Oh God good morning good morning good morning moment Amy Amy so we just got the buzz they're having a big sale think that was appreciated so there's a little bit of a line people get like this big bag we're gonna go way in line so we'll see you guys afternoon we'll show you what we got all righty what is crackalacking so we just got finished at Popeye's yeah it's good sale it is very good so now 10:25 oh that's backwards Jessie it's on you so now we're gonna go back to my place I'm just gonna show you what we bought why we bought it and how to make gains the schnitz we bought schnitzel ah schnitzel I swear but keep it PG Disney steals my jokes from the last video we posted the Disney Channel give me your soul from Disney see what I see what I got a little bit you know I get walk your walk got to tell you guys but this guy I got a little we got a little self-conscious with mated yeah cuz I was always used to I was going to get the camera we were so weird line up outside just gonna cook at the Cameron film every film everybody's reaction be like supplements on three but he's not time you said we were gonna do it at 9:30 and then we would have to sit with them for half an hour no he's got lettuce he'll let it soak with the pink to warm up to us that just shows that he's a fraud surprise did not step he doesn't he does it doesn't live with the YouTube life okay no I got these two things fish oil and l-carnitine so you always play what it is so fish oil is missing and help with some brain function just gonna help you need that and then l-carnitine basically it helps you break down fat faster for myself I just got whey protein and I got a clean gainer you know he's skinny you know and so obviously you know it cooking as far as just for like muscle repair and stuff like that it's for muscle stuff okay so protein essentially is a very important macronutrient along with carbs and fat but it just helps with like protein synthesis and helps like with enzymes and hormones also throughout the ad L carnitine helps with recovery helps reduce fatigue does it and as you get older it also I was a brain function interesting the more you know the more you know so we also got all this nice towel chop some pre-workout protein protein pre-workout clean gainer thing getting there carbs protein bars towel t-shirt he said oh we got the towel twice pre-workout a nice like string bag pre-workout essential amino acids steroids and then a ketosis and then just a bunch of like gaba and then some BCA's ketosis and another cup ketosis is what you do it's just oh it's Keita jet ok it's a pre-workout for people who are on keto totally we're not on keto wake up do you research it's a it's a cheat it's a piggy ER figured it out I thought oh the Third Reich you just want to thank you for watching don't get a like comment share and subscribe that's it and we're gonna actually try to film a workout we were supposed to today but he got a little tired I just have worked I'm like a house so that's kind of I'm moving the hell you're moving the stuff buzz inside that was you not that sure with all that brainpower from the omega-3 yeah okay so see you guys next


  1. 2:44–2:46 goes on google searches what protein does

  2. Nice vid! I only take this though on workout days and then I take less carbs on non workout days:) works well!

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