Table Top Exercise

Hello, the question I wanted to talk about today was should you organize a tabletop exercise for a … company that doesn’t have a business continuity plan? This question came from a consultant whose client was … really persistent and determined to hold a table … top exercise, yet he was unsure about … whether this was appropriate or not because they didn’t … already have a business continuity plan. I think you should follow the passion of the company. If they’re really excited about something like a tabletop … exercise, then you should just go for it. Use that as an opportunity to do a gap analysis. In the exercise you can create whatever scenario makes … most sense to that organization and get your … business impact analysis information from the exercise. Once you’ve got all your management sitting around … the table, they’re all keen to do this … tabletop exercise, you can say okay well this is … the scenario, this is what has happened. Now, let’s list your key products … and services in order of priority. You tell me, which one’s need to get back … up and running the fastest? And how long do you think we need before we can get … these back up and running? That way you can get an idea … of what everybody’s priorities are, without pouring cold water all over their exciting idea and … ruining the fun of the exercise. I think it’s a great opportunity to get everyone together and … at the end of the exercise hopefully you would have … enough information to get that first draft of the business … continuity plan and then just cumulatively build on it so … each exercise you get more and more information. If you are a Consultant preparing Business … Continuity Plans with clients – save time using our Online … Template. Choose from 1-50 Plan … packages at

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