messy compromise or promise fulfilled these are just two of the questions Canadian vapors are struggling with following the Liberal government's release of its new federal vaping regulations the legislation known as bill as5 is currently winding its way through the Senate and is expected to become law by mid next year bill s5 represents the first ever attempt to regulate vapor products at the national level it reflects both the priorities of Health Canada to protect youth from tobacco use and recommendations from the HESA report to develop a new harm reduction framework for e-cigarettes the wrangling over the new regulations takes place admits a contentious battle between world-leading public health officials over risks versus benefits of vaping the US Surgeon General's warning this week that vaping poses major risks for young people the ever-present threat a big tobacco gaining new ground and the World Health Organization's push to ban e-cigarettes to say that Canadian legislators need to thread the needle with bill s5 well is an understatement Senate bill s5 is comprehensive legislation that amends the tobacco act creating the new tobacco and vaping products Act it also amends the non-smokers Health Act the Consumer Product Safety Act and the Food and Drugs Act which taken together legalizes vaping in Canada pivotal to making vaping products legal is making nicotine legal and bill as five does just that the new legislation removes vaping products with nicotine from the scope of the food and drugs act a momentous legislative move in addition bill s5 also clearly defines vaping products as a consumer product placing it under the scope of the Consumer Product Safety Act the reclassifications mean consumer vaping products in Canada would be no less accessible than conventional tobacco products both these changes however only apply to vaping products not marketed for therapeutic purpose thus there would be two classifications the therapeutic and the consumer product and for the latter no health claims could be made legal vaping products containing nicotine classified as a consumer product and from the onerous requirements of drug market authorization is a huge win for the vaping industry in Canada but often with winds come compromise and such may be the case around the highly sensitive and critically important issue of flavours a wide diversity of ejuice flavours available on thousands of combinations across hundreds of different brands is recognized as a determining factor in a successful migration from smoking today thing without variety and choice many smokers are unable to make the switch the flavours adults find enticing may also be to kids and any attempt to regulate vaping usually presents a threat to flavours bill s5 carefully handles the issue by limiting the appeal of certain flavor categories to young people under the federal regulations aegs flavours are not banned however restrictions would be in place on flavors in the confectionary dessert cannabis soft and energy drink categories manufacturers could still produce he juice and retailers could still sell products with flavours from these categories but they would be prohibited from communicating these flavours in any way by a promotion and packaging through illustration indication or brand joining us today is Mark Keeley from ke na consulting the Canadian vaping associations powerhouse public policy and government relations firm mark thanks for coming back on the show we've just touched on the top headlines but there's so much more to dive into first I like your overall reaction to the proposed regulations are they good news or are they bad news for vaping Wow look Ryan I appreciate your introduction for sure and and and frankly we've been working not only with the federal government since we began this whole process at 2014 but we've also been working with every province across Canada on this it's been the mind-numbing siege but let me tell you it could have been a heck of a lot worse and so I'm not gonna say that we got everything we wanted out of Health Canada for these regulations and this legislation mark you said worse cavae being have been banned in Canada every country in the world right now is challenged with what they do on regulating this for all intensive purposes new industry so if you look at what happened at the conference of the parties in India just a couple of weeks ago there were conventions that were passed by 180 countries the majority of them excluding Canada chose to ban or to do away or dispense with this industry now I like to say we had some and what I think CBA should take some credit with the work that we had done with Health Canada by saying to them if you go down the path of banning this you're gonna drive it underground and if you drive it underground you're gonna be in a heck of a different difficult spot so you know I think putting it out in the open we like to use the phrase we're normalizing the activity it's a less harmful approach than smoking cigarettes for sure and Health Canada certainly recognized that so we're quite pleased that this first attempt at these at this legislation of these regulations is certainly gonna do that so mark you make it sound like the vaping industry in Canada dodged a bullet with the w-h-o in cough 7 Canada could have said yeah we'll buy into that but they didn't and and and I I gotta give the minister some some credit and I gotta give frankly Health Canada a heck of a lot of credit because they could have bought into this hook line & sinker and said we're gonna we're gonna do this but they realize that there is a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes and perhaps this is it I got to tell you – Brent one of the things that that we you know we've been working very hard and I and I got to say the Canadian vaping Association on behalf of its members but more importantly for the industry has been working very hard with Health Canada there's been a lot of discussion and I was at a meeting directly with the Minister of Health where she punched me in the arm and said you're on my radar screen so that tells me that she could have she could have walked away because you know this business of people governing people I can tell pretty pretty quickly whether a politician is gonna be dissing me or making sure that I'm part of a process and it certainly seemed to me like we're a part of the process speaking of process and note or viewers please stay tuned for part two of our discussion when Mark and I dive into some of the specifics like flavours in fact mark in terms of the legislative process I know many of our viewers are concerned about the language in bill S five as it currently stands right now in the Senate is this it or could there be changes no this is not it the process is they'll do first reading there'll be some debate then it'll go to second reading and they'll be more debate and then they will refer they will refer it to a committee once they do that they'll go back and do what they call clause by Clause and then they will refer it to the House of Commons as a Senate bill to be proclaimed or they'll do the same thing and seek some kind of public consultation regardless of all that process which is going to take a very protracted period of time we are going as the Canadian vaping Association and advocates for vaping in this country we're going to be very much involved in in that process as witnesses to the committee's and to put draft statements forward to make sure that they understand very clearly what our concerns are and what changes or amendments we might want to offer but Marc even with all the process you've just described couldn't the government just ignore all the evidence and leave the legislation pretty much as it's written today it will never end up like its first rent it just can't there there you've got there are too many people in this country who are seeking to to be witnesses to the committee hearings that are being will be put on at the House of Commons Marc last question for part one of our discussion what do you have to say to our viewers who may be concerned that in the process the CDA could get pushed around by the government we're not gonna we're not gonna be scaredy-cats right we're not gonna pussyfoot around this is something that people who wanna VAP are taking this very seriously and and frankly it's not because they want to you know look cool or they think they look cool it's cuz they don't want to smoke cigarettes well that's it for this edition of reg watch before you head off please like us on Facebook and don't forget to follow us on Twitter for Regulator watch com I'm Brent Stafford you


