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what's up other gamers Jack Jones here this is part one of a three part supplement guide so part one is gonna cover your general health and everything you need to take to just have good overall health these are supplements that everybody should be taking part twos gonna cover supplements for energy for a Productivity for clear cognitive function and then part three is gonna cover all of your supplements for muscle building and for recovery and more of the exciting supplement so those three parts so today we're gonna cover all of these supplements that are going to be used for general health ease or something like that everybody should be taking before we do that let me mention that healthy gamer t-shirts out here they come in charcoal and black and I'll show you the back see it says lift sleep game repeat level up and if you click right here this box right here it'll take you to the shop or click down below so number one multivitamin you brighter this million times so I won't touch on that too much but pretty much in modern society we are all deficient in our my vitamins and minerals and even if we get a lot of fruits and vegetables oftentimes those fruits and vegetables are grown in soil which has been over farmed and depleted of the mineral content and therefore the fruits and veggies your eating is often depleted a mineral content so it becomes an almost impossible to get all of your vitamin and mineral content you need especially if you're an active person and you're burning through a lot of those essential vitamins then you need to really supplement with a multivitamin and the key factor to consider what the multivitamin is its quality and its bioavailability a lot of the cheaper ones you can find at Walmart they do not and lack results or lab testing they don't digest so pretty much you take it in and go straight to your digestive system it is not absorbed into your bloodstream and you're not getting use of that so you're just pissing away your money you're literally pissing away your money so it is definitely worth it to spend a little bit more money on a higher-quality product that you know will be absorbed and bile available in your body one of my favorites this orange triad and all of this is linked down in the description so I have a whole supplement guide there and you can just go and take a look at all of the different supplements and it links you up to exactly to get them so don't try to memorize this just get the basic understanding of what you need to do so again Laurent right is really good and I have a few other suggestions in that guide on affordable yet high-quality multivitamins and your dose just take the recommended dose you can either do three doses a day morning afternoon and lunch or just take the full dose before bed at night either way works out perfectly fine next everybody needs to be taking vitamin d3 and this is a recommendation that a lot of doctors are starting to make now because of the dramatic impact vitamin D has on the human body you produce vitamin D when your skin is exposed to sunlight but since pretty much all of us especially gamers we're very much indoor creatures and we don't get a lot of direct sunlight and that means almost every individual in modern society is deficient in vitamin D and vitamin D deficiency shows up in a ton of different ways most notably lethargy muscle lethargy and just tiredness depression and then it's very easy to fix just supplement with 5,000 IU's of vitamin d3 a day I do 5,000 IU's in the morning and pretty much that you will see if your vitamin D deficient and you probably are if you're not supplementing with it you will see a dramatic increase in your energy levels as soon as you start supplementing with vitamin D and again just 5,000 IU's in the morning we'll do it all right next is magnesium this is another supplement that every single person should be taking there are there been entire books written on the subject one is called the magnesium miracle and you just go through and list all of the different diseases and conditions that magnesium deficiency contributes Jim because magnesium is used in over 300 energetic processes within your body and so you think of your deficient in that you are causing a breakdown in all of those processes and so then magnesium deficiency materializes in a lot of a lot of different symptoms that's the word I'm looking for lots of different symptoms again from lethargy to depression to just a lot of energy complications and again this is another one of those things where once you start supplementing with it and you become you get your recommended dose of magnesium then it literally clears things up overnight and that's why it's called a magnesium miracle because it has these miraculous like effects on your energy levels and your mood and just how you feel on your overall health because it is such a vital mineral in the body and we are so deficient in it a few things that stripped magnesium out of your body caffeine alcohol sugars so imagine our diets are loaded with caffeine alcohol and sugars and those are directly stripping magnesium away take that also taking to account the fact that we're not getting our recommended amount of magnesium through fruits and vegetables again because they're deprived of this vital mineral from the ground and so it really makes the case for why it is so important just then supplement with magnesium and you want to get chelated magnesium the eschewing and magnesium is more bioavailable in the body and that just means you'll absorb more of it and it'll be more useful to you and it's really really cheap so just get it and again links are down in the description and finally we have omega-3 fish oil you've probably heard a lot about this and this is just insane one I've been taking forever I didn't really know why I started researching it and omega-3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory and that is very important because inflammation is that the root cause of almost every chronic major disease is it goes through inflammatory pathways and therefore you need to control your inflammation in your body you can reduce your risk factors for a whole host of diseases if you want more to Google Google inflammation and disease and that is why you often hear Omega threes are good for your heart it's because of that anti-inflammatory factor is why Omega threes are good for your heart they're good for your brain they're good for overall health and the dose you want to get about 3,000 milligrams a day and I split it up in two doses in the morning afternoon and evening and it's good to take omega threes post-workout to curb that inflammation response so that your body can better heal itself so those are your supplements you want to take for general health I know it's not really exciting but I think it is vitally important because without energy if your body is not functionally at a hundred percent of its peak capacity then you are really hurting yourself because well now you have energy to go to the gym you're now I'm gonna want to go to the gym you're not gonna have the motivation or the drive to eat well and to do everything else that you need to do so it's important that you're getting the vitamin and mineral support that you are your body requires to function efficiently and therefore after that it becomes so much easier to do all the things that you need to do because you know it's if you feel really crappy all the time it takes ridiculous willpower to push through that feeling and to do what you need to do so the key here is to bring your body into its optimal state so you're not fighting yourself so that you are just naturally motivated and naturally energized and naturally feel good and when you feel good is when you're gonna be able to accomplish all of the big tests and you need to accomplish and that is why these general health supplements are so important so don't neglect them you know for me multivitamin is the most important and vitamin D and magnesium is real close second and then fish oil is right up there and so I would go without protein before I went without multivitamin and these other vitamins supports and that's how important I think they are so again all of that information is down below in the big write-up you can find links out to all of the different supplements and thanks for watching and go check out grab one of these t-shirts they're on sale again 30% off until July 14th and they they directly support the healthy hammer support all of this content and me be able to make these guys for you so once again thank you for your support hope you found this guide useful take care everybody thanks for watching be sure to hit subscribe new full length at home workouts come out every week sign up for the free 14 day healthy gamer meal plan and also check out elite first section all of that information can be found in the description and please take one quick second to hit like and leave a comment those really do help me on the YouTube rankings once again thanks for all of your support hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for watching


