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I'm Darrell Copeland I am a sixth generation farmer laying that dye farm has been in my family for over a hundred years I have a eleven month old grandson I got three daughters and it's important to me that these kids get clean natural food [Applause] prior to the Common Market the planning Lewis lists paretic once the calamari came on they project how much they will need and we can actually plan what we grow and how much would grow because we knew it's gonna be sold in by the Common Market actually takes the vegetables and fruits for me and hundreds of farmers they inspect it and distribute it out to schools hospitals things of that nature we win because the coop and these farmers are actually reducing and we've increased our profit margin about 60% and the wind for kids hospitals restaurants is they don't have to get their food from 3,000 miles away they got a steady supply of this nutritious locally grown produce to come in every week the column Market bridge the gap for our farms to actually get our food to the local community and I love it I really love it food that we sell to the Common Market and where they distribute it and sell it to it getting a naturally grown clean nutritious food we're proud of that the West Georgia is proud of that the Copeland farm is proud of it and we're gonna keep on growing it the natural way you

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