Talking about my post workout shakes supplements and vitamins

good evening guys this is Hillary behind the camera Johnson earlier I tried to do a video on my iPad but I guess it failed to upload so I guess I have to do it on my phone so basically I have supplements that I used to lose weight and they're right here on the couch and I use them when I before going to the gym not all of them I just do different ones each day like the whey protein the GNC Pro performance a 100% whey protein that one I do after the gym because that's a post-workout shake so you can pretty much add either yogurt peanut butter or you can just add water to it and then you have to shake it and then you can blend it with your favorite smoothie blend make a delicious smoothie adding fruits juices peanut butter or yogurt so you can pretty much make a smoothie with that or you can drink it in a shaker cup which you put the little ball but you combine them with cold water milk or favorite beverages in a shaker cup which that the the shaker cup looks like this but I cannot rotate the snake it looks kind of like this the little thing on the inside that has this [Applause] and then it has this and you close it and then add water and the pattern and then one cup of powder and then you put 8 ounces of hot water in there and then you just shake it until it gets really thick and then you just drink it as a meal so let me show you the other stuff and David you distract at your cap so this is one that I wanted to show you guys it's called vital Reds my friend Mary Ellen hall from crunch fitness she's a personal trainer trainer she gave this to me today in the bag with these in it with the little the supplement probiotic pills called symbiotic 365 and you take those before breakfast and then you can drink this after your workout for like concentrated poly blend dietary supplement so you can pretty much drink this I think before or after you workout because it's basically for your metabolism it boost it where it will be up and set it down and then it helps with digestive support so it's a digestive support blend so that's basically what that is and then this routine here you have to drink that before your work workout so you have some protein so that baby basically has 50 fruits and vegetables and green foods or over and then it's revitalizing green to foods high protein and energy shake and it's natural nature's plus the energy supplements vegetarian so this one right here is lifetime my wife's a basic speed protein isolate powder a rich protein source from yellow peas vanilla flavor premium quality dietary supplement and I gotta see how much protein is in that groups that was something falling on the couch 25 grams of protein that very grams of sugar went my grandma dietary fiber total carbohydrates is four grams 40 milligrams of sodium cholesterol 0 ml of arms and there's a 0.5 grams of that and then that this one is called DC double-a that's kind of showing it backwards I don't know why what that one's called it on in some Institute instant ICC double-a 5000 powder so basically you have to drink this throw out the workout for you do this for energy or just help the weight loss as well and you have to or you can drink it between meals 30 to 45 minutes before workouts and or immediately after workout intended for you some healthy adults so that's basically this supplement and the probiotic is for the symbiotic stay six months for digestive health so that's what I have to take every day before I eat breakfast so that's all I have for you today and I will do another video tomorrow morning or afternoon wipe so like subscribe my videos or in everything Hilary Johnson Oh No Hilary behind the camera Johnson and I'll talk to you guys later bye

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