Tammy Nemeth, CNP | Cleveland Clinic Ob/Gyn & Women’s Health Institute

Well I always knew I probably wanted to go between like women’s health, like labor delivery or peds and my first rotation for labor and delivery, I was hooked drawn it and that was what I’ve always done. So I collaborate with the GYN physicians in our location so they’ll usually do their initial visit and then when I see them I’ll check in how they’re doing between the last visit and current visit, any questions they forgot to ask at the last visit. They’ve read through the book that we give them, large detailed book full of lots of information. Sometimes a little overwhelming. So if they had any questions to make sure they’re jotting them down so that they can feel free to call in or remember to address them at the next visit. We go over diet, health, movement things to expect in the weeks to come and then we’ll listen to the baby’s heartbeat get obvious vitals and all of that and then schedule them for the next week, the next visit. I always thought my second job would be an investigator I like to dig and find the facts and find things that work and I like to share them. So I like when I find something that works I like to be able to teach somebody else. And I like when other people find things that work when they say, “That didn’t work for me, but this did,” and they can teach me back and then I can share it with my other patients. I just, that’s always been the most beneficial thing to me is to be able to share education back and forth.

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