Synrgy360: The Complete Workout Solution


  1. Feeling uncomfortable after watching this and listening this music, I mean this is insanity seriously, especially music.

  2. Those battle ropes look like they weigh NOTHING

  3. This video was much more annoying than informative. Please try again.

  4. Incredibly bad video, congratulations

  5. If it's an ad, it's way to long. If it's an instructional video, it doesn't teach much. Hit me up if you need help to make branded content videos:

  6. Bu videoyu çekeninde editleyeninde amını sikiyim

  7. Uno de los entrenamientos más divertidos del gym!

  8. So, I get the "solution" at half price since half of the exercises didn't require this over-sized, really pretty piece of metal.

  9. I get it. You tried to make a "cool" video. But we didn't come here looking for a music video and fit people looking cool. We got here by searching for this program "probably" and want real and usable information so we can decide if we would like to use it as well. Don't be discouraged by the overtly mean comments. Just try again, and make something that informs the reader. Good luck! I wish you the best.

  10. Whoever was in charge of making this video was paid way too much money.

  11. This video is useless. Need to put something helpful up and take this down.

  12. Got one of these recently at Planet Fitness (different options) and I'm enjoying it…the platform that simulates box jumps is a killer. Much better than a big stretching area that's full of weird old dudes. I will agree this promo video is horrendous.

  13. What a totally useless promotional video. How is it used? What does it offer? I'm sure Bryan with "Y" in marketing thought this video production was "perfect for their target audience." One word. Asinine.

  14. UTPA's email brought me here

  15. wow that was 2 scoops of shit

  16. I did this workout yesterday at the local gym and this was very challenging.

  17. go stand in the corner and do your curls clowns… functional training dosent = Crossfit. get knowledge before spewing irrelevant bibble babble

  18. This is stupid and seriously not helpful at all

  19. First off, to all the morons dismissing this as simply a "Crossfit machine" just STFU already! THIS IS NOT A CROSSFIT MACHINE!  I've been training athletes since 1996 & let me preface this by saying that I F$%^ING HATE CROSSFIT!!! I utilize this machine everyday at my facility everyday & it's an absolute benefit for my athletes. The video above does suck I must admit as it doesn't really explain much & looks like a bit of a clusterF%$^ but it really allows multiple athletes the ability to hit multiple high intensity athletic based fitness apparatus either at the same time as a group or as an individual in a very smooth & efficient way. If you are some meathead jock bodybuilder then yeah this ain't for you, but if you are actually training for an athletic purpose & that should be the ONLY reason you should be training with that much intensity (Stop faking it & acting like a jock athlete if your not! You're not impressing anyone so just stop it already!) then a machine like this works & makes sense.

  20. I fucking hate how gyms waste their money on these glorified junglegyms

  21. What the hell did I just watch?

  22. The gym I go to has been re-equipped with Life Fitness equipment and something like this was there when I went this morning.  To put it bluntly, I haven't got a clue what the hell it is, what to do with it, what everything on it is, and to be honest, this video has left me just as perplexed!!!  Not only does it look to be a waste of valuable gym space (which could have been better used), I know that I would be called every name under the sun doing the type of things the people on this video are doing (of which this video doesn't explain)!!!

  23. There is no way you could Safely have this many users at the same time. pros- on paper was a good idea cons- in reality is a bulky structure that has a massive footprint. That dude doing the push up claps – wtf has it got to do with this equipment ?

  24. This AD has more cuts and slowmo than all James Bond movie together.
    lifefitness:Please check barstarzz channel if you want to know what is important for bodyweight training. What you created is more of a Hipster rack.

  25. You're doing all these bodyweight exercises, sling movements, battling ropes and such around this rack. But there's not much that actually requires this rack to be done. The ad is hilariously bad… You should fire someone for making this (not only the product developer, but also the one who directed the ad).

  26. Spot all the Nike advertisement in this…

  27. What a load of shit!

  28. Only $180.00……..really? That's a bargain! I thought it would be at least 6-7 thousand.

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