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they haven't got Christmas in the new year anyway I thought I'd make up some really nice healthy recipes so I'm going to start off with a really healthy salmon burger serbia little bit a rice bit of salad delicious now to make up these really nice salmon burgers I'm just going to quickly go through the ingredients we're going to use now I've got me salmon this is sort of tail end of the salmon but if you got a bias salmon make sure it's got no bones i'm going to use 400 grams of salmon also there's no skin on there it's been taken off so skinless and boneless 400 grams of salmon then I've got dark soy sauce and I'm going to use one teaspoon of that red Thai curry paste now I actually bought with one ready-made normally I do make it when i'm making up the dishes but save a lot of myths around i bought this little tub of red Thai curry paste now i would say use about three to four teaspoons of that don't go overboard because otherwise you can come really sort of strong and if you've got youngsters eating it probably blow the head off so three to four teaspoons maybe a little bit less if you know giving it to young children then we've got some you know nice fresh ginger gonna peel that great it and i would say you've got one good heat teaspoon of nice fresh ginger coriander fresh bunch of coriander peel the leaves off and you know just put it all in the blender all the fish and all the mixture goes in the blender blend it up and then when it comes out you can make them into nice little burger patties fry them up in a frying pan little bit of oil and they're gonna be delicious so I start preparing everything first of all gonna grab the salmon and just chop it on you two pair of scissors into little chunky bits really so we can get it in the blender and helps to blend it up a bit really you see there's no skin on here it's all being taken off so carry on doing that with a salmon and then I'm going to pull the leaves off the coriander and peel and just grate the ginger so now got everything sort of prepared I'm going to get me a little blender I'm going to use a small blender and hopefully it'll fear and just start blending it mixing nap together and then it's ready to sort of shape into those lovely little burgers now obviously you know if you've got a bigger blender use whatever you've got but there we go I've got me grated ginger there there's probably just over a teaspoon of that it doesn't matter on the order now with this quarry and I'm going to keep a little bit so that we can sort of dressing up a little bit at the end so let's just put that in then I've got me red Thai curry paste now i'm going to use three teaspoons of that so let me just tryna oh nice that's going to be delicious I've got one teaspoon of soy sauce starts or sauce I think actually use another spoon in case you're wondering time little bit more wasn't quite there madam then I've got a fit all these pieces of salmon in there so gonna hopefully get it all in otherwise I might have to sort of blend it a little bit and then add a bit more see how we go so I'll just try and get as much so can in there that's it I'll leave that bit and chop it up anymore by the looks of it and then once i blend it a little bit then i can add a bit more just for i put the lid on i'm just going to put just a little bit so in there so let's put the lid on the blender just push that down a little bit and then I'm going to put the rest of the salmon in there you carry on Blender I'm also going to turn a little bit squeeze the lemon in there you just put a little bit of juice in there and really lemon goes really well with salmon anyway so but you also got to lubricate it so let's get rest of that salad salmon in there put the lid on and we should just about manage that so I think I've just about finished with that that's blended enough it doesn't matter got you know a few chunky bits in there that's fine so let's tip that all out and make up these really nice burgers yeah actually smells really delicious I know it's going to taste great so I've got the salmon mixture all ready to go and what we going to do is go up to the hop I'm going to get myself a frying pan little bit of oil made this into a four little pates and then we're going to cook them up and they're going to be delicious they felt stronger though just put a little bit of oil i'm going to use vegetable oil you don't need a lot because to be honest salmon is quite an oily fish anyway so you don't need much then we're going to use a spoon and I'm just gonna try and roughly so I'll cut it off and then again let's make up nice one here it's going to use me and time roll it around make up the shape and then I'll go just dip it in a little bit of flour that's it we leave that there a minute switch to heat on and then we can pop them straight in the pain now I'm not going to have it to higher temperature just a fairly low to start with Lee again it's going to be gentle with this get up and that's one pretty much done you gotta be careful with them because you know it's not like a meat liebe over there they're easy to sort of fall apart so again try and roughly getting about the same sort of size once you've got the rough shape just pop it in a bit of flour press it down no we can just turn it over again right and I'll just reshape it just as I'm putting it in the pan and I pants just warming up so give it a quick slosh around just try and get the oil spread out a little bit and now i'm going to put the little pates in there again just grab that give it the final shape final shape and then pop it in the pan right and again I'm just going to pick the other one at the same time and again just get the shape pop it in the pan now I'm just going to do the other two dip them in flour and get those in the pan as well now I'm Scott get a bit careful slip those over oh look at that nice color already obviously you got to make sure that you cook it all the way through summer generals wash that's it I mean in terms of cook time I would say somewhere between sort of six or seven minutes depending thick you've made them and about halfway through cooking so I'm just going to fit my rug in just give a little squash we obviously when you're cooking these again depends out hi you've got the temperature to how long you cook it but i would say you do it on a nice low temperature I've been cooking for about six minutes I'm just going to flip mode for the last time leaving for an hour or minute or two and then I'm going to serve them up they smell really nice absolutely lovely little bit of color on there so just leave those and stay about seven minutes eight minutes at the most and we serve them up take most of the time I've got me salad there it's a little bit of mixture of sort of baby spinach and I've got slices of carrot and got some cucumber there's a little bit of beetroot this it's quite a nice salad yeah I'm actually going to use I've got a little bit of caster sugar you don't want much now so I've got a little bit of white wine vinegar so I'm just going to pour that on and again not too much just really enough to kind of get it all nice and moist we're going to mix that around get it blended with the sugar boom there give it a good toss around get it all mixed up get a couple of plates and serve it all up so I've got one of the plates and I'm just going to cut a little bit of lemon just put a little wedge alone in there on the side so you know people can squeeze it if they want I was fine it's really nice actually I'm going to try this one here keep it there let's just cut into this see how it is whoa looks nice smells really nice as well hmm let me try oh I Bradley hmm got a nice Thai flavor to it not too so you know it's spicy so you might get around a little bit more of the type sort of you know curry page the red Thai curry page but that is lovely go try a bit more hmm ah delicious for something so healthy that tastes fantastic now I'm also i just tuck into a little bit this salad as well let's just get stacking nice house a little bit of caster sugar with the white wine vinegar quite knowledge really nice obviously got the rice mmm you can't go wrong it's healthy delicious don't make it and enjoy you don't have that boring food for your diet don't make something that tastes good thanks for watching come back soon the original manga chef


