Suunto 3 Fitness – How to train with real-time training guidance

Suunto 3 Fitness is your personal fitness coach It provides real time guidance during your workouts and helps you improve your overall fitness level
according to your 7-day training plan This is how your coach works Press the middle button to check if you have a training planned for today There we go! Well, let’s get started Scroll up to Exercise and press the middle button Select your planned training for today and press the middle button Your watch will instruct you how to warm up and train according to the suggested intensity Got it Next, select a sport Okay, let’s go with Cross-training Wait for your watch to find your heart rate and hit the start button Your coach highlights to you in the zone ring, the intensity you should train at The small arrow shows which zone your heart rate is currently in and how it develops In the center of the display, you’ll see your heart rate in real time Once you’ve reached the suggested heart rate zone the heart rate value will be highlighted The green progress bar helps you to keep track of how long
you need to exercise in order to reach your training target Right below it, you can see your total exercise time Your watch will actively guide you with messages, sounds and gentle vibrations This will help you stay in the right heart rate zone Press the middle button to see additional real time exercise data like calories burned completed training duration or a heart rate overview Nice job! Now press the upper right button and end the exercise Excellent From the exercise summary you can learn how well you did
and see how much time you spent training in each HR zone Your watch will now adjust your upcoming trainings
and optimize your training plan See you soon for your next exercise

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