Surprising BEST Osteoporosis Exercises for Stronger Legs, Hips, & Spine at Home

♪ Bob and Brad, ♪ ♪ The two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical therapists ♪ ♪ On the internet ♪ – Hi folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – We are the most famous physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion of course, Bob. – Today we’re going to
talk about the surprising, best osteoporosis exercises for stronger legs, hips and
spine that you can do at home. This of course involves a lot
of people as they get older. – Right. – Their bone density decreases. – Right. – And we wanna make sure
that you don’t end up with a fracture, so we
want to start intensifying or thickening that bone, right? – Right, ’cause people
will go to the doctor and they’ll have the scan done and the numbers will come back and if the doctor says your
bone density is getting lower, your risk for fractures
is higher because of that and they’ll give you some advice on diet, increased calcium and of
course they’re gonna say, then you wanna do some exercise as well. Just recently, as a
matter of fact, right now I’m taking a Continued Ed course, talking about the most recent knowledge.
– Advances. – Advances
– Yep. – for exercises and this is
what they come up with, Bob. But before we go any further… – If you are new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos, how to
stay healthy, fit, pain-free and we upload everyday. Also, congratulations Brad.
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– Yeah, keep a sharp eye. – Well, one thing they
found out with making sure that the bone gets the proper exercise and what does it take? It takes a certain amount of strain and what they call that is
the Minimal Essential Strain. This is just some of the terminology from the studies that they did. – And how much force is that, Brad? – This is interesting,
I don’t know exactly how they figured this out, but
you need one tenth of a force than it takes to fracture the bone. – Okay. – So we don’t know how they came up with that number.
– How they calculated that, I don’t know.
– But the big thing is, you need some high impact,
if it’s safe to do. – See, they probably
don’t know this, Brad. We know this from in
our studies in school, is that Wolf’s Law, the more
stress you put on a bone, the more it reacts and it
actually becomes thicker – Stronger.
– more denser. – Right.
– So that’s Wolf’s Law. – Right, so if you go for a walk, when your heel strikes,
it puts the impact through and that would qualify for
this, so walking is good, although some people aren’t
able to walk very far or in the winter time, like
right now, it’s 20 below zero tomorrow morning,
– Yeah. – you know it’s not an option. So what can we do in your house? So that’s what we’re gonna talk about. Okay so, what I’m gonna suggest, depending on your balance and your level, I’m gonna assume that maybe
your balance isn’t the best, you may be using a walker. If you’re a younger person
and you have good balance, you wanna learn, just hold
on for about three minutes and we’re gonna show
some advanced techniques. – Right, exactly.
– Okay. So get something to hold
onto, either a cupboard… We’d use a cupboard here, but
then you’d see our backside. – The cupboards are actually really nice, because you can kind of grip onto them, sometimes you can grab
underneath them even. – Or you go by your sink, so
you can grab around the sink. If you’ve got a good solid, heavy chair, we’ve got some good
commercial chairs here. Bob, do you wanna face that way? – Oh sure.
– So they can see your profile.
– Now that you mention it you many wanna have a
chair behind you too. – Oh, good idea, yeah.
