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hello and welcome to class Sahar Sahar how are you and where are you from wonderful that sounds excellent Sahar and I'm very happy to have you in class today and also welcome Verna Gianna how are you and where are you from how are y'all excited with me um we know thrown bless you I work in nineteen industry and my free time I like to play chess thank you excellent we'll welcome to class they're not I hope you enjoyed today's lesson and also welcome to class and melody melody how are you today and where are you from Italy yeah I'm fine thank you good evening my name is melody I come from Taiwan and I just finished my dinner I'm threatening here I enjoy it thank you that sounds excellent melody I hope it was a lovely dinner and also welcome to class Montana man how are you and where are you from hello everyone my name is Montana and I'm from Hong Kong it's now 7:00 p.m. in Hong Kong so good evening everyone from my side thank you and good day to you as well my time welcome to class and also welcome to class lela lela how are you and where are you from alright no problem so just remember to check your microphone is turned on and Joe Diaz Joe how are you and where are you from pooja hi all Rodney I'm from Brazil live in Janeiro I'm 49 years old hey I'm Eric and Lisa Sam and I spend my time practicing yoga sign I am physical education teacher okay I love sports thank you excellent general that sounds wonderful and I'm glad that you are joining us from Rio de Janeiro this morning all right well as you can see my name is Alex and I'm from the USA but right now I live in Ireland with my wife and I love teaching English I also like playing guitar and spending time outdoors I have been a teacher in Italy Thailand Korea and in the USA and I hope you all enjoyed today's lesson so let's get started and today's lesson is talking about health problems and so this is a very important topic because if you are living in an english-speaking country you are able to talk to a friend or a doctor about health issues so let's go ahead and begin and the first question we have are what are some common health problems that people have so that can be anything that is common that you know up so Sahar what are some common health problems that you know of alright there it gets a heart of course those are very common ones a stomachache headache and toothache and lela lela what are some common health problems that you know of and hello the common health problem diabetes hypertension it's no common cold area till night 32 problem all right very good and hypertension is also high blood pressure for those of you that don't know excellent Laila and mountain what are some common health problems that you know of some common health problems people have so many heart attack allergies obesity and bokya thank you an excellent job man sang those arson also common health problems that people have and melody can you add some more what did you know melody oh yes oh I think um the most common health problem that could be depression and flute and some odd stomach ache or in some meant insomnia thank you very good and Joe do you know of any other common health problems yeah took eight god I hadn't now all right yeah well I'm very sorry that you have a toothache today I hope you can still speak often in the class so that was very good everyone you did an excellent job of naming some health problems that people deal with so let's go on and continue to the intro tasks and in the intro task I want to hear a little more and the question is have you ever asked a friend for health advice and what did you say for example one time my stomach was hurting me really badly while living in Thailand and I had to ask a friend about it and they suggested that I see a local doctor but I want to hear about your experience so if you would like to tell me raise your hand have you ever asked a friend for health advice and what did you say yes Averna can you tell us about your story ok um I was hiding so truth and I asked my friend what he could suggest for geez to alleviate my my pain excellent and what did he say fear not well I suggested to take medicine and if she can get it to the doctor very good Verna and did you see the doctor or did it get better I get better with this medicine I didn't need to see the doctor the next day I was feeling fine well I'm glad that you were feeling fine and did not have to go to the doctor excellent Verna so that was a great example so let's continue and melody have you ever asked a friend for health advice right oh yeah we'll ask her or him dog you just came such it a good doctor to me a phony or um oh do you have any any advice or what should I do why should I take very good narrative and melody what advice would you give a friend who has a health problem sorry at me all he owned me together yes so what about humor what would you suggest to someone who had a stomachache I make a post on the cake I I was a giant ill to your daughter and take some medicine and and he should have have a regular life don't don't don't eat too fat or dumb or too hot that's my suggestion very good melody and I think those are good suggestions to see a doctor and also to eat a healthy consistent diet and Leila have you ever asked a friend for health advice hi my sister have a flow-on fever and I asked her to go to the doctor but she didn't listen to me well I'm very sorry that she did not listen to you Leila but hopefully she was okay anyways alright very good and Sahar have you ever asked a friend for health advice and did you have your wisdom teeth removed ah that's very painful I remember when I had my removed and did you feel very groggy and sleepy after very good Sahar and I know how that experience goes and Montag have you ever asked a friend for health advice in Hong Kong actually I have never asked a friend for help right but I packed my mom or every half problem and when I talked to her and she said go see your daughter can you guys do nothing I can only give you money your daughter and that's it very good Montague and Montague did you take the money and go see the doctor or go buy some pizza okay hey I didn't see a doctor and I saved the money for myself well that's okay Monty maybe that made you feel better excellent job and Joe have you ever asked a friend for health advice in Rio de Janeiro and fever and my friends judge me to drink a tea with Tylenol and don't give me a result and I go I went to a doctor okay because the unsold my problem thank you I'm all right so I assumed that it wasn't very good advice then are you feeling better today general good day I am feeling I in my house my wife is the daughter and when I have a little disease my wife talk for me okay thank you excellent you are very lucky