Teen Sheds 115 Pounds by Walking to School, Eating Healthy

Michael Watson knew it was time to make a change the Ohio teen had been heavy since he was in elementary school but he was tired of having his weight rule his life I went 325 for 654 325 it was pretty bad but now I'm down to 210 my eating habits were terrible by the way a lot just constantly eating ain't a lot of Pizza ain't a lot of pasta I ate a lot of potato chips drank a lot of pop and there was just a lot of everything and I was just constantly eating the 18 year old says obesity runs in his family he had been bullied because of his weight and often turned to food for comfort and did make me happy to eat I mean for a short period of time of course but he soon realized the cycle was part of an eating disorder and he wanted to find better ways to feel good long term things kind of an addiction and I would just I just over eight that's a wake-up call you know no one likes to be overweight and heavy eventually you just got to do something about it and he did do something about it changing his diet and getting more exercise Michael traded in junk food for salads soups veggies and fruits and he skipped the school bus and hit the pavement instead I walked home from school and I walked to school and that must helping me do it along the way his family teachers and classmates helped cheer him on they started noticing a few months into it they're all like wow you're actually looking a little thinner Michael and I was like oh thank you and I was dropping pounds and it was probably every month I got a little bit thinner going to school people I stole would be like oh you used to be big weren't you and I was like yeah I used to be and it was just it was nice to have that support from all the students there although Michael's hard work definitely paid off I lost a hundred and fifteen pounds he hopes his story will inspire others to know that big changes are possible with a lot of hard work I just kept going and kept going this is inside addition.com


  1. That's amazing

  2. FOR THE HORDE!!!!!

  3. Dam how far was your school. Next state over 🤔

  4. This dude just lost my entire weight

  5. If he did all that by walking and eating right imagine if he hits the Gym every day

  6. Can’t walk to school in my area without some dude trying to rob you for your lunch money or phone

  7. i'd rather be fat and happy…. but i gave a gr8 metabolism 😅

  8. I always have MacDonalds and I said I am going to give it up

    Next week: can I get a medium meal with a quarter pounder

  9. i can really relate to this 2 years ago i weighed 286 at my max and in 6 months after changing my diet and being more active i weighed 179 pounds! it feels so good to look good

  10. Looking Good Michale : )

  11. Inspiring

  12. Wow. Amazing!

  13. And here I am…. Going from skinny & healthy to fat albert. However I'm tall. Used to weigh 155lbs, Now I am at 178
    lbs. I am slobbingy sloppy! From too many medications! And getting old! YOUCH!

  14. He kinda looked like James from the Odd1sOut

  15. This is me, I’m fat I’m 300 and I need to lose weight and he’s probably my age too… it’s hard because i have thyroid disorder and I am homeschooled because of bullying, I’m hoping I can be like him one day… I need it

  16. I think I will do it🙂 I’m 130😅😞

  17. Best feeling when people notice a difference

  18. Meanwhile I'm here eating once a day and losing weight the wrong way lmao

  19. "Obesity runs in my family"
    Nobody runs in your family

  20. COKE

  21. If he can do it I'm gonna a try it.

  22. Go figure… eat less move more and your not a fat ass…

  23. Whell congratulations for him..but I am a skinny guy and about to vanish in to tin air…..take uber guys not worth it

  24. Will im going to start to eat healthy

  25. I tell my fat a$$ brother to grab me a cookie and he did grab it…..but,th-then he AtE It fat A$$$

  26. You know what else runs in the family…no one💀

  27. Who calls soda. Pop?

  28. Bro I eat that all the time and I don’t gain nooooo weight 😭 I Weigh 90 pounds and I want to get a little bit bigger

  29. We all know he hit that weed on the side to lose that extra weight 🤤

  30. He weighs 210 and I weigh 202 but he looks skinnier than me.. O.o

  31. Congratulations on ur weight loss 👍🏽👍🏽

  32. at 1:54 he looks like andy from toy story

  33. I love this!

  34. Work out plan pleaseeee

  35. Great job!

  36. Anna Ou

  37. Kid: obbesity runs in the family
    Doctor: no the problem is no one runs in the family

  38. Eating apples while watching this 😀
    while the Taco Bell and starbucks is digesting in my stomach lol

  39. He is now a Kyle🤣

  40. And I thought I was bad ass losing 50lbs

  41. Goat

  42. He looks like king from 7 deadly sins

  43. YouTube comments nowadays have become so stupid.
    The only thing people care about is getting likes by making some lame ass joke.

  44. Great job!!!

  45. Good for him. But for us who can’t gain weight it sucks.

  46. Props to this dude

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