SUPPLEMENTS I TAKE FOR FLAWLESS SKIN AND ACNE|| Vitamin D, Zinc, Probiotics, Charcoal and more!

whoo so a lot of you have been asking what kind of supplements I take father I like my shirt it's very festive very shiny I don't feel like five bucks at the thrift store it's sick it's like a crop top I'm gonna show you a lot of supplements and these are literally this is everything I take every day I'm currently on a birth control that literally puts you at risk for osteoporosis if you do not take these every day I take two of these vitamin DS and then I take one of these a day calcium magnesium and zinc and has 17 milligrams of zinc by the way I have my matcha the most milligrams of zinc I would take a day would be no more than 40 or 50 I have took too much zinc before and it does not feel good I just had a headache pretty much so make sure you always research the maximum requirements of doses at two vitamin DS I would just take one a day but I take two just in case the maximum IUDs a vitamin D should be 4000 I take 2,000 a day or just under 3,000 and also if you don't get Sun like for example it's very cloudy outside today so I think everyone should be taking vitamin D just to maintain like proper function I take these at the same time just because you need to consume vitamin B in order to absorb calcium I just take that just because I'm on that birth control but if I wasn't on the birth control then I'll just be taking one of these a day I take one of these prior ones every second day or something I won't be too strict with it but I can't have to be right now anyway another supplement I take this is just to maintain healthy hair skin and nails biotin and I just take one a day and this is 1,000 MC G's I'll be taking this yeah biotin is just a really good thing for energy metabolism just really good for metabolism and brittle nails brittle hair regulating your body and a really good vain man I take every single thing this is a multivitamin I take also one a day basically has your Android mcg is a vitamin a 180 mgs of vitamin C vitamin E is 18 has niacinamide b6 b12 vitamin D biotin as well vitamin k1 Bowl a calcium iodine iron magnesium copper manganese chromium selenium and zinc and if I take this I'm still under my daily amount of thing um this is totally fine to take again one a day because it doesn't give you too much of everything it just kind of gives you a bit of everything just to kind of maintain I take the men's one just because I compared it to the woman's and they're pretty much the same like it's just kind of a marketing thing in my opinion because the doses and this are not that much higher like there may be a couple milligrams higher it says two milligrams more of niacinamide and that's really good for maintaining your complexion then when you take these supplements it's not even guaranteed that your body's gonna absorb a hundred percent of them that's why I chose the one with like the slightly higher dosage because again like your body's not going to absorb 100% of every single supplement you consume and then one I think is crucial if you have acne probiotics this is just the 2 billion colony forming units a lot of people suggest you should start at least 10 billion this is quite lower you have pretty bad acne that I would suggest starting with 10 billion this one seems to do fine I just took two a day for the first like week and then after I just needed one a day because yeah if you don't have a healthy gut and good bacteria and your stomach then I guarantee you you're gonna have acne coz ever since I started taking probiotic it really changed the game for my skin and then I take the jest of enzymes just because it's not like a probiotic or anything but it helps digestion if you want healthy skin then you do need a good digestive tract and then these NEX supplements I'm gonna show you I don't take every day it's just kind of whenever I feel like being extra then I will for example this is just 10 milligrams of zinc I'm still under my daily amount I've recommended zinc and my skin still feels very inflamed or looks inflamed then I'll just take one more of this garlic oil the reason why I took this is because I thought it would help me if I'm sick but really it's just kind of kickstart to your metabolism and maintains your cardiovascular health it just kind of keeps your engine going and then again the maintain your metabolism I'm all about the good metabolism this is occasional I feel you know a little stuffed up which it never happens cuz like the food I eat is very clean and full of fiber but if it does happen to happen then I have some fiber pills more fiber you have in your diet the better your digestive system is going to be obviously your colon will be so much healthier and then it'll show on your skin you have all about the the healthy healthy gut and the healthy metabolism and then this is very extra this is activated charcoal this is just kind of like when you ate something bad or like you go drinking or something protip if you consume like four or five of these capsules after like a night of drinking right before you go to bed top like four or five of these and I guarantee you you will wake up with no hangover some people actually use activated charcoal to treat people with alcohol poisoning yeah this is like a miracle worker and also the days that you just need a lot of junk food before you go to bed pop some activated charcoal and then in the morning on an empty stomach have some activated charcoal there's a powder form I have downstairs yeah this is just what I have if I like slip up and don't eat healthy one day get me back on track it works kind of like as a magnet it's just kind of like a track to toxins in your body so then when you go to the bathroom yeah your body will be more cleansed and also that's supplement to the cream tea matcha I just suggest drinking this all the time like this helps so much with my acne so cheers to matcha it helped me so much yeah so a recap of all my supplements these two ages maintain healthy bones if you take too much calcium and not enough vitamin D then your body can leach calcium that's why I don't recommend animal products or like dairy or anything because more and more nowadays people are actually going to the hospital and like getting rid of the leeching like the excess calcium from their bones and I'm actually can't really you don't want make sense especially getting your calcium from a different species doesn't really know how to maintain that bone health from a human if you're getting it from the wrong species so if you want the right kind of calcium you know eat dark leafy greens spinach broccoli just any plant foods for the proper source of calcium or just pop a pill I just would not recommend airing it anyway for acne just because it's a natural form occur in sugar people say fruit is bad but I mean dairy is pretty pretty bad when it comes to sugar and biotin healthy skin hair and nails just maintains your metabolism really good I'm all about the metabolism and healthy gut this you could actually look up there's so many vitamins and minerals in here but this just all maintains healthy hair skin and nails and bones and honestly if you just pop one of these a day and forget about the rest I feel like your body with you really well with just even one of these a day and a probiotic a day if you don't want to take all of my supplements that I'm showing you then just these two I feel like would be a perfect match for anyone who struggles with acne on top with taking an extra zinc pill because I don't think the zinc amount in here is enough it's only 11 milligrams and really you should be taking leaves for it again they're just of enzymes for good digestion this again for good metabolism and digestion yeah anyway I hope I was a bit of a help when trying to explain all of what I take yeah you wanted to know so I give you I actually have a b12 supplement but I don't take this just because I feel like I have enough already with my centrum and also I drink fortified plant milks and plant milk already has fortified vitamin D and b12 so I feel like no need to be taking an additional b12 yeah I'm loaded with the pale puffins that is my video having a healthy guy is very important and just because you consume any of these pills doesn't mean you're guaranteed to have your acne gone because if you have a really bad diet nothing additional can win over a bad diet but that being said I think I'm gonna be putting on more diet videos in the future and snack ideas breakfast ideas healthy what I've been eating worked for me very well everything put together was a dream and resulted in my clear skin happy gut cleansing happy metabolism healing you could even try an enema I won't get into that but I'm just saying anyway peace


