Surprising Ways You Can Use Lemons And Limes To Improve Your Health


  1. Your videos are getting less well made…

  2. 1.

  3. Thanks for sharing cut off was too short.

  4. You messed this video up. Watch again but listen closely

  5. what about lemon fused plants like lemongrass is all lemons the same as like Meyer lemons

  6. Ummmm the video got cut off at the end….

  7. every morning before breakfast time i drink hot water with some lemon squise and mix with honey.

  8. I wish that coconut oil would just go and die right now! Sick beyond belief of this constant coconut bull that nobody cares that it actually causes problems for some.

  9. Hello there, thank God for everything of course and for making such magnificent and wonderful minds as yours, really you've a hidden powers and if there's real magic there it is you're making it, thanks again for sharing it with us, you're one from the good people.

  10. As always filled with useful and easy to follow healthy recipes!! Ty..

  11. Normally, you cut the video suddenly at the end, but this time it was the best cut ever!

  12. Nice one 👌

  13. Great video, great knowledge transfer! Thanks!

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