  1. Agree 100%. This is exactly what I take for supplements only difference is that my multi isn't super high quality, it's just centrum. My vitamin D levels were low a while ago tested from a blood work. One thing people should know and it isn't mentioned here is the routine blood work won't test accurately for magnesium. It could show 'normal' levels but you could still be deficient. Also, stress depletes your magnesium.

  2. Every guy needs to be using a penis health creme too. In today's health crazed society, you cannot afford dry, cracked or flaky penis skin. You simply apply this creme once a day after your shower and you will be golden. The result is a smooth, moisturized penis that everybody will love. Using a creme is a must nowadays fellas.

  3. Merci bien. C’est très utile et vous êtes absolument gorgeous. 

  4. @TheHealthyGamer are you ever going to finish the next 2 pieces to this series?

  5. Dang. This is a good video haha. You motivated me to go out and buy all of these. :p

  6. How long does it take for these supplements to take effect? I took them for almost 7 months and noticed nothing out of the ordinary,

  7. Glad I found your channel even though I'm not a gamer. You're a smart guy and I like your training philosophy. Keep up the great work!

  8. Question OP. Do you think it is better to provide ourselves with these vitamins and minerals through diet as opposed to synthetic supplements? Does the latter have better absorption? Thanks

  9. Whats your thoughts on Natural Calm by Natural Vitality, it uses Ionic Magnesium citrate, its Organic and gluten free. I feel its good quality, but maybe you had some insight in this, as it doesn't say chelated, also I take Rainbow Light Men's One Multivitamin, you said in this guide the one you take is 3 times a day, is this due to some minerals and such being depleted fast like the B vitamins. and last question, do you have any info of the half-life of zinc in the body, seeing us guys need it

  10. Good information, thank you.

  11. Be weary of taking fish oils, there's been a recent study saying that it could cause prostate cancer, at a 70% higher risk when taking it. I was about to start doing fish oils again, but I'm going to not take them too often.

