that's probably the craziest pre-workout or supplement in general I've ever taken what's going on YouTube it's bloody juice hit you're new to my channel welcome over for my old you attorney movies out there welcome back obviously most of you guys know especially if you're og returning booty that I've been on a fitness journey once again I'm always on a fitness journey to be honest with you I feel like you guys should always be on a fitness journey because if we're not always trying to get better then what are we doing it's been a few months since I've actually done a video about supplements that I'm currently taking so this is just kind of an update on what I'm taking now what I have taken and how I feel about those different products so we're gonna be going through a lot of different things that's sitting over here I don't think the camera can see it right now but for the first thing we're gonna go through is actually going to be some protein obviously you guys should remember this one this beyond raw ISO peptide protein right here you got the chocolate fade flavor this thing is actually empty as you can see I actually cleaned this thing out like I said I usually mix in this depend on how I'm feeling also with this right here this is like the mass gainer for long haul I like their products like I mentioned before I've taken them before and I kind of liked it they kind of redone being tired I guess formula but as you can see I clean both of these out I'm more so careful with the mass gainer like I like math and stuff like that kind of gives you the extra calories you're looking for like this right here serving sizes three scoops it's gonna give you eight hundred and eighty calories I did not take three scoops of this as you can see the scoops are huge three scoops of it look at how big this scoop is three of these no I don't take three scoops of this that's not what I'm looking to do but if you did it'd be 818 calories that's a lot of calories yes I know this thing contains a lot of sugar and fat and all the other good stuff but it does get you the calories you're looking for and my opinion should use things like this if you miss them you can't get that million you're looking for then hey drink you three scoops of this and there you go but like I said I'm a mix like one maybe two scoops of this and a couple scoops of this so this has way less calories 160 calories is gonna give you 30 grams of protein whereas this has eight hundred and eighty calories it's gonna give you 60 grams of protein so the amount of calories that you're in taking with this compared to amount of protein it's gonna be your friend this is what I would recommend if you're not trying to add a bunch of weight and stuff like that you want to add a bunch of weight and it's hardly to gain weight and I always tell people to drink this before you go to bed and they're just doing your stomach and and usually if you're not utilizing the calories that you're in taking at the time for energy then it just turns into fat right that's what those carbs and calories do but uh nothing that we talked about last time with these BCAAs as you can see that have I could open this thing haven't even opened this one so that goes to show you how often I use these BCA's but I also picked up this one last time which I have open this but I still got a lot more to go as you guys can see a lot more to go the scoops aren't huge oh she's way some scoops are huge take one scooper and work I may put a scoop in a jug and kind of sip on that throughout the day if you want some takes like I said I don't drink or eat stuff for taste but is what it is some people do out there um this right here this flavors amazing blueberry lemonade don't drink or eat for taste but if you like that this this is a good tasting drink to have 20 calories 15 grams of fat I cannot say that this helped me cut or anything like that because I wasn't consistent with taking this at all I've been consistent with some other things I wasn't really consistent with taking this it's supposed to support fat loss promote muscle growth support recovery and replenish electrolytes I was not consistent with taking either one of these so I can't say that these helped or hurt my fitness journey at all I want to get more consistent with taking them so maybe I can kind of give you guys more information on these but moving on to the next thing let me tell you this right here first off gummy one great flavor the litt pre-workout I can't take it I can't take it I still have plenty of this stuff left man it was messing with my heart and keeping me up at night it had to be this I mean it's great when you take it later in the jump it's insane like I mean I will say that and I'm gonna tell you this right now I'm not sponsored with any of these stuff so I'm not I'm not gonna lie to you I'm gonna tell you the truth period even if I was sponsored I'm gonna give you that hundred percent real that's just me but this stuff right here if you need to like go to Germany you don't feel like going to the gym take some of this man telling you I've had other pre-workouts and stuff like that this stuff gets me freakin wired I'm not gonna lie I wouldn't say is that why were your like jittery though it's like it depends on how much you take obviously I always take like half of a scoop and even then it kind of one night I woke up and my heart was like doing some weird fluttering stuff sauce like you know what I can't do it cuz I'm already a coffee drinker so I drink coffee in the morning and stuff like that's extra caffeine on the side and I'm good Henry drank much of this it has 250 grams of caffeine per serving so I was taking half of that and I still was like I can wire anybody got time for that go pre-workout for those of you that's like pre-workout people and then you love your pre-workout this I would definitely recommend I've had and I'll explode I've had c4 I've had