TELUS Health Heroes – Dr. Dina Kulik

My parents tell me that I was 3 when I
decided I wanted to be a kids doctor. That was the only career aspiration I
ever had. Their vulnerability and ease of interaction is something that
really drives me. My name is Dr. Dina Kulik, and I’m a paediatrician and
pediatric emergency medicine doctor, and I’m a mom of four little boys and I’m the
owner and director and CEO of Kidcrew, which is a multidisciplinary clinic in
Toronto dedicated to being the one stop for kids health. Our goal at Kidcrew
is having all health services provided together, under one roof. We’ve made the
space very fun and enjoyable for families so that they have a good time
while they’re waiting for us and want to come back again. I don’t often get
overwhelmed but physician burnout is a real thing. It’s hard to care for sick
patients day in, day out. And there’s financial struggles to having a
practice, and that shouldn’t be understated. Luckily, I still see my baby
who joins me in the office a few hours every day. And then, every single night at
dinner we go around the table and we say our favorite part of the day and what
were most thankful for. From 7 p.m. till about 11:00 p.m. each night that’s when
I’m writing or filming videos or getting my admin done. It’s, of course, very challenging to see a
child in pain or a family that’s suffering in any way. I use all my skills
possible to make them feel better, and to allow them to live their best lives. I don’t consider myself a hero really, my
patients might, but for me, I’m just doing what I love to do. Oh, she’s a Wonder
Woman, there’s no one like her. Like help people be healthy and stuff. She’s here all the time being so committed to all her patients. She’s pretty amazing what
she’s done here, having a place that you can come to for so many different
things and the amount of times I come on the same day and get an appointment, it’s
pretty amazing. I’m gonna cry, thank you. It’s nice to see that they value it, and it’s amazing to have it celebrated.

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