  1. If you’re at the age of 15-16 do you recommend probiotic pills for acne? If so how much should I take?


  3. Beautiful girl, would so make you my women

  4. After watching your videos, I started taking supplements. I take L-lysine on an empty stomach, then probiotics and zinc after eating breakfast, and at night I take the primrose oil. These supplements are God send! I saw results after only a month! So so thankful of you.

  5. I loves the Supplement Made by Natures Brands Phyto vitamins series,Those all are organically made with real fruits and Vegetables and veggie capsules as well all are non GMO,Completely chemical Free.
    I absolutely recommend their Supplements.This is the company is also a pioneering Organic health and Wellness products in USA since 1995

  6. wtf you are covered in make up how are you claiming it's healthy or related to supplements

  7. Yes. Topical creams do NOTHING! You must address the problem within.

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  10. How and when do you take meta mucil

  11. You need to do more research because the multivitamins you're taking are synthetic, such as centrum multi. You should stick with natural non gmo brand such as Webbers Natural. Since you are using one of their brand check out Webbers Multigreen which is made from whole food blend.

  12. Im on zinc and probiotic so i hope it would work for me too!!

  13. What aré the main vitamins/ supplements you take in daily for our acne. I have vitamins a and zinc and a probiotic what else do you think I should be taking? I also purchased the matcha tea you take along with some green tea packages.

  14. Interesting note that I've found through research: Taking too much zinc(not counting how much you get from food and with a supplement) can inhibit your bodies natural absorbtion of copper which can lead to fatigue, weakness in muscles and psychological problems

  15. You inspired me to take supplements on top of my multivitamin to clear my acne and it has helped sooooo much!!!

  16. Live vedic lifestyle and get free from doing all this shit……ur body is capable enough u really don't need to gulp down dozens of capsules down ur throat

  17. isn’t it bad to take a lot of stuff like that? sorry im curious because i want to take fish oil as well as gingko biloba while taking my zinc.

  18. Heyyy is it ok to take probiotics while getting a microneedling done from a dermatologist??

  19. hello there, may i know what lipstick are you wearing?

  20. glad to find a vegan youtuber who’s into skin and gut care as much as me hehe!!! subscribed

  21. My birth control "Arianne" cured my hormonal imbalance which is the cause for my acne so I don't get really big and painful cystic acne anymore. I cant stop it tho, the moment I stop taking it, my acne flares back up. Hope I have your diligence in doing all this! hahaha love your vids

  22. What do you use to treat acne scars?

  23. Your skin looks amazing!

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  26. Good to see you again hun! These are very helpful! Oh and yaaaas to matcha! big thumbs up xo 🙂

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  28. This is so good, i take several.

    I take calcitrol in order to absorbe the calcium

  29. Really good video! I loooove it! x It was so enjoyable to watch! ❤️ just subbed to stay in touch! 🙂

  30. These are great tips 😀

  31. Your skin And hair LOOKS AMAZING though!!😉

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  33. Guurl u skin looks flawless!! I'll try probiotics and zinc thx for ur videos!💜

  34. I feel like my birth control is a main reason for my acne. Over the last couple months it’s just been getting worse and worse no matter I do. I changed my whole lifestyle over two months ago. Eating great for gut health and doing yoga and being more mindful…which has definitely helped inflammation but I just can’t kick my acne. I have the Skyla IUD and I had crystal clear skin when I had it inserted. Had anyone else broken out from this?

    Also, I broke out really bad more than two years ago from Depo shot birth control and my skin cleared up immediately after i switched to a pill.
    Any advice/comments/etc.
    Let’s all talk and help each other out 😊❤️

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  44. I always take vitamin supplements I always need them in my life especially vitamin D as we don’t get much sun.. looking after yourself is everything! Great video 👍🏻

  45. big thumbs up from me!!

  46. Great video. I take a lot of Natures Bounty Vitamins and I love them. This video was very informative. The only other thing I might add is to try taking Greens every day. I've been taking them every morning for 20 years and I think they definitely help me not get sick. They are pretty expensive but worth it. It's great for those days you don't eat all your veggies.

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