  1. Id just  buy  a can of salmon

  2. Low heat? Yeah right… Those patties were seared on high heat… Not to mention I would never blend up salmon like that!

  3. Looks Good.

  4. Bloody hell, that's the shittest blender I've ever seen! Thanks for the recipe, I'll give it a try.

  5. My mouth is watering when I watch this :L This looks extremly delicious! You are definetly my favorite Food guy on Youtube! 🙂

  6. i love your videos, most certainly the most comprehensive and tastiest videos on youtube. I was just thinking for your videos you could put the ingredients in the description?

  7. its work with chicken too i in same way?

  8. @doh1959
    I have a bigger blender that is useless!
    What I need is a slightly bigger blender that works well!
    Enjoy the burgers and have a good weekend 🙂

  9. you seem a nice guy and it seems a real nice recipe. i luv salmon but that blender seriously did my head in . it made me so mad i wanted to smash me house up. please buy a bigger one it really frustrated me and brought out my violent side. but im still gonna make some of them thanks for recipe

  10. @oudlucky
    That's good to hear that the recipe is an old established recipe from Thailand. The best recipes always survive the test of time.
    Thank you for dropping in and sharing that.

  11. Thailand've got this menu 100+ year before this food name is thord-mun.

  12. Where did you learn that from??? I'm Thai and Salmon with red curry paste sound very weird too me. but I'll try it anyway lol

  13. @markdon16
    That's good to hear!
    I must admit, I always try and look on the bright side 🙂
    I am glad I come across that way and thanks for pointing that out!

  14. @OriginalNakedChef you are very positive person!

  15. Looks great 😉 will certainly have ago thanks, from R,M and M.

  16. @NoGoDsReGrEt
    Have a good weekend and drop in again soon 🙂

  17. @eneth26
    You could do this!
    It's nice and easy.
    Give it a try; you will probably surprise yourself 🙂

  18. @eneth26
    Thats good to hear but bad for you 🙂

  19. @OriginalNakedChef No problem my good friend

  20. super like, even the salad. I wish I can do this!

  21. I'm starving!

  22. @NoGoDsReGrEt
    Your right, I have not done chicken noodles dish.
    I should have thought about that and done it for the Chinese New Year.
    Thanks for the idea 🙂

  23. @0000000Lara
    Nice one!
    Thanks for dropping in 🙂

  24. @cez11111
    Bizarrely it works really well for this salad 🙂

  25. @ototanase12345
    Sorry for the slow reply.
    I do have a video for a really nice chilli con carne.
    Check out my other videos it's called "Chili Con Carne How to make"


    Good to hear from you as always and I hope you enjoy 🙂

  27. You never Fail to impress me chef im wondering will you ever do a Video cooking noodles with chicken or something any way well done my friend 🙂


  28. Aww man!…these look yummy!

  29. I am in shock.. sugar on the salad?!? Surely not

  30. @jbeattie86
    It's always nice to hear when other enjoy what I do and if you do manage to buy the ingredients I hope you really enjoy 🙂

  31. @EmmaCanary
    Good to hear from you and enjoy 🙂

  32. @earlbee31
    Please do and as always thank you for dropping in.
    Not sure what happened to your comment but the letters have turned into little squares 🙂

  33. @kumquatsta
    Most fish should work well as long as it is boneless. I have not used flounder, as it's not easily available here. I looked it up though and that should work well.
    When you are using different types of fish. If when you are making the patties it's not binding together very well you can add a small amount of egg and breadcrumbs.
    Good luck and enjoy!

  34. @ShaunieceCooks
    Defiantly worth a try and really nice with the Thai curry paste.
    Good to hear from you and I hope your cooking channel is going well 🙂

  35. @maddiesexyk
    That's music to my ears 🙂

  36. @gardini100
    Good to hear from you!
    Salmon for burgers is really nice and you are quite right, once cooked they go really firm.

  37. @ISpoonedAPanda
    That is really nice comment!
    I hope to stay in your top 5 and maybe one-day move up to position 1.
    Thanks for watching and you can drop in anytime 🙂
    Have a great week and hopefully you will enjoy the next recipe (no fish)

  38. @Fallout3131
    Lovely to hear from you and thank you for the comms 🙂

  39. @Mintroyalee
    They are great pans, just don't use metal utensils with them.

  40. @cocacrow
    Very nice to hear from you and it's good to come up with a good recipe for someone who is a pescetarian
    Thank you for watching and I appreciate the comment 🙂

  41. @yasmeenfive
    That's very kind and I hope you have a great year ahead.
    Happy New year 🙂

  42. @TheMangoesonrun
    Your very welcome and thank you for watching 🙂

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