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see shadow where did you go hello Taurus welcome to your end of May reading if you were new welcome to my channel I'm Princess India and if your family welcome back my friend so we are gonna jump right into you guys cars we're gonna see what's popping out here in these ethereal streets then after that we're gonna throw out the dice of residents then go over to the lurkers lounge on Vimeo to look into the inner psychology of your person and anything else that comes up in his reading Aires was dope look she was cracking for Taurus if I recall earlier this month it was kind of being on the fence with connections and a need to heal from past experiences so let's see if I'm picking up on the same people they're different this time around so spirit please give me your indirect guidance for my torian's happy birthday by the way my birthday was the bomb.com just saying anyway and perform at Orion for the end of May going into June please spirit anything that they need to know anything of utmost importance I ask that that comes to the forefront in this reading please spirit please give me the ability to interpret these messages in a clear and concise manner and as always I think in advance because I know you're good for it dagnabbit songs are gonna I said such a beautiful damn day outside man all these clouds and stuff and what's not or whatever I don't know if you care of course you do Taurus anyway we're gonna look at the energy between you and your person of interest in this car to sticking straight up what are these I'll be damned you ready are you ready tourist are you sitting down in the pin because you might fall down okay so making sure you sitting okay energy between you and your person of interest the six bonds and the judgment card I'll be there victory a divinely orchestrated victory yeah well alright so this can look a couple of ways we look at this and a sense of relationships because Aries actually just got this card so I'm messin with Aries weird anyway but it's being called to a higher state of being right so it's what I consider the director's chair of life you know it's when you evolve past this plane while you're still in this plane and you become an objective observer of life to deduce that down into more 3d terms it's the proverbial divine trumpet being sounded saying like get in line everyone get in funny everybody get into formation you know hashtag Beyonce I'm saying but it's a victory in that so this to me is something that is in your highest good that is Dharma like it's good karma right so it's more or less recognition not just by man but also by spirit and it's something that's gonna be done in front of everyone right so it's almost amazing think of that scripture well good wait what is it well done that good and faithful servant it's like from you being you know the workhorse that you are the loyal person that you are going hard in the paint like you do it's like finally getting recognized for that right and then you know could be romantic or or just in life in general yeah I'm looking at how the Sun is coming through this water bottle on my cards on my desk and it looks so gorgeous I wish I could take pictures of it but I'm doing a reading right now first car we have for Taurus we have the nine swords hilarious what are you so afraid of what are you letting you feel afraid of that makes me think of this okay that's what's all about Generico and um and drink you give but you get nothing now what else we got going on spirit man one thing I could say you're in your head you're thinking way too much you you what did I say before you thunk you thought yourself into a funk Taurus and I feel like these are all unfounded fears from the past is what I'm getting from that it's a what-ifs what could be is what possibly is you know and I think it's be this is really sad because I feel like I'm telling myself right now it's kind of like being so used to up happening to you right and it's like there's this energy that you feel that's unfamiliar right and you cannot discern what it is and it's putting you into panic mode oh my god what did I leave undone what have I pushed off if something do is there something I didn't pay for but the energy that you're feeling isn't a negative one it's just that it's unfamiliar because it's like so freakin hilarious it's like a tourist person feeling heaviness and being like what is this thing that I'm feeling right now it's almost as if my heart feels like feathers there's butterflies in my stomach and all of my stresses are gone what what is this what what is about to happen and it's like it's called happiness what that's what that is yeah that's kind of the vibe that I'm getting from their guard which is literally hilarious and something I'm totally guilty of so I can't say check I'm a double tours man Sun and Moon it's terrible all right we have the ace of swords in the reverse we have the nine of cups in the reverse oh my gosh Taurus y'all gotta stop this it's fearing the worst okay now here's the thing the emotions that we feel are sponsored by the thoughts that we have right our thoughts are then sponsored by shadow subconscious core beliefs past experiences like I said with the nine of swords experiencing something so many times that it becomes a belief about life that lessens your view so the way that I'm seeing myself as well as other people is not true the lie-detector determined that that was a lie you