Tamil tips for Beauty – 24 Tamil Health & Beauty

Tamil tips for Beauty – 24 Tamil Health & Beauty God’s creations are always beautiful and each girl has different beauty and self confidence is the real beauty. Till self confidence is within you there will be no flaws in beauty so always be confidence. Some girls ask others whether they look beautiful but don’t do this especially don’t ask it another girl. Because the answer may affect your mind and beauty too. For some girl’s beauty may be big eyes while some other’s beauty is small eyes. In the same way sharp nose is the beauty for some girls while small nose is beauty for another. Some people say that tall girls are beautiful and you shouldn’t think that short girls are not beautiful and believe that you are beautiful. Don’t think you are not beautiful if you don’t have attractive look. You may have a beautiful voice if you have such voice try to develop it. Fair people think that they are only beautiful and Don;t worry if you are dark because dark skin complexion also has an attraction. Inner beauty like good thoughts and behaviour, helping mind, hospitality etc., make some girls more beautiful. To enhance our beauty we should drink 8 glasses of water everyday. We should add buttermilk, fruit juice and herbal juice in our diet. If you have excess body heat prepare herbal oil with hibiscus, curry leaves, fenugreek leaves etc. Apply it and take bath to reduce body heat and it is good for eyes too. To get silky hair apply a paste of coriander leaves and fenugreek leaves and wash your hair. Moreover cut cucumber into small pieces, grind it and apply it as a face mask and wash to get natural glow.


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