Telomeres – Cap It All Off with Diet


  1. Dr. Edward Group at GlobalhealingcenterDOTcom has a developed a natural product that can protect telomeres – it called DNA Force!

  2. One of the best videos yet, at least a highly shareable one. 

  3. Killer video!

  4. Thank you !

  5. It seems we have to be careful with telomeres length interpretation. It might be more a marker of aging (one of many) than a cause of aging, which is really different. Here's an explanation from a blog:
    "The Hayflick limit may represent an organism’s maximal lifespan, but what is it that actually kills us in the end? To test the Hayflick limit’s ability to predict our mortality we can take cell samples from young and old people and grow them in the lab. If the Hayflick limit is the culprit, a 60-year-old person’s cells should divide far fewer times than a 20-year-old’s cells.

    But this experiment fails time after time. The 60-year-old’s skin cells still divide approximately 50 times – just as many as the young person’s cells. But what about the telomeres: aren’t they the inbuilt biological clock? Well, it’s complicated.

    When cells are grown in a lab their telomeres do indeed shorten with every cell division and can be used to find the cell’s “expiry date”. Unfortunately, this does not seem to relate to actual health of the cells.

    It is true that as we get older our telomeres shorten, but only for certain cells and only during certain time. Most importantly, trusty lab mice have telomeres that are five times longer than ours but their lives are 40 times shorter. That is why the relationship between telomere length and lifespan is unclear.

    Apparently using the Hayflick limit and telomere length to judge maximum human lifespan is akin to understanding the demise of the Roman empire by studying the material properties of the Colosseum. Rome did not fall because the Colosseum degraded; quite the opposite in fact, the Colosseum degraded because the Roman Empire fell.

    Within the human body, most cells do not simply senesce. They are repaired, cleaned or replaced by stem cells. Your skin degrades as you age because your body cannot carry out its normal functions of repair and regeneration."

  6. How do we still get the "You need meat!" argument, with science like this out there.  It's mind blowing. 

  7. Awesome!

  8. Is that why every low-carber I know starts to look 10 years older when they reach their early 40s?

  9. These are amazing results. Maybe I still have hope. lol

  10. your website and your channel really came from god! i´m so happy that i can watch your videos and finally know the truth…

  11. "Starting a cocaine habit; contracting tuberculosis…" I smell a new diet fad! Mover over, you Crossfit-Paleo-tards! Ka-CHING!!! I'll be rich! Rich I tell's y'uh!!! Mwhahahahaha!

  12. Love having Nutrition Facts education available!  Learning something helpful every single time.  Thanks so much, Dr. G!

  13. is shea butter good to cook with if not anyone have any good suggestions please

  14. O M G thank you this is money in your pocket!

  15. I would be completely lost trying to read all the science.  It is great you do that for us and then break it down so even I can understand it.   Thank you!

  16. You are what you eat.

  17. So what's the estimated total extra years for a vegan diet? Anyone bothered to calculate that and then verify with epidemiology?

  18. Thank you!


  20. I was a meat eater, had terrible health issues, went low fat vegan, lost a bunch of weight, felt great.  Then I switched back!  Gained 30 lbs and problems returned.  Now am low fat vegan again, lost the 30 lbs in 4 months and am now walking 7+ miles per day, feel great again.  Wish I never fell off the wagon!

  21. Saturated fat is good! look into book Grain brain!

  22. This was wonderful!

  23. Interessante!

  24. So not a lot of coconut?

  25. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! KETOGENIC LIFESTYLE. EVER HEAR OF IT? IT SAVES LIVES. IT SAVED MINE. You are a liberal vegan and it's sickening to see you spread this farce of information. Vegans die of heart attacks more then meat eaters do and THAT IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT I am just an average ordinary man who does lots of homework. You really need to learn your facts before you go poisoning peoples brain with this libtard vegan bullshit.

  26. rubbish

  27. A Nobel Price was given out to the scientists that discovered how human sex and growth hormones lengthen telomeres. The main building block of those hormones? cholesterol, and by cutting out the saturated fat foods you reduce your intake of it. This video is bull. Heart attacks and cancer are higher in the vegan population too. They are missing nutrients from animal products such as vit B12.

  28. I've been biologically 23 years old for the last 13 years because of diet and exercise. My doctor says I have the insides of a 17 year old! I'M 36!!!

  29. I eat after every 6 hrs a day not caring about fat or whatever except I almost always consume home-made food. My weight is stuck at 73 kg and BMI 22.53 an ideal for a height of 1.8m. Now I want to get ahead of the 40-45 lb weightlifting mark in the gym but strangely I can't as my weight remains stuck at 73 kg and does not increase denoting no increase in muscle mass. I know I need to take taurine. I'm trying red bull on alternate days. Hope it'll work but I'm skeptical about its risks. So should I continue drinking it?