know I'm saying so now this bleeds into your emotional space right because now our emotions and that's that's just in general the emotions that we feel are sponsored by our thoughts the way that we think about things our thoughts are sponsored by our beliefs so now your emotional space is affected by the way that you're thinking about things so so everybody else sees this this is what the hell Torah sees I'm just saying you got to be visual with it this is what you see okay can't see clearly last can't sleep at night as nightmares what is heaven and this is terrible you know I'm broke I'm indebted don't have nothing that I want to need and that's not even the case but be careful with that because your mental energy and your emotional energy is manifestation energy and you don't want to overshadow something beautiful with past fears but again we take into account that the Scorpio full moon is coming up anything that you had locked in your basement that you ain't wanna face where you was trying to get rid of all of that stuff is coming up to the surface and a lot of that has to do with this judgement card here because it's literally a time now where everyone needs to get into position the people who need to be together need to be together the purposes that need to be walked and need to be walked in the soul tribes that need to be in union must come into union like this has to happen now because it's more or less you know as above so below what's happening or is about to happen a time that we're walking into it's very much needed for everyone to be rooted and grounded in their authenticity right so that's why a lot of this stuff is coming up with this full moon because it's things that need to be dealt with because these are like I would call them oh gee blocks like these are that and I even say I can admit like for me it was the same thing for myself as well like I literally one of my homegirls just did a reading for me and literally called all my business out I was like hold on honey wait a minute you know can't be doing all that go subscribe to her Channel Sagittarius moon or is it says moon sad moon yeah says I'm gonna put the link in the description box terrible's name but no man but like I got called out on that and I was like dude I can't even lie because that's true you know so this is kind of like that one like how I talk about roaches months ago it's like that little roach energy that you've been co-creating with so as opposed to co-creating with spirit it's like co-creating with your unintegrated shadow self so it's almost like what every good thing in your life your shadow has like you know infused a little something negative into it so it never quite works out how you saw but the thing that's most important in all of this is gaining dominion over your thoughts in your emotional space and understanding you have the power to control that right and I talked about that with with Gemini as well so let's keep going and see what's going on and of course you know I'm good sweet mother goodness oh okay these popped out we have the four ones and we have the High Priestess very interesting listen to the truth Bay listen to the truth the truth is in your intuition you already have the answer to what it is that you're worrying about and now I get the quote my homegirl again what did she tell me peace wherever piece is so whenever you get stuck in your head and this is towards the Taurus man whenever you get stuck in your head always look for where there's peace where is there harmony where's there balance whatever thought whatever emotion that you experienced if it does not provoke a sense of peace tranquility and balance then it needs to be rejected because that's not the highest so it it's a low vibe thought right and like I always say we're human antennas right us being human antennas it's like we're picking up frequencies all day but just because you attuned to a certain frequency doesn't mean that you have to listen to that particular station so if it's giving you unrest if it's making you feel dizzy dis-ease then you know don't attune to it alright because I feel like this is the time where it's really crucial that if you don't know how to maneuver what to do or where to go or you end up getting stuck in like like a funk mentally it's needing to and I'm hearing music listen to music that's representative of what it is that you want to feel or just gravitating to things that provoke peace and balance not anything that's like a downtrodden type of emotion and I would even say the same when it comes to relationships if you're in your head and reference to a person that you're dating because the the thing I can see with this as well is whether this is someone from your past or a new person because of what you've experienced in your past it's seeing the new person whether it's an actual new person or a new verb of someone you knew back then you can't see them clearly because you're still looking through the lenses of a wound right so the way that you make the determining factor if this person is good for you or not is do they bring me peace do I feel harmony with them right do I feel my best self do they make me a better me do I feel God is in the sound so corny do I feel closer to God when I'm with them do they make me feel grounded right and not saying putting this responsibility on someone else but I mean to what it is you already have going on in your inner world is this person a contribution to it or do they