Supplements, Packages, and Food Binges | I MESSED UP | 4 weeks out

alright guys my morning routine as you saw just in my fasted cardio but before I do fasted cardio I always take your hem bun and I stack it with a fat burner caffeine source that's zero calories because I do fasted cardio and your hemlines effects are only effective if you do it fasted and that helps with fat loss acceleration and fat mobilization so it can help you burn fat from the stubborn areas in your body like your lower stomach and whatnot but you have to take it fasted so I just want to show you the pre workout or the pre cardio supplements that I take and now we're gonna have the pre-workout meal before actually lift and I have two cups of maple brown sugar and then today's protein that we're rocking with is oatmeal cookie proteins I use typically I'll add these some type of food so this oatmeal cookie I usually throw in with my oats in this gift cereal milk is probably my favorite protein of all time I'll either throw it in with a shake or with cereal anything like that but those are my two go-to still is good alright guys what's going on so right now I'm dropping to the post office because I have a supplement that's coming in the mail that I want to show you guys and I got a package yesterday from psycho Pharma where I got this t-shirt and whatnot so I'm gonna show that I'm gonna pop that clip in here as well as the supplement I'm getting today on my way to pick it up but right now I'm on the way to the post office homeland just have a little confession about yesterday I was looking pretty good I hit my new lowest weigh-in a 175 I'm gonna pop a picture up on the screen so you guys could see how good I was looking no cockiness but just the physique was really there and with that being said guys I later on during the night I kind of let loose and lost control of myself and I took down an entire box of cocoa pebbles just absolutely binging getting insane just I just smashed it I have one Bowl after another and then I started adding racy puffs then I added the honey night and I was in this like dream world but of cereal and of all things to binge out on a cheap why cereal but that's what happened guys and I'm going to be honest so I woke up today 7 pounds heavier but I paid the consequences because during my fasted cardio I what I swear it's so bad it was probably like 10 pounds of water fell off me I've had excessive use of the restroom today not to be disgusting but it was a painful experience because my stomach was ripping in half and not to top it all got no sleep because last night I was sweating uncontrollably all night after the cheat so guys more four weeks out yes your boy up but we can save it I'm gonna bring conditioning and you luckily I was already shredded so the main thing is guys just moving on from it I already smashed a cardio session this morning fasted and I might add in another one tonight just that make hold myself accountable but guys it's gonna be alright but the main thing is not to stress too hard about it and just move on when something bad like this happens it's not the end of the world we're still gonna be diced we're still going to bring the conditioning and I just want to let you guys know that everybody's not perfect you're gonna mess up dieting is hard you know I'm on week 16 actually week 17 I'm down 37 pounds so this ship this kind of happens guys and it's not a big deal but let me show you the supplements of what not and what we're excited for and let's move on from here all right guys so we got a care package in the mail today from psycho Pharma they sent me over a t-shirt new shaker Cup another tub of edge of insanity so this is my third one that I currently have some samples of the BCAAs samples of edge of insanity and their cush rush fat burner and guys those of you been following me on for a while on Instagram or whatever and even back in my first youtube videos you'll know that I've been using edge of insanity forever and I always preach it is the best pre-workout out there and I remember the first time I actually tried this when I first bought it when it first came out it was cosmic candy flavor and it was life-changing ever since then so you know I always supported them guys so by all means check them out and they had some excellent products there pre-workout and their fat burner and their you can't compare them to anyone else because they're hands-down just top-notch energy to check them out guys and one sitting there shoutout them and yeah today's gonna be a legendary combo the new supplement I picked up gives pump sour watermelon I'm gonna do the full serving of that which is two scoops and then as far as stimulants go I'm gonna rock with edgemon seeing the sour Oh strawberry watermelon popsicle so let's do my world of make-believe kids skin the creators profanities I speak dr. heiss conversion cuss the ones are my cry so much I loved everything fire spreading that's okay it's hard to breathe sorry auntie why can you just let me eat my weight I believe kids scooping the creator's profanities some days I'm skinny I love fire spreading dollars that's so bright it's hard to breathe but that's our


  1. Hang in there bro we all screw up when dieting – but Coca Puffs? You still look on point – you got this!!

  2. Video turned out awesome!

  3. John Deer cup ftw 😂

  4. arms looking fantastic.

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