Joe to have a wife that will take care of you like that and my wife does the same for me so we consider ourselves lucky well excellent job everyone about asking about health advice and now I want to give you a little test and see who can offer me the best advice so today I woke up and I had an earache and I can't hear very well so what would you suggest who can give me the best advice all right so aha okay lela lela what would you suggest I do all right I might can do that but I don't really have much money so Joe what would you suggest first I suggest you look a doctor because the year is a Warner that you like it take care and you you must look Auto ring I think though if we you don't have money for pay the doctor I think it you have a problem because the year is the organ that needs you you care about each thank you very good advice John and I agree the ear is something we must take care of and melody what would you suggest can you hear me melody yeah sorry um I suggest you um – check check your ear maybe maybe a little bugs or was in inside inside it so um if you cannot make me get out you must date a doctor a doctor can help you I have a very good advice I have heard that there was a little cockroach in the in the year and he it it bear some babies inside it was terrible so you must check it out well I will certainly go to the doctor now melody because I am scared that was very good advice everyone so thank you with that and now let's look at the question number two it's just a short simple question and is it common in your country to ask for health advice or do you simply just get on with it or go to the doctor so verna is it common in your country to ask for health advice yes it is we usually ask for parents or husband our wife and friends because we first try to resolve ourselves then if we if we can't we go to the hostel or the doctor that we know all right very good learner and I agree here in Ireland and also my home in the USA we usually try to resolve it first and then go to the doctor and how about you melody what is it like in Taiwan is it common common in Taiwan um more and more people are led to eat the health food and not there there are so many kinds of the health food but they are so so expensive because it's so expensive not many people can can eat it for a long time and my mother are had take it too but but the UM the I think I think um the helper cannot have step some are quickly the quicker health of Robin soft Soviet and so we like to ask how what what is the what what which dr. hall which data is the most famous and many many people like to see the famous daughter in the word for long time in hospital under way we also are such as them are to do the exercise we have many video for exercise our till till to run and to hire go hiking and to do more so that you can get more health excellent melody and I agree it's very common in the USA as well to go to the most well-known or famous doctor and more we exercise the healthier we are so very good everyone on the intro task you did a wonderful job so let's continue to the vocabulary and in the vocabulary slide the question asked did you use any of these words or expressions to ask for health advice and here it's very simple all right so I want to know about high blood pressure who can tell me about high blood pressure what does it mean and is it serious alright Sahar can you tell me about high blood pressure is it a serious problem or not a big deal no problem so hot but yes I agree it's a serious issue so fear not what do you think about high blood pressure I think if someone who sees that he's having high blood pressure it should these people this person should go to see the doctor because it's a very important problem it may lead to heart problems so it must be taking care excellent Liana and I agree with you it could lead to heart problems and Joe what do you think about high blood pressure I think to take chemicals the high blood pressure present is you think you can develop the location I think so leakage in your brain or something like that I don't know the mean is the mean when your brain you have problems high blood pressure in the brain I think is the Navy in the case the case yes I think you could be thinking of something like an aneurysm sometimes or intracranial blood pressure which is a very serious thing so intracranial blood pressure and also things like aneurysms which is a soft spot in a blood vessel in the brain which is very serious and melody what do you think about high blood pressure excellent melody and something that you said is in the family you say hereditary so if you have a hereditary disease it goes from family member to family member so for example my father has bad eyesight so if my father has bad eyesight and I also must wear glasses that is a hereditary issue very good and now let's simply very quickly a headache so is a headache more or less serious than high blood pressure Montague um I think it depends on how painful your headache is because some headache some SAP simply a serious problem for some because shock I don't know what um I think it just depends thank you no I agree with you Montague I think it depends if it is just a headache it's not too serious maybe you can take some Tylenol but if it is a migraine which is serious pain and over a long period of time that can be a real issue all right very good speaking about high blood pressure and headaches now let's quickly look and divide these four into two categories and it's very simple so which two are health problems and which two are expressions asking for advice so the heart which to our health problems very good and melody which are expressions asking for advice they are what should I do in though what would you search it that is correct so that is a very simple exercise I wanted you to do and earlier we talked about more health problems so verna can you add two more health problems I would suggest migraine that just had before and very good Verna and melody can you add two more health problems I think oppression is the big big health problems because I'm I'm working a hospital energy is a mental hospital there there are more and more depression patients in this stage that is true melody and it is very sad and I know you are helping them out so thank you melody and also Joe can you name one or two more health problems to take okay i-it's a help Robert I got 32 could you repeat that one more time John and I'm tired and tired yes in depression that is very true depression is probably the most difficult one and yes okay there we go anxiety excellent very good job so anxiety and depression are certainly mental health problems and Sahar can you tell me some more yes I believe fevers are probably one of the most common health problems and most often caused