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quiz so I would like for you to answer these questions mentally these are some questions on dietary supplements do you take them do you need them do you know if they are safe do you know if they're effective and my final question I know I didn't give much time to answer these questions but I think you get the idea my final question do you ask yourself these questions when you purchase dietary supplements this is the most important question more than fifty percent of the u.s. population takes dietary supplements and in 2010 we spent 28 billion dollars on dietary supplements 28 billion dollars and majority of people who consume dietary supplements are in high economical status and highly educated so now let's go back to our questions do we need to take dietary supplements for those of you who said yes and you do take them for the most part we don't need to take dietary supplements we need to take them if you're deficient in a white amine or a mineral based on a blood test we only need them if you're old malnourished pregnant nursing or have a deficiency or have a specific symptom that a dietary supplement vitamin herb can help but for the most part we don't the next question was the safety or dietary supplements safe the short answer to this question is this we don't know it we don't know if dietary supplements are safe pharmaceuticals in this country are should be approved by FDA for their safety and efficacy before they reach the market so before drugs reach us the consumers they need to be approved by FDA there are no provisions in the law for FDA to approve dietary supplements for the efficacy or safety so what does that mean that means many dietary on the market and i like to say many not all of them are adulterated they don't have good qualities they are contaminated with heavy metals or they may contain ingredients that are not even listed on the bottles so how can we find out how unsafe they are only when they harm us that's when we usually find out a number of people experienced heart attacks not too long ago why did he experience heart attacks because a an unexperienced harvester mistook foxglove that is a plant containing digitalis and digitalis can give you heart attack with this one plantain and as you can see these plants look very similar okay I'm just joking so this harvester mixed up these two plants and by the way plantain is used as a natural laxative so that's why people buy this product the harvester mistook them for one year various people were taking it and the comp on the product was being distributed by a number of manufacture it was not until the third year a year went by until this other adulteration was discovered in another study an independent investigation of 2000 dietary supplements on the market made by 300 manufacturers 1 in 4 1 in 4 that is twenty-five percent of them twenty-five percent of the dietary supplements were adulterated they had a quality issue and often that quality issue was contamination with heavy metals so let's assume that we are taking a supplement that is not adulterated that is not contaminated that has a high quality I would like to go back to my answer we still don't know how safe they are because we can still have side effects and these supplements can still interact with the normal medications that we take so again we don't know how safe they are let's talk about efficacy right let's talk about efficacy how effective our disciplines for those of you that they are effective the answer is again we don't know if you are deficient in a vitamin or a mineral they may help no doubt and that deficiency should be proven based on a blood test that your doctor ordered but for the most part are not our levels mineral vitamin levels are really normal limit so if you take a supplement it's almost like you're overdosing ourselves and we still don't know if more is better it is really hard to find out if more is better and I think the best example is vitamin C we all know what vitamin C is right we have been studying vitamin C for 75 years and we still don't know if vitamin C does any good after all this time so why is it that we have so many claims why is it that we have claims like this supports the immune system this supplement supports the immune system this supplement makes the fat disappear this one builds muscles and muscle mass and strength and this one improves your memory right if when we go to stores these are the claims that we see so why is it that we do have these claims on the bottles of these supplements well if we pay attention on the bottles and read the fine print we read this statement can you read that no let me I have are usually carry this when I go to a vitamin store actually uh oh I can't read this just I need more help here so somebody is this now I'm going to use this to read this it says this statement has not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any diseases I come back to this this is what is written on the bottles which means that many products on the market again don't have high qualities this is pretty much what we see today is the modern version of the snake oil salesmen so what should we do so the question is what should we do we need to educate ourselves the first question is do I really need this do I really need to take this supplement the second question is who is manufacturing this supplement do they practice good manufacturing practices when they are making that product is their manufacturing facilities inspected by a reputable organization such as USB how about the efficacy who is managing the website that endorses the supplement what is the quality of the science if they are making scientific claim where was this sign is published what is the quality of that science so again it's good to have this magnifier when we go to the store and we look at these supplements it is not easy to find answers to these questions is it easy it's not so again what should we do what should we do this is the big question I try to think of someone who doesn't take dietary supplements and the person who came to my mind was my grandmother my grandmother never took dietary supplements when she was said 20 years old she had a complete checkup and the doctor who reviewed her blood test told her that you have the blood work of a 20 year old and my grandmother asked the doctor wait a minute how come I have white hair and all these wrinkles and the doctor said well ma'am you are seven years old she didn't like that answer my grandmother passed away when she was 88 years old and the average life expectancy in her country at the time was 63 so what did she do what was her health plan what were her secrets my grandmother was very active she was constantly moving and she was very active she walked everywhere she never went to a gym she never lifted any weight but she was constantly moving once she asked me to accompany her to a friend's house for tea and we started walking half an hour later I said how many more minutes how much longer do we have to go and she said a few more minutes we work for another hour we got to her friend's house we had our tea and we walked back 90 minutes my grandmother did not know the science of exercise she didn't know that exercise can prevent diabetes by improving insulin secretion she didn't know that exercise can improve inflammation she didn't know exercise can improve cholesterol number improve cognition can prevent the depression because we increase our endorphin levels she didn't know exercise can decrease stress prevent osteoporosis and even lower blood pressure she didn't know the signs my grandmother ate lots of fresh fruits vegetables and nuts I remember once I asked her once I told her that I I was tired and i was very sleepy and tired she reached into her pocket and gave me some almond another time I told her that I was having a headache a very bad headache she reaches into her pocket and she gave me some walnuts my grandmother didn't know anything about functional foods and the science behind the use of functional foods she didn't know that by consuming fresh fruits vegetables and not she would never become deficient in a white amine or in a mineral and she didn't know that functional foods fresh fruits vegetables and not we're really high had high contents of polyphenols fibers natural antioxidants vitamins and minerals she didn't know the science behind using fresh fruits vegetables and not she didn't know that the natural antioxidants in them will decrease oxidative stress in our body she didn't know that they can improve our cholesterol number or may improve the heart function may improve glucose level lower blood pressure and they may even delay cancer she didn't know that my grandmother also had a very strong faith and a positive attitude she always saw the glass completely full not half full she this picture was taken a few hours before she had a surgery she was giggling with my grandfather telling him that if she died under the surgery he cannot marry a woman who is more beautiful than her and she also had a very strong fate I remember when I was preparing for my boards I was really bored worried and she called me and she said you shouldn't worry because I have decided to do some heavy-duty praying for you I passed those boards with 75 percent and the passing grade was seventy-five percent I think she had something to do with that given what a poor test taker I am my grandmother didn't know the science of optimism and the science of having a strong fate she didn't know that fate and optimism can add years to your life can increase your lifespan delay diseases it can prevent depression make you anxiety free or lower your blood pressure and you can delay cancer she didn't know that I like to follow my grandmother's health plan I am NOT against dietary supplements if I'm deficient in a vitamin supplement or if I have a specific symptom that the supplement can help me I'll go for it of course as long as I can verify that that subject supplement is safe and effective I'm going to ask you a final question a couple of final questions so after answering these questions and listening to me today do you think you need the supplements that you are taking right now and if you do how much do you know about their safety and efficacy and do you think that next time that you go to a store you walk in with your magnifier and you make sure that you know what you think taking remembering these questions and answer them with your magnifier before you take them thank


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  2. Brilliant. The world needs to know this!

  3. No, No, No, No, and No (I don't buy them). Unless you count the stuff they spray on my cereal flakes.

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