Talk about your problems – mental health awareness – Ep06

you alright? yo and welcome to Dan escapes in today's
episode I wanted to talk about the mind especially as its Mental Health
Awareness Week. A lot of us are very health conscious and very into our
activities and exercise as a way of getting a physical appearance and
improving our heart but we're never really focused on improving our mind.
I've been living and working in London the majority of my life and it's been
very fun for the most part but very draining and physically and mentally
especially as prices in London have gone up so much that you're having to take
jobs that you you don't particularly enjoy working long hours just to pay
those bills and then when you get home you're just too tired to do anything
and make time for yourself and do things that you really enjoy. Hang on I'm gonna
have to stop here for a little bit there's a family of Egyptian geese
getting out of the pond I want to show you I know I found myself in numerous
occasions feeling very down about myself and I'm very insecure about the work I
put out whether it's photography design or this channel basically and if I
bottle those feelings up it's not good for the mind you can either explode one
point or just just not feel very good for a long period of times and I'm very
fortunate that I've got a great support of network of friends and family and my
girlfriend who I can talk about my feelings and they're very
supportive and vice versa I can talk to them. Sorry at the sun's just set so
that's why the Lighting's changed but I just want to carry on and say this is
why I really like escaping to the outdoors because it's something I'm
really enjoy doing whether it's doing an activity there because it releases those
endorphins or being out in nature and just feeling peaceful and getting away
from that hustle and bustle in the city or seeing wildlife in its natural
environment and you know those things just make my mind feel alive and
inquisitive and you know just happy and that's what you want to get out of life
is happiness it's like just this weekend I was out in Pembrokeshire with my
friends on a stag do you know I had a little bit of a moment where I felt down about myself and you know but just even simple things like hanging out with my
friends on the beach and building a fire and just having fun so what I'm trying to get in this
episode is basically try and do more of the things you enjoy and talk to your
loved ones about when you've got problems because life's too short to be
down and unhappy you know you want to make the most of it and build a lot of
memories and that's what I'm trying to do with my life. There you are it's a family of Egyptian geese I'm pretty sure I filmed these guys
well photographed these guys when they were little chicks and here they are all
grown up

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  1. Great video bro… you do you bro… much love and respect to your path and the adventures you take.

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