  1. The war on vaping……Big tobacco plus big pharma against the people.

    I am amazed we the people are actually winning this war.

    Won’t it be nice if the pharmaceutical world starting working For the people rather than the dollar?

    Big tobacco………..disgusts me with their attempt to keep people smoking.

    Shame on the governments who jumped on big tobacco’s and big pharmas war against the people.

  2. Oh wow I had no idea Canada was as corrupted as us.

  3. don't take the ''STEAM'' out of a life saving industry!!!!!!! Vape….Don't Smoke!!!!

  4. Excellent news for Canada, well done all of you. 10's of thousands of Canadians lives will be saved as a result of this !!!!!!!!

  5. Great reporting and great interviews thank you for keeping the public informed. Let's hope the good and loyal politicians keep fighting for the well being and health of the people.

  6. Thanks for the work you do in these videos and having guest that give the public news and perspective that they otherwise might never get to.

  7. As someone who smoked for 26 yrs and as someone who is fighting cancer, I am very pleased with Health Canada's and the Federal governments new regulations. I was quite concerned about the possibility of Flavour removal in e juice. For me anyway, it is a huge part of what makes vaping successful for me and I cringe at the thought of not enjoying my flavoured vape. But I am ok with the plain labelling etc, just as long as I can still get my fav e juice flavours. If I couldn't vape, I would still be smoking….even with cancer…that's how addictive it is. I get the whole "not targeting kids" stuff….but my personal view is that if they are going to smoke (they somehow get it even with all the laws etc surrounding minors and tobacco) I would rather they vape! I started smoking at 16 and no one was going to tell me no! Lol

  8. Thank you for all of your videos. Thank you to the parties involved in helping vapers remain cigarette free. I'm a 40yr smoker who switched to vaping over a year ago. Flavour variety is a major factor to my success.

  9. just think all your videos are great, some pretty credible youtube reviewers are taking notice too, and are fans of your channel. great job.

  10. Whether the govt approves or not, I will never stop vaping. I have enough DIY supplies, including nicotine, to last for years and years. I don't need anyones approval.

  11. Major steps even working with the liberals? 🙂

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