Taylor Swift – You Need To Calm Down FULL BODY WORKOUT ROUTINE


  1. 👑 We ALL got crowns! Hope you enjoy this workout! FULL WORKOUT WRITTEN IN THE DESCRIPTION

  2. First song workout where I actually did the whole thing 😆 🖤

  3. I'm laying on my bed while watching her…🤦🏻‍♀

  4. Hey Maddie! I love these song workouts. But I am a beginner and it would be nice if I could work my way up to these. Maybe could you make beginner song workouts for the weak ones like me?😉

  5. Where did you get your shorts?

  6. كلش حبيت 💕

  7. I did this one yesterday. I’m not the best because I’m a beginner but the workout was so fun and I had a blast! ❤️

  8. I live these! Please make more!!! Just found your channel like 1mins age and I’m subbed 👍🏼👍🏼😁

  9. But I really want to know what plants you have ?!

  10. It’s just 3 minutes but I very tired 😥

  11. Her body is so strong and fitted! So balanced in beauty and control. Is she also a dancer? Her moves and body awareness seem of a ballet expert, somehow.

  12. Why mona – Wannabe🔥PLEACE 🔥


  14. the song workouts are so good!!

  15. How does she not run out of breath?! Endurance on point 👌🏻

  16. I hate how she makes it look so easy lol 💔

  17. 1 like = 1 day of me doing this
    I need motivation.

  18. I love the song workouts! Every time I see them it makes me wanna workout and plus they're so much fun!

  19. Love these videos! Please moreee

  20. Me: doing this workout at 4 am

    My mum: you need to calm down your being to loud

  21. Maddie these are amazing girl!!! the songs make I feel like your just dancing for fun!

  22. 1 like = one day i’ll do this
    i need motivation sksk

  23. Just found your channel thru boredom and spent part of my evening doing three rounds of your Post Malone Wow and three rounds of this (even tho I already got in an hour work out today 😂😂 SO GOOD. and made for a fun Friday night 😂 got that heart rate up and I didn’t feel like I was working out.

  24. yes! love it !!

  25. I literally did this for 10 seconds

    I fEeL tHE buRN!!

  26. Me against workouts
    You are somebody that i dont know

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