  30. Just fuck me

  31. Knocked it out of the park – again.

  32. Dr. Michael Gregor is the Mozart of human nutrition.

  33. Best health video ever!

  34. Thank you very much Doctor.

  35. Hey exercise and weight lose did get a better result,then the base

  36. Well ok how much time does this exactly buy, because unless it at minimum buys me 100 years I'm not even going to consider giving up my meat, I always say it's more fun to live with no regrets a short life then a long life with regrets

  37. What an annoying, fake voice. Sorry to be mean, but just be yourself. Get better acoustics for a more professional sound. Use foam, blankets, or some other acoustically absorbant material.

  38. Be careful of this guy, he supports GMO ! Yikes

  39. The study includes 4 groups ! from where have you brought the 5th group ????????????!!!

  40. Excellent work as usual Dr. Greger!

  41. This guy is such a quack!

  42. I had no idea that this was affecting me in such a positive way I just wanted my energy levels to go up and get into shape so I changed my diet to 80 – 90 % plant based for that purpose . I thought I just had good genetics but it turns out there may be more to it . I have friends I haven't seen in a few years that say I look younger than when they last saw me and I didn't want to offend them but they seemed to age exponentially , I still said they looked great but that's just being proper . I looked back at pictures of myself and they look like future pics of myself, I'm not even kidding . It's got to be the food , I eat lots of broccoli every day cauliflower spinach all that good stuff and cut out the junk started drinking almond milk eating Greek yogurt and drinking green tea . I made a lot of other changes too but the list would be long . point is , I made a little change one step at a time and it did seem to have a profound effect on my esthetics and my general health . I accidentally stumbled onto something that actually works just by making better diet choices and I feel fulfilled not lacking in anything. This wasn't even my intention as I said I was just trying to get into shape and the diet changes came with that . This video just tells me I'm on the right track . thanks doc you rock !

  43. excellent information, thankyou : )

  44. how can we conclude that % 28 more telomerase activity after 3 months is better than % 0.1 shorter telomeres after one year?

  45. Dean Ornish published his research in 2008 and Caitlin Mason published his research in 2013. As Dr. Greger said, when you put these two papers in front of you, it seems that diet is the major point. But we can't say this, because Ornish's article is about telomerase, Mason's article is about telomeres. Can we be sure that the diet is the point? And Ornish published another paper from the same study in 2013 (after 5 years) and yes, the telomeres lengthened! But it is 5 years! As a nutritionist, I wouldn't say the major point is diet…

  46. little to no change in telomere length over a year? could that be a good thing? also why compare change in length over a year to activity increase over 3 months? im all for a plant based diet, these facts seem like they could be intentionally confusing and biased?

  47. William Burroughs! He isn't dead after all. (Loved you in Laurie Anderson's "Sharkey's Night)

  48. can you do a study with ormuss,and monotonic gold

  49. I forgot because people haven't been eating foods like this forever….. and die just like everyone else lol. Gotta be careful with scaling graphs to manipulate results. I'm guessing there is a product placement somewhere in here. That is usually how this works.



  52. Meat is poison our body, vegetarian diet is right way go forward ! Bruce Lee was vegan and all time extremely condition.

  53. lmao i just got done eating a SHIT ton of exactly what he said not to eat

  54. i was Vegetarian for 23 yrs, then Vegan the past 6 yrs,
    I'm sedentary and Obese, my Birth age is 59 yrs old… my Telemere age is 41 yrs!!! haha, Dr Greger is Right, Vegan is the way baby!

  55. Bullshit. Take vitamins, grape seed extract, coQ10, B-complex, calcium/D3, N.O. supplements, creatine, whey protein and exercise (including weight resistance exercises).
    There is nothing wrong with eating a piece of dead animal carcass every day. Fish, chicken, turkey, and eggs, etc. are ok too. Go to bed each night and tell your telomeres to grow or else…..then watch them grow.

  56. Uhm…cholesterol is good for you. Your brain is mostly made out of it. They have demonized fat for far too long. Some drs. Aren't even aware of it. 😑 No wonder there's a spike in neurodegenerative diseases.

  57. A vegetarian.. Now he claims progeria is caused by meat. Would be easy to cure them then would't it Mr genius.

  58. Mind blowing. Ths

  59. “Starting a cocaine habit, getting tuberculosis” — lmao I always lose my shit with those comments.

  60. Vegan is only moral and right way eat

  61. I have a suspicion that eating whole food plant based gives you similar results that are being found in fast mimicking diets (FMD) because the food is calorically less dense while simultaneously, nutritionally more dense.

  62. Excellent, Doc!  Love all your lectures and share them to my social media / F.B.  Grateful for your service to mankind!  Love to you, your family and your staff.