by other ones and now let's continue on to the next slide so very good everyone with that and in the practice slide the question is what do you think is the best device or best advice for each question all right and yes I am typing very quickly one thing I try to take notes on all of you wonderful students so what is the best advice for each question so here we have the health issue and here we have the advice so I will tell you the health issue and then you tell me the advice so number one is I have frequent headaches sahar what should I do that is very good advice Sahara so to take a nap have some rest and relaxation but you chose to see a doctor if it continues and I agree but melody do you agree I have frequent headaches what should I do melody mmm I think you should see a doctor and you might sleep asleep don't don't don't say don't don't say and you have you change your life your you should have a regular regular life schedule all right very good and I think a better way to say the regular life schedule would be consistent routine would be a good way keep a consistent routine very good at melody all right so now let's keep on trucking to number two and that says oh I lose my breath when I walk up the stairs what would you suggest Joe I suggest you might want to get more exercise the government your monkeys beds thank you very good advice Joe so if I lose my breath going upstairs maybe I should stop eating chocolate and get some exercise I agree with you Jenna all right excellent but now I want you to try so they're not can you read number three and ask another classmate for advice okay men thing I have high blood pressure what can I do so Montag what can veer not do when she has high blood pressure okay I think you should firstly see a doctor to lower your blood pressure maybe the doctor may give you some medicines and then you should change your diet because when you it's many salty foods it may cause high blood pressure – thank you Thank You migraine very good advice Montaigne to see a doctor and potentially change her diet now I want you to make up a health problem just one so aha can you tell me any health problem and ask advice from another classmate and gel can you hear us job Carter to Jack we don't repeat yes aha can you repeat the question okay if you had a toothache took eight you must be a dentist okay and sometimes yesterday I have unless in like a chili no it's not good for inflammation okay oh thanks all right very good advice job so if you have a toothache you should probably see a dentist to fix that and very good and now let's look at some one last question before the final task and that says what are some other expressions used to give advice so what is one more way to give advice melody hmm advise him to the church to the doctor or I will buy him to to eat something to get better like if you cannot if you cannot sleep well and I I have to take some medicine for sleeping well and mmm I think uh maybe I will I will suggest him to see it a good daughter good doctor not a famous culture very good advice melody so to see be a good doctor not just because he is famous but because he is good excellent advice so everyone you are doing wonderfully so let's go ahead and begin the final task and here you will speak more about what you have already talked about in the previous slides so pretend you have one of the health problems we discussed so migraines or blood pressure or anything like that and you visit a health care professional and ask for advice for example student a tell student B about the health problem and ask for advice and student B give student a advice about the problem now here is the example of course so I have high blood pressure what should I do to lower it and you could say you could change your diet you should also get more exercise so this time I'm very sorry the slide slip there this time I would like Sahar to be student a and Montag to be student B ok Taha first thing I think you should sleep earlier because sometimes when you can't get enough sleep then you have a headache and I don't know maybe you can get more exercise so that you can get more oxygen into your brain and then you maybe you're headed you be alleviated very good advice montane get some rest but also some exercise because maybe she's lacking oxygen in the brain and now Montag you tell Sahar about a health problem that you have and Sahar give Montag some advice okay aha I have a really serious insomnia I sleep very early but I can't get a sleep and then the next day I would be very exhausted and sleepy so that I can't focus on my studies so what can I do okay thank you your but I don't really like to UM take up some medicines so what else can I do okay thank you all right very good Sahar and Montague and Sahar is correct you should always check the medicine because some are quite dangerous very good and now this time melody can you tell Joe about your health problem and Joe give melody some advice okay Oh Joe I have some problem for my throat every time when I speak I speak too much all right after singing oh I have those thoughts well okay I do do you have any suggested to me if I and it's good I think you have a tooth ache yes tooth problem I think here you should probably see advanced a saw fruits okay sorry and so fruit I think here you you should probably take some making like some fruits I think you look a doctor okay it's better because sharp rocks in the cupcakes is very you look a doctor okay thank you very much I will do it and I hope I can have a beautiful voice and thank you very good melody and melody will have a nice voice which fits your name very well and also gel remember to say it's better that you see a doctor excellent and now shall you tell melody about a health problem that you have and melody gives out some advice okay yesterday I did a lot of exercising because of this today I have a back eight back eight okay what oh I'm sorry to hear that I think um before before you take before you do the exercise you must have some hold up and some on up sighs and exercise and your bone will be warmer and it won't be hurt so how about what don't you are present for the hot hot shower under your a cake area and take it home and I think you do you'll get better excellent advice putting the hot towel on a back is a great way to help muscle pain excellent job and now in summary as we prepare to leave before you go you can ask your classmates some questions about what they do when they have health problems and find out about how it is different in their country so everyone you did a wonderful job today I will show be the slides of course and so jumuchi obbligato montague melody Gigi Sahar chakra and you all did a wonderful job today and bye-bye now


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