Support: Pairing a fitness sensor with a vívoactive® 4/4S

today we’ll show you how to pair your
vivoactive 4 or 4s with a fitness sensor to pair a sensor with your watch you
will need the watch and a sensor compatible sensors include external
heart rate monitors foot pods or speed and cadence sensors for this video we
will use the HRM strap to start the pairing process you will need to put on
the heartrate monitor the HRM strap is worn around the chest directly against
your skin next you will put your watch and sensor pairing mode start by
pressing and holding the Menu button on the lower right scroll down and touch
the gear icon to access the settings menu scroll down and touch sensors then
touch add new now you can either search for individual sensors or search all the
watch will then search for the sensor when the sensor is found touch the
sensor ID this will complete the pairing process and allow you to record the
sensor data during your activities the next time you start the activity your
sensors will automatically connect to your watch the only time you may need to
repair the sensor is if you change the battery in the sensor or restore your
watch to default settings and that’s it you can now pair your watch with a
compatible fitness sensor for more videos on setting up and using your
vivoactive 4 or 4s visit the vivoactive 4 or 4s page at support

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