Teen and High School Online Nutrition Lesson Plans: Nutrition Education, Healthy Eating, Activity

while you're asleep your body is in a fasting state which means you're not eating you wake up in the morning and it's time to break the fast the breakfast sometimes we grab food without considering nutrition a breakfast of a doughnut and orange juice provides you with a quick burst of energy for this example fruits and grains are mostly carbohydrates and they give you about an hour of energy you can see right here where it Peaks when you're at school this quick breakfast may leave you feeling pretty tired in class or during a morning sport a great option is to include three of the five food groups for breakfast this will give you all three macronutrients this example of milk and a peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole wheat toast has the carbohydrates from the bread and the banana and the milk that give you that quick release of energy it's then followed up with a more sustained energy for two to three hours and this comes from the protein sources of the milk and the peanut butter and both of those may have fat in them as well so the balanced breakfast provides you with the energy that you need for about two to three hours research shows that people who consume breakfast tend to have a more nutritious diet in general and they snack less late at night adding to the benefits of breakfast so what ideas do you have for breakfast ideally aim for three food groups although eating anything is better than nothing include a good source of protein whether it be free yogurt parfait or a smoothie or an egg burrito and this will help you stay fuller and longer and ready for your day

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