take it away from you I'm being told to move on all right on to your person of interest first car we have for them is the seven of wands spirit is going on right now getting me all deep and they somehow go to the next one okay and fine all right whatever everything I'm just here just clocking in spirit just clocking in with the seven of wands is this person standing their ground setting healthy boundaries standing up for what they believe in and I just got another message family problems family problems in the sense that and I feel like this is just like a little caveat message for someone with your person of interest I don't like their family doesn't like you their family doesn't like you and it's like they're they're standing up for what they know to be true about you or how they feel about you or who they know that you are why am i hearing the word gypsy are you a gypsy that would be interesting I'd clearly heard gypsy but they're standing the ground for you nonetheless I don't know maybe you're traveling gypsy and you know they're family not about their lives but nonetheless this person is standing up I think it's it's very hard for them getting 20 I'm getting all this all this one card it's very hard for them it's probably why I'm getting all this off one Clark because when I finished pulling is probably gonna take a whole left turn this person is standing their ground with their family and reference to you because it's something about you that's different spirit bought me back over here to the the High Priestess so you could be like a gypsy right where they call you that because you're psychic look you know or you're you know a psychic or you do something like you know cult maybe you're a Wiccan I don't know but it's anything that would make the a typical Christian person call you demonic anything under that umbrella it's a lot of stuff to choose from okay but this person is standing their ground for you right but it's difficult for them because yeah this is a message that's completely totally different it's hard for them like this person is literally between a rock and a hard place because although they feel what they feel for you it's like this person values family a lot so going against their family for this person is almost like the equivalent of them going against themselves so them standing up for you is a huge deal because it's literally like them denying themselves for you now that is a message for somebody that's watching this that may not have anything to do with the rest of this but that's a very specific message that had to come through so if you in this would be someone who's in a relationship like y'all are together talk to each other everyday and you're fully aware that their family does not like you at all right and then the other signifier would be that you know that you have a non-traditional lifestyle so it's something you're into that's non-traditional that goes against where they come from and you know that this person is conscious battling with their family that's who this message is for right but I think if why this is being said is because I'm getting the sense that if you ever complain like oh you know you didn't take up for me or you didn't say this and that this is is a signifier letting you know like you have no freaking idea like the little times you may have felt they didn't take up for you you have no clue what this person goes through when you're not around that's why that message is coming out because I think it's you guys didn't get into fights a lot over this because it's like the person is looking at you like dude you have no idea but they would never verbally tell you that like because they don't want to make you feel bad so it's like they're trying to protect your feelings right but it's like it's more or less like do you have no idea how much I have to go to bat for you is is what they're feeling on the inside but I feel like this person wouldn't say that out loud so this is coming out to let you know that you know I'm saying anyway moving right along I'm scared now because it's period meat have all that come out in that one car dog just probably want to go all the way left all right spirit if you could give me the rest of the message that would be nice hear me but I feel like with this person there they're going to be with you in the face of all of them you know it's gonna be like bump y'all I love this person they're my person even though they believe in the Spaghetti Monster God and they took their driver's license picture with a colander on their head I love them that's really a thing there's really a religion with the Spaghetti Monster God google it I kid you not they're pastafarians this is not a joke people okay spirit if I mean because if you're not gonna give me no more cards I could do the whole person of interest side with just this one card you know what I'm saying any day now oh you got jokes for sure alright next car we have for your person of interest we have the page of Wands and the reverse then we have the seven of Pentacles and the reverse and then we have the star in the reverse yeah this did go left so with this person here it's it's a bunch of not doing mm-hmm this person knows what they want to fight for but they're not doing it right and this is kind of reminding me of Gemini and arias person it's like it's a defeatist mentality I know what I want to fight for but I'm not going in the direction of it I'm not communicating that to anyone right