Team Little Big Takes on the Fitness Challenge! | WWE | Mattel Action!

– Hey Alexa, my
back’s killing me! I can’t even bend over! (grunting) See? – I can fix that. Feel anything yet? – Mmm not yet. – How about now? – Uh, nope. – Okay what about this? (slam) – Hey now that actually helped! – You’re welcome. (rock music) Hey guys it’s the goddess
of WWE Alexa Bliss. (heavy rock music) and today I’m doing the
fitness challenge with, Braun Strowman. – Get these hands! (heavy rock music) – For our first fitness
challenge I choose yoga. – Yoga? Isn’t that what
people put granola in and eat it for breakfast? – Not yogurt, yoga. For athletes, it’s just as
important to be flexible as it is it be strong. But when we competed
together as Team Little Big in the mixed match challenge, I could see that you
needed some flexibility. – [Announcer] One,
two, look at this! – [Female Announcer]
It’s unbelievable! (crowd cheering)
– [Announcer] Twisted Bliss– – I’m plenty flexible,
watch me touch my toes. (grunts) See, close enough! – Uh, great job? So our first yoga pose is
Roman Reigns and AJ Styles doing the razor’s edge. – [Announcer]
Manhandles A.J. Styles (record scratch) – [Braun] Hmph,
looks easy enough! Get over here! – Oh no, I got you big guy. How much do you weigh? – Uh, is a lot a number? – Shouldn’t be a problem. – Okay. – Hup! – Whoa, whoa are you
sure you got this? Erm, c’mon let me down. – Okay, if you say so! (slams) – You are stronger
than you look. – You know it. Next up is the Cesaro Swing. (crowd chanting “swing”) – [Announcer] Cesaro looking
to break last night’s record! Goodness, how does he do this? – [Announcer 2] He’s
Cesaro he can do anything! – Alright Braun, get over here. (screaming) – Hey, slow down! – Uh oh, these hands
are getting sweaty. You don’t want these
hands to get sweaty. (oof) Oh, sorry! – Uh, yoga is harder than I
thought it was going to be. – [Alexa] Let’s see
what our last move is. – [Announcer] And there’s
a very bizarre Bray Wyatt. – Uh, uh oh. – Please allow me to
join in your yoga rituals so that our souls may
become one, namaste. – Uh, I’m good. – Alexa you wanna see me
bench press that truck? – Absolutely. – Guys I think my
back is stuck… Guys? (rock music)


  1. Which one of these yoga poses is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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