TAI CHI WARM UP – Tai Chi for Health Institute Warm Up Exercises (2019)

Hi everyone today I thought I would run
through the Tai Chi for Health Institute’s warm-up exercises. Each of
the warm-up exercises focuses on a different part of our body so we can
loosen up the joints, get them moving and preparing them for our Tai Chi practice. Start at the neck, shoulders, work down the body to the feet and ankles. So
let’s get started. First of all to start our warm-up exercises we’re just going
to squeeze our hands in tight and stretch them out and just walk around
the room or walk on the spot, just getting yourself mobile, get yourself
moving. Then we’re going to start with our exercises so feet hip-width apart
and we’re going to focus on the neck so just tilting the head forwards,
stretching out the neck here, bring the hands up and following them with our
eye line. We’re going to turn the hands in and push towards our chest here. So
I’m stretching my neck up as I’m tucking my chin in. I’m gonna follow my hands
back out with an eye line and then tilt my head forward so again just stretching
that neck out as I’m following my hands down. Lifting up, inhaling here, exhaling
as I’m stretching the neck and pushing the chin towards my chest, inhaling here
and exhaling as I’m following the hands down. Let’s do that again. Next we’re bringing the hands up and
bringing one hand to the tabletop, the other hand as if I’m holding a mirror. And I’m looking in the mirror focusing on my palm. We’re going to turn the neck
and follow the hand to the corner and then bringing it back. Then swapping
those hands over, turning the neck following it to the other side. Again
focus your effort, focus your mind on the neck, feeling it loosen up. Again just
do these within your own comfort zone. You can start this off small and then
just move a little bit further each time as you feel yourself getting a bit more
used to the movement. Moving onto our shoulders. I’m gonna do
shoulder rolls. Just keeping these within your own
comfort zone. Really feeling the movements in your shoulders. Feeling them
loosen up, getting rid of any tension. Let’s change direction. Gathering the Qi but keeping it a very small movement, again you can feel your shoulders opening them up a little bit further
each time, adding a small knee bend . Pushing down Moving on to the spine. We’re going to hold a ball
about the size of a football in front of us and we’re going to take the bottom
hand we’re stretching that up to the ceiling, palm facing outwards towards the
ceiling and the other hand down as if we are pushing on a tabletop. Really feel
that push and that stretch diagonally up and down the body through the spine. Bringing our hands back to our centre. Holding the ball, taking the opposite
hand up, keeping the shoulders down, Inhale on the stretch here, and exhale down. Turn to the corner, so twisting at the
waist, feeling that twist in the spine. Turning our ball over and taking it round to the
other side. Following the ball. One more time on each side. Moving on to our hip joints. Going to bring
our hands to the side and heel out forwards, taking the toe back here. Heel forwards and again. Feel that in the hip joint,
loosening off. Let’s step down. And the other side, forwards heel, and back, toe. And again. I’m opening up the hips, we’re going to
push to the side and tap this foot out. Feel this opening of the hip here. Stepping down
to the other side. Onto our knees. We are going to stand in Parallel
Stance, the feet a little bit turned out, shifting our weight. We’re going to tap
into our Empty Stance and let’s just add a punch here. Keeping the elbows soft.
Opposite hand forwards. Stepping to the side. Sinking the weight. Tapping forwards and back. I’m going to develop that into a kick so
just punching forwards, the leg is extending out. You don’t have to do this
extension. Further movements for the legs here.
Heel-toe forwards into your Bow Stance and add that punch. Bringing it back, rocking
the weight and stepping to the side. Heel-toe forwards, alternating those legs. Moving onto our ankles. So again just a
slightly turned out foot for our supporting leg. We’re just going to place
our heel and toe and heel and toe, heel and toe. Let’s go to the other side. Sink
the weight, good supporting leg. Heel and toe. I’m going to do the same thing but we’re turning this foot in and out, in and out. I like to just shake the legs, shake the arms,
feeling a lot looser. Let’s just do one big inhale. All the way to the ceiling,
bringing it down and step in. We are ready for our Tai Chi practice. Guys, the Tai Chi
for Health Institute’s programs are a really effective way to learn Tai Chi
and their programs are designed to offer modifications and progressions to suit
anyone, any fitness level, and any age so do check them out. If you have a local
instructor I’d really recommend them. This was their Tai Chi for Health
Institute’s warm-up exercise. Thanks for watching. See you again soon.

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