  63. Hi Dr greger, can I add subtitle to this in Italian please? I would like to share it with my italian relatives…

  64. No amount of scientific proof will convince my family. So close to giving up

  65. When I observe vegan cultures like India, I see that they are very skinny and weak.  But when I observe the dairy loving Scandinavian people they are strong and the longest living.  I think this vegan presentation is bogus…

  66. God bless that poor girl who lost her life to that disease.

  67. This video is pathetic and ridiculous. We need healthy fats… the best kind are from animal sources. In my own case, I was vegan for years. (And no, I wasn't doing it "wrong" and I wasn't cheating.) The result of my embracing a vegan diet and lifestyle was that I got sick and gained over thirty pounds, and developed serious health problems. I finally regained my health by adding in grass fed beef and raw dairy.

    I know I won't convince any vegans reading this, and I truly don't care… they're a babbling little cult, as stuck in their thinking as religious fundamentalists. (I should know… I used to be one.) I'm posting this because I want people reading these comments who suspect that the "vegan way" is disastrous, to know that they're right, and they're not alone.

  68. Thanks to Dr Greger, I am vegetarian with occasional wild salmon but I am making my way to the plant based lifestyle. So all you vegans please do not be so judgemental of us who need some time to get to a total plant based diet.

  69. EXCELLENT VID.  Thanks doc for investing so much time and energy into researching all of this.  You are a global treasure.

  70. I am working on a diet that increases telomerase, Glutathion level and HGH.I am sure that the three combinded work way better.

  71. It's all about the telomeres 😉 And raw food veganism is the best pro-telomere diet. Just eat a lot of shelled hemp seeds, wild blueberries, some kale, tomato and garlic.

  72. ======== I live & breathe life extension, diet & just being a science God. Don't fall for this vegan propaganda video.
    ======== The 2013 study was on ONLY fatass post menopausal women & didn't include a vegan group! The Ornish
    ======== study was only 30 cancerous men. 20% weren't even used, supposedly insufficient PBMC's, Yeah right.
    ======== Vegans always assume it is because they dropped meat instead of the elimination of processed food.

  73. But so… I eat a lot of veggies but also some meat. Like 3-6 ounces a day. Why do we have to go so extreme and be vegan just to get enough vegetables?

  74. – saturated fatty acid metabolism is key link between cell division, cancer, and senescence in cellular and whole organism aging. Dr Greger: key in telomere lenght MAY BE avoiding saturated fat. ACTUAL ARTICLE – DOES NOT SHOW THAT SATURATED FAT IS CONNECTED WITH LOWER TELOMERE LENGH AT ALL. That is where Dr Greg is most famous about – sharing false information and only that one which fits his vegan propaganda. But people are blind and they will just follow it like sheeps

  75. But meat has protein for good muhsil

  76. I am a really big follower of you and I am really surprised that you did not include the University of Chicago research that Telomeres grow while in a fasting state. I would be very interested in your thoughts either supporting or debunking the study. Thank you.

  77. This may explain the "spiritual" glow of youth I couldn't quite explain when I went to a mainly plant based diet while exercising. The telomeres certainly would effect every bodily system (skin and ect).
    My general moods were so much better while eating plant based foods as 90% or more of my diet.

    I only used veganism as a cleansing period, followed by a 10% or less animal/oil/sweetened foods allowance.

    This was a very interesting and important time of my mid life, as it demonstrated to me the way eating choices cross-impact the bigger scope of one's health and even one's feeling of one' own life force.

  78. 1:11 Chromosones? Not telomeres?

  79. Another vegan trolls propaganda. I manly ate plants, got overweight, got autoimmune decease, arthritis, muscle pain, bloating, had no energy- was falling apart. Went carnivore : lost weight, my arthritis gone, my autoimmune decease went into recession, no more bloating, no more farts, my energy back like in childhood, riding bicycle 20 km every second day, no more muscle pain!!!

  80. Michael, your video's, commitment to educating people about food and it's relation to disease etc., has changed my life and the lives of numerous, previously (through no fault of their own) ignorant individuals. You are a truly altruistic person and whenever I can I try to spread the word. Thank you so much for your continued efforts to help educate and, who knows, one day we may be able to reverse the damage we've done to our bodies and the planet through eating trash, junk food. Epic – food revolution has well and truly taken off, thanks to you and like-minded heroes.

  81. This is all bs. Genetics 100% control life span. Plants are poison. Covered in roundup . Just eat whatever live to 60 or 70 and then you die.

  82. Sarcasm + bad words + mockery of other doctors

  83. Advice: Do more veggies than fruits

  84. What about olive oil? Is that bad too?

  85. To make it simple, amino acid and glucose are the culprits.

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