that guy stuff I've had a lot of different pre-workout I even back in the day tried that Jack stuff like jack3d or whatever that has to be some straight-up crazy stuff right there that's probably craziest pre-workout or supplement in general I've ever taken before like felt like a superhuman when I took that stuff but that's it for those things some of the newest things I just picked up is going to be something you guys are probably gonna love is somebody gonna hate the Chumash right so this is also similar to that other stuff I want to try something new like I said I'm kind of like a guinea pig when I come to this stuff for you all I'm trying new things it has 150 calories per serving right and the serving size has three scoops and we're gonna open it up I haven't even opened stuff I just picked it up up and see what kind of scoops we're talking about compared to this other masking I picked up 50 grams of protein okay it's about 10 less than the other one oh and 710 calories we got here okay scoops decent it's actually smaller than that other one by just a little bit you see a difference in the scoops it still requires three of them I probably gonna take Greek but he's a difference of scoops right here not a huge scoop I don't like when you know you take all that pro to you like just put them in here your system because if you're not gonna utilize it you're just gonna poop it right out so you're gonna be wasting money centrally which a lot of people would say mass gainers and stuff like that is a waste of money anyway now obviously all this stuff is considered supplements for a reason is supplemental to your primary diet okay it's like a secondary thing so the only thing that you should be getting all of your nutrients and everything from just supplements you need to be eating the correct foods if you're not eating the right amount of foods and stuff like that you're spinning your wheels and the saying you're not going anywhere again I picked this up it's just a whey protein that I prefer out on all the way proteins you guys always ask what would you take I prefer this right here GNC gold standard I was using this while as deployed like I said randomly I will mix in maybe a scoop of that mass gainer but this is primarily what I was taking just some regular whey protein that's that's what it is so a serving size is one scoop which is nice on also you're looking at 120 calories for that scoop 15 of those calories are from fat and also you're looking at 24 grams of protein so it's not huge 3 grams of carbohydrates it's not a bunch of cars it's not a huge amount of calories but you're getting your protein in and there's something simple something simple for you to put in your system I definitely recommend this chrome team right here it's not super expensive is probably the cheapest protein sitting on this table and it works and that's what bow has some other stuff in there obviously you guys can kind of Google online look at reviews but the next thing I want to talk about is actually going to be vitamins is what I'm gonna talk about I usually take these right here just some normal multivitamins for men it's simple I'm not really huge with the taking a thousand pills a day type of stuff that's just me but these are just a dull vitamins from man has no makeup trees in there has 150 gummies you're taking two a night or maybe one or more than one even they taste awesome it's a supplement for those little things that you might not be taken in with your food get it in half in estable that day or something like that you're getting your vitamin A vitamin D vitamin C vitamin E niacin vitamin B folic acid vitamin b12 biotin zinc sodium fish oil all that good stuff man you getting all that stuff that you need I actually used to take these mega man vitamins they don't taste that great but they work awesome I take mega man vitamins and also this is a big one for me we all know recovery is the number one thing when it comes to trying to feel muscle recovery diet and working hard the gym all those things have to come together as one in order for you to maximize the results that you're looking forward to get them as fast as possible and to not be spinning your wheels in the sand and not going anywhere right so um sleep melatonin occasionally I take some of this melatonin stuff to help me go to sleep if I'm not able to go to sleep stuff like that occasionally I end up with some like insomnia stuff specially since I've been on a swing shift working at night kind of my sleeping patterns get thrown off and sleep is huge to me I know this when I get the most sleep and not a whole lot obviously there's a such thing as too much sleep as well so there's a middle ground I like to get about six to eight hours seven it's perfect I'm getting like six or seven hours I'm good and then occasionally I'll make it like an eight eight and a half so long as I'm getting that I'm good to go but if you're out there and you're trying to lift weights and you're also like out partying you're out in like four or five hours of sleep not gonna cut it not gonna help you at all and also make sure with all of these different supplements you're drinking plenty of water because that's a huge one if you're not drinking plenty of water it's not helping you water is gonna help these different supplements get from one place to the other it's like jumping in a boat and you kind of go onto your body and stop it off here and they're dropping the supplements off where they're supposed to go you're not drinking enough water then you're wasting your time your money all that good stuff so make sure water is a huge thing as well as always hope you guys enjoy this video not stop chantix you do so joyfully nation so we're gonna come we'll be burst the first bucket – okay we gotta get there fast what's the next time guys gonna have to catch y'all later


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