  12. Again I'd just like to see the studies showing creatine causing kidney damage in healthy adults. To put it in perspective – caffeine stresses your live and kidneys. So does the food you eat. So does a multi-vitamin. Every single thing you put in your body stresses your internal organs to some extent – that's what their job is. But does creatine put UNDUE stress on your kidneys? I have yet to see any evidence that says taking 5g/day does so or any evidence to suggest that it is unsafe.

  13. Okay, I guess I've got an unpopular take on this here, but I will defend it. Creatine will always put a lot of extra stress on the kidneys. This happens whether you're a healthy gamer or not, however, it can be okay for an adult with no history of kidney problems. It can have negative effects and can push people over the edge and into the hospital. It should be taken with that in mind.

    My point is that this does not fall into the same category as supplements, and cannot be taken by everyone.

  14. Being healthy isn't just a "yes" or "no". It's a matter of upkeep. When you're under 100% HP, does it mean you're about to die? Probably not, but it does mean I have space to get healthier.

    Anyway, you can get everything you need from natural sources. It's just that sometimes we just can't get those things. For example, I have to work indoors all day, so I don't get that much Vitamin D3, so I might consider getting that supplement.

  15. Are you telling me I have to take supplements to be healthy. Then why am I healthy when I have not taken a single supplement in my life?

  16. You have good skin.

  17. Just wanted to let people know that you need to make sure that your country allows the supplements via shipping before buying, I tried buying the magnesium and D3 and Norway doesn't allow it :/

  18. Hey thanks for the tips. Ordered up some D3 and magnesium. Let ya know how they go!

  19. Alright so I just buy it, input my address and you mail it? You can only import for ~$55 to Denmark without getting taxed/extra fees so one would be fine.

  20. signed up for the elite membership, gotta say, I really do feel like these videos relate to the gamers mentality, and as a writer on the side, these videos can only help me rise out of this slump of laziness and lack of motivation I've been in. really want to break the habit, and change things for the better. looking forward to future uploads, cheers

  21. This is a great general health video. I just moved out on my own and am having difficulties keeping my cupboards and fridge full of healthy food. I hadn't considered that I'm probably also lacking a lot vitamins!! Keep it up Jack, love your videos – especially your talks on keeping positive and in good mental health.

  22. Hnnng. What did you end up getting? Supplements arriving at the door is like christmas morning haha.

  23. You're very welcome!

  24. I would say – correlation does not equal causation. I think the overwhelming evidence still points to the fact that anti-inflammatory properties of omega-3s are fantastically beneficial for health.

  25. For sure good tips. In the summer I try to lay out in the sun as much as possible. Def get sun if you can!

  26. Hey thanks David, take care and tell me about the Samsung trip sometime.

  27. Nope I can totally ship them overseas – but the shipping is kind of expensive. As I ship more and get a better idea of what it costs to ship to different countries the shipping price should come down some.

  28. Wonderful, so glad to have you onboard 🙂 Thanks for your support!

  29. No, stay the hell away from weight gainers. They're full of sugar and maltodextrin and will put you on the path to type 2 diabetes. I would say creatine is the best bang for your buck in terms of getting you noticeable increases in size and strength. And then whey protein is good for supplementing your protein intake. For me I try to get 150-200g of protein a day – very difficult to do with solid food so whey protein helps.

  30. Whey in and of itself will not help you gain muscle or lose fat. IMO the benefits of whey is 1) fast acting protein source for post workout, and 2) supplements protein intake if you can't meet daily requirements with whole food. It is not at all necessary or required for putting on muscle – but it is convenient and can help especially taken post workout. So for most people they find supplementing with whey makes it easier to get in their daily protein, so, if that applies to you, then take it.

  31. Awesome Jamie! Thanks for the consistent comments 🙂

  32. Great advice. I agree, the cod liver is better, the problem for me is the price point. I was taking zinc but discontinued it after speaking with a MD, he said that the zinc content in most multi-vitamins is more than enough for humans and that it's mainly magnesium that people are really deficient in(provided that they're taking a good multi).

  33. Wonderful, thanks for all the support Sam.

  34. Good point Sabra 🙂 Hope you're feelin better!

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