Bangkok Post and was released from prison on the nearby island of Koh Samui on Saturday but on Sunday morning a Norwegian woman told police that while looking for a lost wallet after attending a half moon party in the wee hours of Sunday she came across a time man who volunteered to give her a ride helped her find her wallet but he allegedly attacked and raped her police say they identified the suspect through surveillance camera footage and eyewitness descriptions brett watt was picked up at a motorcycle repair shop on koh phangan wali we'll update you on this story as it develops expats over the age of 50 listen up the Ministry of Public Health is announcing that approval has been given to make health insurance a mandatory new requirement for all foreigners staying in Thailand on 1-year non-immigrant visas or permits to stay the proven for an extra health insurance requirement for foreigners applying for one-year non-immigrant visas applies to all foreigners age 50 or older and the insurance policy must provide up to 40,000 baht coverage for outpatient treatment and up to 400,000 baht for inpatient treatment during their stay in the kingdom the requirement will apply to all new applications for one year non immigration oay visas and for those applying to renew their one-year permits to stay the new move is set to protect the ministry of public health since many times they're forced to pay for medical care for older foreigners who don't have the funds to pay for their own hospital bills for more on this visit the Phuket look at extra bareback Attalus Phuket's rapid modernization has made it one of the world's premier holiday destinations investors can still buy quality condominiums for as low as 75 thousand US dollars and luxury properties can go all the way up to 20 million condominiums in Phuket are a safe secure bricks-and-mortar investment offering furnace freehold ownership call or email time residential Phuket's number one trusted real estate advisor to find your perfect UK property welcome back to Phuket extra alliances are forming factions are being created and lucrative positions are being offered in return for their loyalty it's Thailand's own Game of Thrones and with the Election Commission now unexpectedly giving 11 small party seats under their controversial party list formula the game is getting more interesting let's explain the Election Commission have now given seats to 11 small parties much to the chagrin of all the big parties except for one as all of the small parties have declared their loyalty to Giunta leader prior chan-ocha and the pro-military balan bruschetta party they held a briefing in Bangkok this week to show their support now everyone is trying to move the two mid-sized parties the pro-marijuana boom ji party and the democrats each of whom carry enough seats for either side to form a government on one side we have the pro-military but balanced at a party with their prime minister candidate in prior chan-ocha but the other side we had the anti junta coalition headed by the poo type party including the future forward party and they've offered the Premiership to the head of the boom ji party a newton-john vehicle who says he will not make a decision until next Monday in the meantime the net Democrats say they will need a few days to elect their new party leader and which side to join a couple were walking along a private trail at the dumb guy at s-21 Wildlife Sanctuary in catching up woody province over the weekend when they encountered a wild tiger so they climbed up a bamboo tree to avoid it and spend a half hour there recording the whole thing in a facebook video the encounter took place on Saturday ironically near this campsite where construction tycoon bream chad cotton Assunta and three others were arrested last year for allegedly poaching wildlife including a black leopard during the clip the unidentified female teacher of ethnic cotton origin she speaks to her husband who was below her while the tiger saunters around the area even lying down at times after 15 minutes the husband climbs down the tree and sits on his own motorcycle to eat sticky rice while gazing at the nearby tiger eventually the animal leaves and the woman is left refusing to climb down that's when the video ends reports say the trail they use is closed to the public and only Park Rangers and local villagers use it along with Tigers and that's it for phuket extra brought to you by PSD windows and doors for safe secure and soundproof windows this is it PBC phuket comm if you're watching us on youtube click that subscribe button to check out all our future videos if you're watching us on facebook give us a like on the pooka news page from all of us here at the pooka news Center thank you for watching and until tomorrow stay classy Phuket entries are almost sold out don't miss the chance to experience the leading destination marathon and Southeast Asia


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