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[Music] [Music] Surya Kriya is a powerful process of activating the Sun within you when I say activating the Sun within you Sun is in every aspect of whatever you see on this planet fundamentally it is a solar energy which is driving life on this planet so when we do Surya Kriya we want to generate that energy within the system there is a cousin to Surya Kriya which is a Surya Namaskar Surya Namaskar is a kind of practice that evolved out of Surya Kriya Surya Namaskar is largely a way of saluting the Sun but Surya Kriya has more spiritual intentions Surya Kriya has more powerful connotations attached to it the different directions of Surya Kriya physically it’s a powerful process the way trains your mind there are few parallels to it there are mystical dimensions to it there are it is a way of adjusting your body to the celestial activity so this is a way of adjusting your system not just your physical system your energy system your psychological process to the celestial geometry so that you are in sync with the existence the Sun cycles happen in once in twelve and a quarter to twelve and a half years the moon cycle happens in 28 days if your physiological cycles run in sync with the Sun cycles your physical health will be great your mental balance will be perfect and your life will happen effortlessly so the idea of yoga is that your body becomes a possibility not a barrier if that has to happen everything within your system should function with least amount of resistance with least amount of friction the idea of how to you is to need the system not just the physical body to need the whole system in such a way that all these frictions are machined out or smooth and out in such a way that after some time if you sit here there’s absolutely no sense of friction within you you have only the outside to deal with nothing else there is nothing that this is not an issue anymore this being this mechanism is no more issue only if it becomes like that you can deal with the outside with a phenomenal ease and capability now coming to Surya Kriya Surya Kriya is a phenomenal process in that direction to bring smoothness to the system this smoothness to the system are this well-oiled feeling within yourself will not come unless you are in sync with the larger system which is the solar system the larger body of who you are is the solar system that is why this is called as hata yoga for Surya Korea in particular I noticed right away within a few weeks of practicing an incredible strength and flexibility in the spine which I even after practicing year yoga various kinds of hatha yoga for 15 years I had never felt my spine be so flexible and strong Surya Kriya especially knowing that there’s a Korea a breathing sequence that accompanies the physical postures kind of learning why that’s included and how that itself deepens your yoga practice that’s that’s what I think really distinguishes my body feels good you know I’m 51 years old I had not done yoga till I what you know I started two years ago so I was 49 and there is such a difference surprisingly enough I feel very meditative while I’m in it I came to Surya Korea initially with a lot of back pain and a lot of body pain in general the most important thing is that it’s been like permanent healing Surya Kriya includes several aspects that enrich one’s life develops mental clarity and focus remedies of weak constitutions boosts vigor and vitality balances hormonal levels in the body prepares one for deeper states of meditation

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