it's very self saboteur II with the seven of pinnacles in the reverse it's like you know I'm just giving up a quit you know all hope is lost but it's like they didn't do anything didn't do nothing there it's like I really want this and I will fight for it but I'm just not gonna fight and I'm not gonna say that neither you know I'm just gonna give up and just say hope is laws like what was me are you serious and then we got a query as energy as well with the star rivers come on be I'm gonna need you to do better but this and this is why okay let's take a page from this person's life towards dance 20 minutes breeze on through this this is why I said that stories you can take a page out of this person's life and see this right how I told you your thoughts and your emotions create things and only aligned with peace with this person it's a defeatist mentality they know what the hell they want they're willing to fight alone for it but it's feeling it's like they're it's a self-fulfilling prophecy of the word that I'm looking for because looks like it's a fear I know what I want but I'm too afraid to go after it y'all may be connecting with a Gemini person because that's what came out and and geminis reading I know what I want but it's like that's not going to happen for me that's never going to work out and they quit before they even try then we have the two of Wands in the reverse and then we have the eight of cups okay poor little tink-tink yeah this person they got I would say they have self-esteem issues they have self-esteem issues and issues with confidence but they know what they want and that's where I say y'all are marrying each other how I said that that's like a basement mentality like a facet of the shadow a false core belief about oneself here with or with Taurus I feel it's more through experience but with this person it's literally confidence issues you're not good enough you don't deserve that you're unworthy you don't deserve good things in like with them they never try because they feel that it's pointless so how I'm seeing this person and it's nice out with it sound it's like a concrete person with a raging inferno inside of them so this person has so much passion so much creativity this person could be so much but it's because they don't believe in themselves is the only reason why they've yet to see anything that they're that they would fight for come to pass and the whole thing for them is it's the constant thing right and this is so self saboteur II with the eight of cups this is again investing into something in them walking away from it right because of all of this I would have fought for this relationship you know but I never said how I felt I knew it wasn't gonna work out cuz knowing that never work out for me you just go ahead and walk away now before everything falls apart and a black dude you know what I'm saying it's kind of funny but it's not and then they stalk anyone stuff but I wonder what they're doing back there oh good lord Person of Interest poor little tink-tink but that's the reason why i point that out with you guys dude it's so important you know and cross watcher person i always say my cross watcher should resonate on the side for the sign that I'm reading for in the event that you see yourself over here we got to get this together tink tink you know it's like just like I said with Taurus or the Cross watch whoever you are is always follow your highest thought about a thing whatever brings you peace whatever brings you joy whatever clears your mind and makes you feel at rest those are the things that you want to feed right whoa you never know until you try what is this the chariot the queen of swords and a magician did I just speak something to your soul person of interest for these two bins are our cans will come out with the queen of swords okay babe well let me tell you something I love this I love it I do I would be so happy if this was a person that was cross watching this and heard me say that and then comes back and tells me that that made them get their shiznit together with the page of swords that's a person that has undeveloped potential they do have a tendency to be jealous they do have potential to be stocky stocky but believe it or not the page of sword stalking is a form of self-abuse right so the page of swords is someone who will look at an X to see what's going on in their life knowing that of course social media is not the whole story but just to reinforce these thoughts of worthlessness I'd never have known I could never get no car like that man they so lucky and read it and see I knew they was gonna do better without me because I ain't nobody and just not doing enough right it's a form of self-abuse you know but the page has a lot of undeveloped potential the person who's very intellectual is seeing that with all of these wines it's like having creative prowess and intellectual prowess but here's the beautiful thing I'm a firm believer in the fact that each and every one of us it's like everything it is that we could ever possibly be already exists within us that's what the magician is about right it's just the testament of aligning with that truth there is no hole in your soul your soul it's not broken you know what I'm saying that doesn't need to be fixed there's no missing piece your soul is whole the reason why we feel void or if we're missing something is because we're under the mindset right that sponsors emotions that thus creates this reality that