Suunto 3 Fitness – How to monitor your stress and recovery levels

Suunto 3 Fitness will give you insights on
your energy levels during the day By measuring your heart rate variability your watch tracks how daily challenges and recovery
moments influence your energy resources Before we get started, take a deep breath and relax Your watch can log your resource levels 24/7 To do so, you just need to wear it and make sure Daily HR is activated Now, press the lower right button to scroll to the stress and recovery display Press and hold the middle button to enter the shortcut menu Check that Daily HR is toggled on Now go back by pressing the lower left button The ring around the display indicates your overall resource level The ring will highlight recovery moments and will be grey when your body consumes resources You will also see your current state
which can be active inactive recovering or stressed And also how long you have been in that state This information is refreshed every 30 minutes Press the middle button to see a bar chart of your resources over the last 16h The bars shown in the chart reflect 30 minute snapshots for your resource levels Your watch will highlights the perioids where you have been recovering and shows energy consuming moments in grey In addition you can see an estimate of your current resource level
expressed in a percentage value Suunto 3 Fitness is designed to identify stress factors
and understand what helps your body to recover

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