Ted Hankey: "I've had my problems but I've brought myself out and I'm going to go forward now"

hi everyone welcome back to life darts we are here at the m-day and motor cementing Skegness we've got two times world champion with us Ted thanks for joining us first of all how you now we know you had a bit of a health scare recently how's the recovery going yeah do not I don't have I'm doing a lot of things differently now change away eat the way a drink and I'm practice you know every afternoon and every night I'm you enjoying the sport again because obviously you make that period way you just didn't enjoy it why are we spoking will rant and implied yeah you know I mean ever have been through a lot a lot a lot of problems bus well ones especially my dad passed anyway you know I know how about to battle with things I get myself right I know you know feeling good again now and do you want to should we do it again it's it I know you obviously shying away from the video you know the man but you plan to go back and do it all time I start next normal game start with the looks and being open and then I'm gonna build into all of the tournaments there left for this season hopefully you know something might up and I can qualify for maybe a world masters place or like so place and then for next season going to the four seasons straight after and then go from there so if this season it's a bonus if you make it really obvious in the fall focus on 2020 to get yourself back on that stage that's right here but obviously I mean I got mates around me now they're practicing with me and my every afternoon every night I mean games beginning to go back to earlier used to be do you think you can get back to that issue one of the best players in the world yeah for sure listen everybody takes you did whatever whatever it is their life the problems they up everybody takes a dip you know about my problems I'm brought myself and I'm gonna go forward now PD say you're experienced you regret the whole experience no no not at all it was just one of them things that was maybe I say was a roasting I was at the time I'm in I think the PDC were giving away tour card to semi-finals they felt made me thought about it a little bit more maybe I would entertain it and got a little bit further down the line but look no it's the end of the day I had a good time now they're treating me well you know I had a lot of good times there with old friends over there and who knows in the future I might be about there again do you still watch modern darts on TV yeah one again so I'm I watch all the diet so everyone's everything are all sport alight sports take on darts at the moment obviously we see a lot of shenanigans on the Yaqui and I'm used to like to play in mind games with people you didn't loved there on that Premier League stage playing the likes of go and price barrel Danny yeah and would you've given it back to him no but the thing is I mean a lot of people are taking gaming a little bit too much out of context he's not doing it awful lot wrong I just said that the game wants to be that they get the game in the PDC which I still understand it edges when you're playing your tours are quiet when you came out on TV they want you to make a noise and that's what Goodman's doing I don't think you do an awful lot wrong I don't think he's breaking any rules I think it's getting mistreating myself at the moment so as a player the fine that was handed out do you think that's so disgusting totally disgusting disgusting I don't know how anybody can come up with such a ridiculous number but you know I I don't quite know what he got it was fine for but I want to thought it was the extreme that he got fine I mean the lights just doing what it does his pumps nice off work to go and play darts but so does a lot of the dark place and I think it's well what they're doing to him looking ahead since he doesn't went you still think there's another world heart within said hanky well hopefully yeah you know you knows I mean I've just got to keep doing what I'm doing I'm playing well I know I can play better at the same time I mean amongst a different generation of Adar plays so hopefully my experience down the line will get me one of them you know I'm not going to say no I'm gonna say yes but I believe in my own ability and I'll just keep trying and going forward and what I'm doing thank you very much taking time out to speak to us here at absolute pleasures thank you my good books


  1. Has a great eye mask…

  2. Darts finally going to get interesting again welcome home Ted

  3. Good on you Ted. Get stuck in and let's see that silky smooth throw again.

  4. Nice to see you back ted..

  5. Solid attitude and solid advice for myself as a new competitor.

  6. Wish you the very best Ted. A great player but moreover a fantastic character.

  7. Legend

  8. I met Ted in 2008 a few months before won his second BDO title and he was a proper gentleman and gave me an autograph and shook my hand. I really hope he gets back to the Ted Hankey we know, as when he is flowing he is a class player and a joy to watch.

  9. God bless you Ted, I hope you do great! God speed. 🙂

  10. Never count him out.

  11. This guy is a prick. Defending Price. He isn't even aware of what that wanker gets up to on the oche ffs
    If Price was to behave like that against Hankey – and some of you KNOW how far Price went even if Hankey was too blind to notice, do you think a bad tempered old bastard would just stand there and take it and then pat Price on the back and say…oh well, it's good for the sport? Fuck off.
    Hankey is finished anyway as a darts player

  12. The count love to see him back. 1 of best 180 hitters av seen in the game.

  13. Has a nice throwing action also

  14. Good luck Ted you are a top bloke.

  15. Welcome back legend ❤❤❤❤❤

  16. Amazing to see ted back true fighter of the sport… i totally agree wit ted here. i hope we see ted next year at lakeside

  17. Nice to see ted back best wishes to him

  18. Love ted but I cant see that he will ever come back.
    Didn't realise how much he sounds like turtle Taylor.

  19. Like him or not, no one wants to see the man in poor health. Hopefully he’s doing the right things in life now, and gives himself the chance to get back to his best.

  20. great to see ted back always one of the most entertaing dart players,hope he can back up to the top.

  21. close your eyes and its phil

  22. Hankey!! 👍🦇

  23. In 2009 I really respected him. Battled through alcohol and hid from nothing

  24. Always loved ted, my first memories of darts is him, fordham, adams . truly great characters

  25. Does this neckline have an end 😀😋…

  26. legend i thought he could of gone on and done well if not for personal problems and he speaks the truth about pryce

  27. Massive mvg fan but love ted from the problems hes had with his father and health scares fair play ted u a legend

  28. I was at OTT Barnsley 🙂 🎯🎯🎯

  29. If anyone can make it ,Ted's your man,if he can recapture his old form,he's up there with the best.

  30. Got the greatest darts throw ( IMO ) and when he’s on song he’s special to watch! Good to see he’s starting to look after himself too.

  31. Great to see and hear from The Count, loved watching Ted play, really hope he can get back to some good consistent form, Thanks Live Darts TV for all these interviews, so cool to hear from all these players, keep up the god work 🙂

  32. Would love to see you at pdc q school Ted

  33. Count needs to come back what a legend he is, would be great for the sport if he be back on top

  34. Great stuff to see ted hankey bk and focused

  35. yes! welcome back ted! legend!

  36. Be great to see him back. Seems focused

  37. Like Ted hankey real character

  38. Nice to see him back

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