we live in and the lens that we look through in life right but it's a matter of a perspective change to align with the idea that you are everything and you can have whatever it is that you want that's the ultimate victory now with tours and with this person both of you guys realizing this and getting your thoughts under control because you all have the same issue right with tours I feel it's more along the lines of fears of the future and disappointment with this person it's it's self-esteem and confidence right but the thing is with this person seeing these three cars pop out like they did right this is this is saying what the potential is now whether or not this happens we don't do right the potential for this person is them coming into the realization that they are the magician and they can manifest whatever the hell that they want right it's them turning their pain right into purpose transmuting that energy right that's gonna create the balance that's gonna push them forward right to where they're going to be a success and they are gonna be victorious now the beautiful thing about this is the energy I'm feeling with this and I really do feel like this is being this really maybe a cross watcher me just being legit real because this is too much that's coming out for this person toward spirit I tell me shut up for tours are you given the the other person all these cards somebody got to be cross watchin the whole key is here and then I see Aries energy and then cancer and Aquarius but anyway moving forward in Pisces so anyway this is saying the potential this person has if you come into the truth about who and what you are because of this union cuz I feel like with the tourist person towards the street regardless whether this person get these SH isn't it together or not but I know somebody as cross watching this this is so dope but the whole thing is it's almost because of the two people's like being superpowers or something because what these two people would be together it's almost like a fast-track program you know what I'm saying if this person can become clear of this mindset and make the steps in the direction of shifting it right it's almost as if they'll be fast-tracked so what I'm feeling for tours over here or the cross watch are like whoever resonates with whatever side cuz clearly now this could be either way the person over here on Taurus aside is y'all are where y'all need to be the the victory is already gonna happen but the thing that could help you in the process of this like in transit to this manifesting on my tour aside is your mental space your mental space is making this process unnecessarily difficult right so Taurus is about to have major huge victory recognition all this good stuff this other person over here could have it too and if you're willing to do the work Spirit will fast-track you to where wherever it is you are now it's almost like you meeting where this other person is right so it's like a divine intervention type of thing but of course everything spiritual works through our free will right so of course this person would have to choose it but the opportunity is there like the portal is open right but it's all on you if you want to take advantage of this opportunity is what I'm getting but we're going to look into that on the other side and the lurkers lounge over there on the Vimeo I'm a look at what this person if they're going to to take advantage of this opportunity and get a little bit more detail on what that is that's interesting I'm not a fan of fast dragon but you know Who am I speared no better than me I don't know these things but anyway I want the Haunted dancing residents and they go over there to Vimeo to see more about this because this is interesting don't tell me on tours I stopped go over there cuz you crosswise you're probably about to click off mm-hmm I see you talking about but if you're not familiar with the dice of residences for 12 zodiac signs to clarify and I'm the ability to ask a yes or no question that house traders tell me to do something else in our us let me stop getting man for spirit be like oh oh you know more use your intuition I'm gonna take it could be quiet anyway um you want to ask a yes-or-no question pause me and you know when you get your question unpause me answers alright we have Leo we have Sagittarius we have Mars or the male symbol they love or partner and the answer to your question is yes and a few months and spirit is telling me to pick one of these I do not know why these are the angel answers so I don't know if a yes or no was gonna come out but I mean I guess if you have another question I have no idea what spirit oh let me do this no need to worry oh that must be for someone who's not following me to the meal you don't need to worry my sweet precious but that has been your reading tourists in your cross watcher cross watching ever so hard got me picking up on your energy and things I just looked at the time that said 33 and now it's 333 whoa that's dope miracles miracles bound that's a miracle it's a miracle okay I'm gonna stop this is supposed to be short I love your freaking face tourists and cross watch or people or whoever's just watching just to watch because you know we just be watching everything but I hope to see you guys sooner than later follow me to Vimeo of your about that life if not I will see you in the next video love your face while I was superficial


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