Taking Care Of Your Mental Health During Coronavirus Pandemic | NBC News NOW


  1. MAGA 2020

  2. Insane people giving mental heath advice? Seems legit. 🤔🙄


  4. jesus and allah must combine forces to defeat this thing.

  5. Put everyone in jail for 20 years that has continued to abuse, enslave and slaughter animals for needless reasons causing this outbreak, climate change, antibiotic resistance, and almost all heart attacks and strokes. Those people were already told they didn't need to eat the animals for proper nutrition and so they chose to do this harm intentionally and continued to encourage others to do the same pure evil.
    Almost everyone talks sweet and pretends to want to do good but actually chooses pure evil as their master.

  6. meditation is religious!

  7. great video you deserve more subscribers

  8. Smoke Cannabis and Drink Alcohol to protect your senses from the reality of the coming Apocalypse

  9. They should really stop dropping these chemicals out of planes. This is a war on humanity!

  10. Look at the comments lol. So many lunatics lurking the internet.

  11. Since I was little, I always see America as a Great Nation, and to me you are still is so why all the depression? You are famous with Hollywood and music, it is all over the world. Great actors,singers you have that make beautiful melodies and eye pleasing movies so chin up🙌🙌🙌America!!

  12. Dear God! I'm truly turning into an introvert…

  13. But we need to be informed so if we go out for a walk or the store that we wont be arrested.

  14. We are Not all Watchmen~

  15. this anchorlady's tone is not very calming lol

  16. Cabin Fever! 😳😯

  17. Another baby boom on the way! 😉🤣

  18. ""SHUTUP""

  19. Door man, drinks, dinner. Advice for working class people?

  20. I feel for the people in California 💅🏻 They’re probably the most affected.

  21. This time of crisis like this. The best things you do not want to do thinking negatively or thinking so much about few matters that will make you and your family go crazy 😂. Live your normal life’s but live IT without others in your head 😂.

  22. Hi, please check out my new spokenword poem to raise awareness on depression/mental health. I will have more of my poetry coming soon and I would be so grateful for your support! Thank you. 💜


  23. https://xbreakingnews.com/italy-coronavirus-deaths-rise-to-3405-topping-china/

  24. When I refuse to be tested or Vaccinated against the magical WUHAN VIRUS will I be able to buy or Sell??

  25. Jesus did it for me.

  26. #caronabogus

  27. Melatonin and st John's wort yoga meditation prayer relaxing music humor smelly candles . Ice cream to cool the brain or sleepy time tea.

  28. Bella solitudine

  29. Transcend


  31. I believe in Jesus Christ. He's my counselor and 🥰

  32. For He's more wonderful than my mind can conceive
    He's more wonderful than my heart can believe
    He goes beyond my highest hopes and fondest dreams
    He's everything that my soul ever longed for
    Everything He's promised and so much more
    More than amazing, more than marvelous
    More than miraculous could ever be
    He's more than wonderful, that's what Jesus is to me!

  33. Jou just must to repent and confess with Him and accepted Him as your Lord and Savior.
    You will experience the unspeakable peace and joy that only Him can give us🥰

  34. stop watching news best thing to do

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