Sweetwater Yoga & Fitness

Hi, my name is Yosara, and welcome to Sweet
Water dance & yoga. Sweet Water dance & yoga is a dance and yoga studio in the South Bronx.
We offer yoga classes including hot yoga options; dance classes such as hip hop, salsa, Egyptian
belly dance; toning classes including pole fitness, Pilates, and Pi-Yo. What motivated
us to start this business is that we love the South Bronx, and we wanted to bring health
and wellness options to the Bronx ourselves. It’s our neighborhood. We wanted to make
it better, and we want to make our people in our neighborhood and our community, better.
Well, what sets our business apart is the great diversity of offerings, in addition
to the friendly faces and the community feel and homey vibe you get here. In addition,
we offer a full array of children’s classes and family classes including family yoga,
mommy and me belly dance, and family Capoeira. For more information visit our website at
SweetWaterDanceandYoga.com, or come by for a visit. We’d love to have you. Thanks.

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