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hi um it's me again I'm gonna try to make this video quick straight to the point so you know this morning one of my my daughter's teachers putting this miss Hayes she always says she's like oh you know you and your daughter you guys look so much alike so now later I won't be able to tell who was who mainly because my daughter is getting tall I'm sure by next my next year she'll probably the same height as me but she does always ask my you know what do I use or use any skincare products or anything like that how do I stay looking you know just just in other words youthful looking and I always tell her law toda today that I'm into the supplements now to try to help with you know my hormonal problems whether it be you know acne or if I have like dark you know blemishes you know that I'm trying to get rid of because I'm trying to keep from going to the drugstore to get you know Proactiv type or a Noxzema now that's other stuff cuz that stuff is harsh like it's it's a quick fix but too much of that stuff will dry out your face and cause your face to be irritated so I will say the things that I have been using that are not that I mean they're over-the-counter probably at like Whole Foods and stuff like that but what I'm taking to try to help my skin and my hair grow I do have a lot of hair I just you know I hate to say sometimes I don't feel like dealing with especially in the summertime if I'm swimming and it's just easier to just leave it alone so that's why I do do the protective hairstyles but if you can please look into tumeric capsules supplements I'm you can get them at Amazon or you go to Whole Foods you can even go to Walmart like I stopped going to I stopped doing the Amazon for the tumeric tablets because they are at Walmart for like five dollars now one thing that I do take and then I on my face is black seed oil all product prior to another video just a picture of the black seed oil that I use but I use that and I've started using these tablets called l-glutamine not glutathione but l-glutamine even though guru Theon's pretty good but glutathione so expensive but l-glutamine that helps with any type of aging but my best friend has been the tumeric supplements because I do feel like I stay regular I do feel like my face has cleared up my acne I don't get a lot of hormonal acne around the time of my cycle like I always do like my cycle had literally just passed like I started like last last Wednesday and it ended actually this past Monday so normally I'd get like these really bad breakouts but I did get like a small temple but the pimple was so damn small like I didn't even really notice until I was like really examining my face I was like okay I think I know that my suck was coming but normally they're huge and they leave like really ugly dark marks on my face so so yeah so just get to the point back to the point please research tumeric because it helps with inflammation it helps with eyesight it helps with pretty much your overall health so if you can't afford any black seed oil or anything like that go to Walmart and go get the tumeric capsules because that will also help with aging and there's just so many proof factors you know what it's done to help it helps with weight loss and stuff like that so and in addition I use it on my face like I'll make a face mass with the tumeric like I'll use tumeric and then I'll use that as tech claim as I'm price not saying it right but it's just claim as I get from Amazon so I mixed those two together with apple cider vinegar and I put that on my face if I do that every other day and then I put that like on the dark spots I may have on my body or I'll put it you know just on you know if I have any breakouts or anything like that but I haven't had any breakouts so I really just use it just to keep my face you're looking you as youthful as it possibly can and just has its face tightener just make sure to not get any of your eyes and stuff like that but what I'm doing right now is really just sticking to the natural capsules Veggie capsules do not do any you know of those you don't have to go to the doctor or anything to get anything to fix your acne or anything like that just Google will be your best friend because I honestly when it comes to parenting its panicking and googling so Google or you know Google check Google everything that you need to know about the supplements and believe it or not it's all out there and don't discourage don't get discouraged if someone says oh well check with the physician in order to use these ha why would you check with the physician to use something that's natural now I know there is such thing as overdoing it but just take it in moderation like I'll probably like the tumeric capsules I'll take twice to two of them twice a day in the morning and at night the googa googa thigh and I'm sorry I'll take it twice – in the morning – at night and the glutathione – in the morning – at night but and then the black seed oil I'll take that leg once in the morning once a night but sometimes if I don't do any of the l-glutamine or that or the black seed oil I'll stay making sure I take my tumeric because that has really been helping me and I give it to my daughter as well so really just you know just like my video yesterday about you know women that are kind of going through things breakups or you know it'll also help with your which are mental state and it'll also help with you know so you won't go into no type of depression or so you won't feel so your mood will be a lot better since I've been taking the the supplements I've kind of been haven't liked I don't give a attitude about certain things you know I'm just like okay it is what it is you know I'm upset about it for the moment but I'll get over it and I've actually getting over I have gotten over it so that's why like I know it says in the scriptures about you know spices and herbs is it doing a healing thing and that is correct because every type of supplement that I've take I have felt a lot better about situations whether it be a breakup I mean I may be upset with it for that particular you know maybe a couple of days or whatever but I guess I'll wake up the next day get in some I you know scriptures pray about it you know and be like you know what I'm good or you know if a you know five maybe see you know my ex maybe you flirting with somebody or whatever I'd be like well okay you know I don't want to I don't want to have to compare myself to someone less Stan and I cuz I know I'm better than greater than so okay you know like I said before you know the quality of their life is the people that you hang around so just know if whoever you dealt with wants to hang around thoughts or hang around women that are loose then that's their business it's not yours that's between him her and whoever you know whatever's going on in her life so but furthermore let me get back to what I was saying so in order to overall health please get into the the supplements please do don't be lazy about it like I said mine my top three supplements are the black seed oil l-l glutamine and the turmeric and I you know I swear by those so anyways I am on my lunch break so I will talk to you guys later and have a good day

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