Suunto 3 Fitness – How to train with heart rate zones

During exercise Suunto 3 Fitness gives you real time insights and guidance on your heart rate. Before you get started with your workout, check your heart rate zone settings Scroll up to Settings and enter the menu by pressing the middle button Scroll down to Training and select Intensity zones The watch offers default zones and activity specific zones for cycling and running as your heart rate zones may be different for these sports To change the heart rate zone limits, enter the default zones view You will see 5 zones which are defined as percentage ranges of your maximum heart rate Zone 5 reflects very intense performance and zone 1 stands for easy activity like recovery trainings To personalize your zone limits, press the middle button and scroll up or down Save by pressing the middle button Great Now let’s get your heartbeat up Scroll up to Exercise and select a sport Roller skating it is In the options menu, you can set an intensity target and optimize your workout with guidance to train in the desired HR zone Go back by pressing the lower left button Before you start the exercise wait for your watch to find your heart rate To start your exercise, press the middle button Off you go During your exercise, you’ll see real time training data on the watch screen Let’s have a closer look The heart rate zone ring shows all 5 zones A small arrow indicates in which zone your heart rate currently is Your exact heart rate is highlighted with the zone color and updates in real time In addition, you’re also able to see the time and exercise duration By pressing the middle button, you can scroll through additional data views like calories burned distance and more To pause or end your exercise press the upper right button Now you can either resume your exercise or end it How was the skating? You will see a summary of your exercise including a heart rate zone graph and a bar chart highlighting how much exercise time you spend in each zone Great workout! Press the middle button to get back to the clock face Connect your watch to Suunto app to get even more detailed insights on your exercise and training with heart rate zones

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