– Yeah. – So if you’re doing these, if your balance is off a little bit, you can simply sit down, rest and be safe. So that’s the number one thing. – I’m gonna pull it away
on you now though, Brad, ’cause I’ll do the exercise to the– – Good. So I’ve got a little mat down there. – There you go, you can fall over. – Okay so, the first thing we’re gonna do is just start with some
marching, right to left and you’re gonna bring your knees up if you can, as high as you
can, about to waist level. If you can’t get that high, that’s fine, do the best you can and
we’re gonna do these, about 10-30 reps, maybe
up to 30 seconds, okay? If that goes good and you’re feeling good, then
we’re gonna go into squats. Good tall posture, bring your
feet out a little bit wider. A lot of times, I have people
keep their feet in close, so bring them at least
a shoulder-width wide and then we’re just gonna squat down. You can see Bob showing
some good mechanics here. – Try to stick your butt out back, because you’re trying to not go like this. It’s harder on the knees, if the knee is going past
the front of the foot, it’s better if you just
squat down like this, even if it’s real shallow. – Now be careful if you have sore knees, I’ve had this happen in the clinic, where I’ll have someone
squat, they go too far and they get a sharp pain in their knee and then it’s hard to
stay up, so be careful. – That’s why it’s nice to have the chair, again, to push back up again. – Exactly, so just caution, caution. These are really not
getting enough stress, but it’s testing out your
strength and your limits. – Yeah, these aren’t
doing the one tenth yet. – No, we are not getting to the force to stimulate the bone density. So if that goes well and
you’re feeling steady, then we’re gonna go to… We’re gonna start out with just kinda… We’re not gonna jump in the air, although you could if
you were steady enough, but we’re just gonna do some little… – I’m kind of up on my
toes a little bit, Brad and this is causing enough force to put some stress through the bone. – Now if you feel comfortable with this, you can start to go a little faster and this is gonna get your heart rate up. The body’s working more,
so you’re gonna get a little cardiovascular benefits as well. You may want to start
out with 15-30 seconds. When you get tired or short
of breath, you’re done, you’re trailing behind, you take a break. We’re not working our cardiovascular, we’re working on bone density. – Right. – So up to 30 seconds is
a good place to start. Now if that feels very comfortable and maybe you have a
history of being a jogger or something of that nature,
then you can start slowly, go right to left, right to left. Take your time, if it feels good… And especially you guys
out there, don’t get cocky. Oh I can run and you start
doing this and down you go, so be cautious, use good judgment. And again, 30 seconds. As you get better, you
can go up to a minute, two or three minutes and that may take you a few weeks to get to that level. So caution, caution. It’ll all work out.
– Safety comes first, as always.
– Right. Yeah, you don’t wanna
strengthen your bones and have a fall while you’re trying to– – And then break the bone. – Right, right, exactly. Now that might be as far as you wanna go, but maybe you’re a little younger and you wanna get more aggressive, well then we’re gonna show you
a couple techniques for that. Simply, like we said, walking or if you have a treadmill inside, if it’s too cold to go out running, like it is here right now. We’ve got a nice way to do
it, if you have some bands. You do have to connect them to
the wall one way or another, we use the wall anchor, which we have and you can go below our video to see and you can get a hold of these. – Our Amazon preferred products. – Yep. I’m gonna use the anchor up high, ’cause you put three of them
here, one here, chest level and ankle level, but the
one up here works good. You hold it here and this’ll
help your balance as well, that’s the nice thing about it and it has a lot of pliability with it, so it’s easy to work with and you can just start doing some jogging and if I come in here it’s easier. When I go away from the wall, I’m not only working that bone density, but I am getting some core
strength I need as well. – What I like about it, Brad, you can actually lean slightly forward, because the bands are holding
you, what’s making you then, you’re on your toes or forefoot more, which is less impactful,
you’re not hitting that high– – The heel strike.
– Heel strike, right. – Again, you can work in here and this is definitely
getting more aggressive and getting the heart rate up as well, so if you are younger,
you’re really fit and stable and you wanna work bone density
with cardiovascular indoors, this is a great option.
– Yeah, you actually, when we did the video on
this of running indoors, where you actually had the
legs hooked up too to cuffs. – Right. – And then he actually did both, so these got cuffs on
them, that you can go ahead and put around your legs and
hook those up to the low one and you can do all four
at the same time then. – It won’t do anything for bone density, but it’ll get your heart rate up and get you better exercise.
– Right, exactly. – So very good, that’s the whole point, progressing from entry level
to more advanced level. – And remember, we can
fix just about anything. – Except for… – A broken heart. – But we’re working on it.
– Yes we are. – And we’re still in our 50’s, so we’ve got a few years
to get this down pat. – I would say, (laughs) I
don’t know what that means. Thanks.


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