Support for Habit Change with this Guided Meditation, Breath Awareness, and Body Scan

welcome to this guided meditation to empower you to live a healthy lifestyle I'm Sara Raymond with the mindful movement this meditation is helpful for improving your self-image your belief in yourself and building love for yourself these qualities can be supportive for dealing with addiction weight management and exercise motivation among other healthy life choices it is wonderful that you have chosen to take this time for yourself in stillness and self-care we will begin to relax your body and find spaciousness in your mind so you can then make commitments for a healthy lifestyle this journey is best supported with regular meditation stress reduction techniques as well as other self-care strategies come back to this recording often to support your desire for making healthy choices and now let's begin I invite you to make yourself comfortable you can choose to close your eyes or simply soften your gaze and invite the sights of the background to blur the best practice is the one that works for you allow your awareness to rest on your breath as you take a long slow deep breath in and feel your body relaxed completely with the exhale and another full breath as you continue to let go of any tension you may be holding on to and one more deep breath filling up and then exhaling fully letting go releasing and relaxing approach this meditation with an open mind be willing to make change in your life decide now to make the choice to live healthfully if you connect to what your choices will afford you it will empower you to make the choice that aligns with a life you want the health you want the vitality you want breathe in health breathe out old habits that are no longer serving you today breathe in confidence breathe out fear breathe in love for yourself breathe out negativity choose to be open to a new process of taking care of yourself to be open to improving your physical and mental well-being and be open to taking action towards healthy eating that nourishes you and movement that improves how you feel choose to let go of habits that don't align with the improved quality of life you desire let go of all the old stories the outdated mindset and the habits that are no longer serving you on your journey to health and self-love let go with each breath you take as you continue to be present with your breath allow your old habits and emotions around your health to disappear with each exhale each inhale invite in new strategies and positive feelings to guide you towards your ideal health take a breath and feel in your heart that you are enough just as you are know that you have the ability to choose health choose to love yourself now take another full breath in and guide your breath down deep into your body allow your breath to carry away any stress or tension as the air empties completely out of your lungs give yourself permission to be here fully to relax and to be open to the possibilities of health knowing that you deserve it know that you are safe and fully supported to release stress grant yourself love and to make choices for new positive behaviors in your life take another slow breath in making it your deepest breath yet and as you release that breath feel that the tension in your body has begun to loosen and subside feel that your body is becoming heavy and calm allow your breath to continue its natural rhythm and flow as you fall deeper and deeper into relaxation now that you are relaxed invite your attention to rest on the top of your head with the power of your imagination see that there is a warm light surrounding you protecting you and building with your own internal energy to help ground you visualize this light and vivid detail see the color see the glowing nature of this soft warm light as this light passes over your body it relaxes and releases each muscle the energy of this light brings the sensations of love and compassion to your body and mind this light centers you and helps ground you sensing the warm embrace of this lights energy you begin to feel your forehead soften and smooth as the light moves over you your eyebrows and eyes melt this warm light continues to wash over you and the tiny muscles around your eyes release and let go of the tension from the day feel your eyelids becoming very heavy your cheeks soften as you part your teeth unclench your jaw and relax your tongue you feel your neck and throat softening you can see and feel the warm glowing light moving downward continuing this process of relaxing centering and grounding feel the tension melting out of your shoulders moving down your arms and flowing out of your body through your fingertips with each breath your chest and abdomen begin to feel heavy and you are fully supported and protected by this glowing calming light those light circles and lingers around your heart and penetrates your body deeply to bring a strong sense of loving kindness to your soul you might feel a light tingling sensation in your palms or a floating sensation in your body that comes and goes you may notice there is no difference between where your body ends and where the surface below you begins whatever you're feeling is okay simply be with the sensations that arise just observe the feelings as you allow yourself to enjoy this journey invite your attention to go inward as you shower yourself with loving-kindness and compassion over every inch of you notice how deep and calm your breath has become as you continue to relax deeper and deeper the calming light now begins to move down your body it continues to build with the energy within you as this energy travels you feel a release of tension from your lower back and hips your thighs feel heavy and sink down your knees soften and your calves melt as your body continues to rest heavy your ankles and feet let go of any remaining tension and your body feels completely relaxed safe and supported you feel this warm glowing light as it passes over your entire body it takes away all the physical and emotional stress from your body it supports you and keeps you safe so that you feel completely relaxed and grounded now that you are completely relaxed you can open your mind to make positive changes in your habits and lifestyle these changes support you on your journey to a confident joyful life where you feel comfortable in your own skin a life where you choose to make healthy choices to support you know that everything you need to live a life where you love your body and take care of yourself is already within you right now deep inside of you there is confidence and love for yourself to make the choice to improve the quality of your life your body is a tool a vehicle to help you live the life of your dreams you can treat it well and thank it for the tough job it has this is the only body you will have the simple act of giving thanks for your body will empower you with self-love it will remind you that you are enough just the way you are everything you need is within you and you can let it out take a moment to experience an overwhelming sense of gratitude surrounding your journey give thanks for your ability to care for yourself and to confidently make healthy choices give thanks for both the challenge and joy you experience on this journey give thanks for the amazing job your body is doing to enable you to live your life connect with this feeling of gratitude and acknowledge it as you continue to relax here the following statements and make a commitment to make positive changes in your habits to replace the old habits I take time each day to slow down and listen to my needs and my desires I make healthy choices to support my commitment to health I choose nourishing fuel for my body therefore I have more energy and feel great I am creating a healthy lifestyle where I eat mindfully let go of bad habits an exercise to improve my health and extend my life while maintaining wonderful energy this new healthy lifestyle has the benefits of confidence higher energy and feeling great this new higher level of energy allows me to easily choose exercise that supports my body and helps it to feel good I am building confidence in the way I now make choices I am proud of Who I am I truly love myself and I am excited about this healthier me that is emerging from within in the past I was stuck behind old habits I now know that I am vibrant and healthy my sense of self worth and self love is growing I feel comfortable in my own skin with my true emotions I feel the choices I make surrounding food habits and exercise are becoming easier and easier I truly feel great about every aspect of my health it is now easy to make decisions for a healthy lifestyle old habits have fallen by the wayside and I am invigorated by this new version of me I have the confidence to make choices that serve my body in a positive way I am growing stronger and more confident in my daily choices I am no longer persuaded by my old habits I listen to my body and know I am making the choices that align with my desires I am living my life the way I truly want and my choices are aligning with who I truly am now with the ideas of the new you coming to mind take a moment to visualize the person you know you are inside see clearly the person you want to be see how you will look and feel as this ideal version of yourself emerges this person is already inside of you waiting to blossom keep these images in your mind and recall them every time you are confronted with a difficult decision or a moment when you want to replace an old habit with a positive new one and now take another deep breath and begin to bring your awareness back to your physical body and the feeling of your breath filling you up as you slowly begin to re-energize your body and mind know that you are on the right path and you have the choice to live a healthy vibrant life of your dreams take another deep breath and when you are ready open your eyes knowing you are ready to take on your day with confidence thanks so much for practicing with me today you


