Supplements vs Food

I wanted to share a video that I've been listening to this week it's a dr. shintani and it's being presented by the V SH vegetarian Society of Hawaii they have lectures by different doctors it's usually very good anyway he was telling a story on the video about one of his patients who was admitted to the hospital with the internal bleeding a person with a very healthy lifestyle and he asked her what her diet was and her supplements and he knew right away what the problem was every single one of these dietary supplements acted as a blood thinner and that's what caused the internal bleeding so a partial list of what he mentioned was this garlic turmeric ginger omega-3s and krill oil krill oil is from some type of shellfish anyway I wanted to say that the best ideal thing to be safe is to look up every single thing we use it's also best to use food instead of a concentrated supplement and I'll put the link down below to his lecture it's excellent and he seems to practice what he preaches and I also was thinking about this blood thinner issue I know as we get older we get these spots from the Sun but we also sometimes get little red dots and it's not the petechiae which is a tiny flat flat type of mark on our skin the skin that's exposed to the not just skin exposed to the Sun skin that never sees the Sun so but there's another thing called the cherry angioma it's kind of puffy kind of two-dimensional and a bright red blood it's also very tiny there are videos on YouTube how to move them by heating up a pin in a flame and then you know lightly touching the spot but anyway these seem like little capillaries that might be caused by blood thinning agents I don't know and anyway I'll put the other link below and just be careful with supplements and try to study everything it's good for our brains anyway then while we study the more mentally active we are and the brains connected to the body and then everything works better when we are physically active and mentally active


  1. Thank you. I didn't see the link.


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