Tech Giants In Healthcare – The Medical Futurist

Big tech companies like Amazon, Google/Alphabet,
Apple, IBM and Microsoft are taking their move into healthcare and medicine seriously. They are developing new, health-related features
on their platforms. They are also teaming up with research institutions
and developers to create new tools for patients, doctors and other stakeholder in medicine
– and they are heavily investing in partnerships with start-ups or launching new ventures. This comprehensive guide, Tech Giants in Healthcare,
clarifies how and why big tech companies step into healthcare, and breaks it down from one
market player to the other in what direction they are going, what tools they are using
and what horizons they have in front of them. Dive into the details how tech giants are
shaking up healthcare!

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  1. Iuri Q
    Thats gonna be an interesting series. If I may suggest you, medical inflation(price inflation) is a serious burden round the world. It would be nice to see it covered here, specially relating how technology may turn helathcare more or less affordable. Thank you

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