what's up guys is here here and in today's video we're going to be doing a video on the five supplements that I will be taking to help regrow my hair back to optimum health because I really want my hair to be super thick and help you once again to make sure that these pills really worked I went and I made sure that I got the most plant base vitamins that I defined the brands that I am going to be using a lot of is Garden of Life and basically like the vitamin with a lot of power organic fruit along with it so you get the nutrients from fruit along with it right here it's a high potency whole food B complex formula energy and metabolism pill that I will be taking you basically take two of these a day a lot of you guys know the most popular B vitamins in biotin so there is biotin in this and there is how much of it there's a hundred and ten percent out files and in this it also has vitamin b1 vitamin b5 vitamin b6 vitamin b12 vitamin b2 it has basically all all the B vitamin so the vitamin B complex and it says here that b1 b2 and b3 contributes to the proper nourishment of hair follicle cells vitamin b5 gives the hair flexibility shine and helps prevent hair loss vitamin b6 helps prevent dandruff and vitamin b12 also helps with a prevention of hair loss so I'm going to be taking these twice a day for the next 30 days and I'm going to be doing this for three months to really get my hair a good kick start on replenishing itself and getting it back to its full optimum health and they say that the best mineral that works with a B vitamin complex instincts that I got the burden of life vitamin code raw zinc and I got it because it's and it works really well with the B complex vitamins to nourish your hair it's also really really good for your body along with your hair but specifically for your hip if you haven't deficiency that is a culprit to hair loss make sure that the biotin is absorbed correctly I made sure I got some zinc and also if I have a deficiency of it I have these pills the doctors that happening deficiency but it was on the lower side so I want to take that to up my sink nut I am going to be taking iron and this hair is the garden of less organic whole food plant iron or get a curve and this is from nan de constipating iron is super good for your hair and it says here that the study reported that low iron stores increase the rate of hair fall especially in non menopausal women and iron also helps improve hair texture reduces dullness by increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients through the hair roots and scalp so that sounds super good and it sounds exactly like what I need for my hair so I got these birds of life plants and organic herb liquid combined in juice and that always does the iron help with your hair it also helps with healing woolens and making your skin nice and shiny so health was more than just your hair next we have a vitamin D 30 vitamin b3 is super good for your hair a lot of you guys were recommending it in the comment section the voice of amusing for this is source of life garden vitamin d3 because intestine is certified organic and it says here that for hair d3 helps create new follicles it helps create new follicles and little pores where new hair can grow it helps the intestine to absorb nutrients and your hair needs nutrients so if it helps your intestine to absorb nutrients the nutrients that is necessary will go to your hair so by the d3 all vendors e3 and I'm taking five thousands of international uses in another article that five thousand international is good for african-american women and are done and herb whatever so I'm basically going with it about it is three and the best part is that gold with vitamin d3 is vitamin k2 and they say that vitamin k2 helps for vitamin d3 to get absorbed into the body and it also helps make calcium flow through the body and make sure that it doesn't get calcified this helps d3 to run through your body and absorb better and also helps with calcium to make sure you don't get calcification in your body like on your bones helps with the circulation of blood in the circulation of calcium and speculation of nutrients that you get from like d3 and what our fruits and vegetables that you put in your body so case is very important to take with v3 and I know a lot of people don't know about it but look up d3 in case you so you'll going back to we're talking about cells are these five different hair supplements that I'm going to be taking for the next three months to ensure the health and thickness and growth of my hair to make sure that I am not missing any nutrients and to make sure that my hair is not dry and brittle and gaining the nutrients needs to flourish like I said before I really want my hair to grow back really fast and on my hair has the potential to grow back is like this because it has before it I think if I take these it will help speed up the growth I want to see results in the next three months and I'll definitely you updated to see if I see any drastic changes with taking new cells and I'll let you know in future videos so things aren't Silver's for watching and this is Kerri reminding you that you are wonderful and you are beautiful so have fun and be glamorous what cause you deserve nothing but the best I love you guys and I've seen another video coming really soon

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