  1. Thank you, Sara, for your depth and consistently. May you truly be blessed.

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  3. So glad I found you on you tube, Ive been cycling through a bunch of old meditations on your podcast Keep on doing what you're doing. You change lives, you bring peace love and joy to others, and in turn we pass it on. LOVE YOU

  4. I am grateful for the confidence I feel after listening to your mindful meditations. Thank you for all this. Your work is mKing a huge positive difference on our world. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  7. Wonderful!! Thank you…

  8. Breathe in healthy habits. Exhale old bad habits. Mantra morning. Thank u

  9. I've been loving this one. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜˜

  10. Thank you for this powerful meditation – you have a beautiful voice! I couldn't help being slightly distracted by the thought of being able to help improve the sound quality of your posts. They aren't bad by any means but If you'd be interested in my mixing services for adding more depth and all encompassing sound, let's discuss – I would love to collaborate! Thanks again and keep the good vibes flowing!

  11. Thank you so much for doing this <3

  12. Thank you

  13. What a beautiful session- the body light imagery I found particularly moving and vivid this morning. Looking forward to revisiting this particular meditation very often!! ๐Ÿ’“ ๐Ÿ’ž

  14. Wonderful meditation!

  15. Many thanks Sara for this wonderful meditation. Could not have come at a better time in my journey. " When the student is ready the teacher will appear" is exactly what has happened. Thank you for all your wonderful meditations. Blessing.

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