Supplements Class & My Supplement Regimen

this is Sarah with healthy families for God and I am here with my supplements ready to share with you about my supplement regimen and some tips for picking out the best supplements so if you followed healthy families for guys for a while you know that in my naturopathic studies and education part of that included orthomolecular treatment or therapy and orthomolecular therapy is basically just high-dose vitamin therapy or vitamin therapy so I really cling to that and I have a strong focus on nutrition in addition to diet in the form of supplements so if you guys excuse me for a second so there's a lot of different opinions in the natural health world about supplements some say that people should only take or get their nutrients from food and have a really healthy diet and others say that supplements are really important and so if you follow healthy families for guide you might get the feeling that I am on the side that believe that the supplements are very important I obviously promote support and live a very healthy diet first and foremost so our nutrients should first and foremost come from food and that really includes really nutrient-dense food so I'm sitting here I'm kind of late in my morning that's because I just got a late start and so I still kind of might be snacking on my breakfast here but you know to give you an idea of how much I focus on nutrition coming from our diet somebody's trying to sink in the house okay thank you so my kids are running around and I'm not watching them right now and my husband's at work so this is a live video we never know what's going to happen so anyway we raise our own poultry for eggs and meat and so I've got my fried egg that's very high in vitamin A because they are free to roam and eat bugs and grass so that really improves the vitamin D content of their yolks and then I've got you know beta carotene carotenoids from my sweet potato hash browns and so I'm very very a strong believer in giving a really nutrient-dense diet and getting as many nutrients as we can from our food but many of you are like me you grew up maybe just not a healthy lifestyle and there are deficiencies in our body that are really long-standing from maybe our whole entire childhood and many of us are just born with nutrient deficiencies nowadays and and even 38 years ago when I was born so it's really important that we not just get our nutrients from a really healthy diet but also that we can supplement take advantage of the supplements that we have available to us nowadays to really improve our nutritional status and maybe correct some of those long-standing deficiencies and so I'm just real quick can you guys make sure let me know if you can hear me okay and my screen is turned right if I'm not like sideways or anything so um so anyway I have six children and that means six pregnancies that means many cumulative years of breastfeeding which can really drain our nutrition from our bodies and so I really work hard to come to really make sure that my nutrition is good hello awesome Thank You Erica so I really strongly believe in supplements and in my seven years of being a natural health professional and having hundreds and hundreds of clients I found that the right nutrients in supplemental form can really change life so I mean I've seen it improve someone's health in 30 minutes I'm just taking the right supplement and knowing exactly which one they their body is telling them they need so anything that our body is is manifesting in any way is is it saying something to us it's kind of like when my husband needs to fix something on our cars our vehicles he'll go to the parts store and plug it into a machine and it'll bring up a hole and it'll give an idea of what is wrong with the vehicle or what it needs and I really believe that some of the things are symptoms and things like that that our body is trying to give us a coat like saying this is what I need and so just being able to decipher what our body is telling us can really direct us and give us the right nutrients that our body really needs um so so I definitely believe that we should look into supplements for our health and I have spent a lot of years trying to really find the best quality supplements I'm quite picky and I'm some of you know maybe you've sent me a message like which supplement is good for this and maybe you were hoping for like a three word answer and you got like a whole book that's just because I'm very research driven and I want to make sure that we get the best quality things so I'm going to tell you today I'm going to start out by giving you tips on how to pick out the best supplements just some tips things to look for things to turn over and read on the label and just think that just I've seen kind of people miss over the years and maybe spend money where they shouldn't have and so this is going to help you save money and make sure that you're getting the most for your money and also making sure that you aren't getting anything bad when you're trying to do something good for your body I'm also going to just kind of hear about my family's personal supplement regimen and share some of my favorites and what I found that really this doesn't work so don't bother spending your money on it and what really does work and then I'm going to just kind of break it down into try to simplify things and share what I feel like are the most important supplements for women for men and for children so I'm just to kind of really make it simple what I want to make sure you know is um this is you know a very like seven years of studying and researching and then adding more things into my budget for me personally so what works for me whether it's for my budget or my nutrition or my health isn't going to work for everybody so I want to just give you the guidelines to to help you decide what works for you so first to be able to assess what supplements are doing of course you've got to turn the bottle over and read the label one of the first things I do what I'm reading a label is I will look at the other ingredients so when you down at the bottom there's something that says other ingredients either McCanless turned around so so the other ingredients and oftentimes what I'll notice is that one of the first things it will list is sugar this is especially true with chewables or vitamins aimed towards children the first ingredient is often refined sugar and that's obviously going to contradict a lot of the nutrients that are in there so whether it says cane sugar or evaporated cane juice or even organic evaporated changes things like that I really recommend avoiding um what we found is not intake over sugar will take away like twice as much magnesium and calcium and other nutrients then anything is getting into your body and so it would need more of those to be able to outweigh the sugar in them so that's something to watch for especially with chewable vitamins tools tend to be a little bit more difficult to find good one for that reason another thing obviously is to really watch out for the food daggits artificial food color so it's brightly colored you're going to want to check a person a bit aim towards children if it's a children vitamin or something make sure it doesn't have red dye number 40 or blue dye number this and those kinds of things we want to avoid those in fact in other countries like in I think it's Europe and things like that they're required to have a label a warning label on things that have those artificial food dyes that say like may cause hyperactivity in children so obviously that's not what we want either some vitamins especially when you don't wanted like the cheap ones and stuff tend to have artificial sweeteners in them which can be extremely dangerous so those are things like aspartame sucralose those doesn't those are the two most common ones so you'll really want to watch out for those after tame and sucralose sucrose is just as like a like a sugar but to grow low s you see our alo se is a synthetic sugar that we really want to watch out for so that's something else to watch out for so just go through the list of other ingredients now in some things you will see things like anything here magnesium stearate the affinity fountain cellulose um those are a common fillers and I have some research on miles and honestly I'm pretty comfortable with those to some extent so I don't necessarily recommend needing to avoid dhola's completely I think it was crisp Crestor he has some good articles on little texture little filler ingredients on his website and you know really in summary it is they're not that big of a deal it's not like it's going to outweigh any of the benefits or something like that ideally we won't have better quality sources of those so that generally comes with getting a better quality supplement brand so um so now other than the other ingredients when you're looking at like multivitamins or B vitamins and things like that some of the things to watch out for are the synthetic versions of the vitamins so for instance if you're looking at a multivitamin when you look at the vitamin E there are two forms of vitamin D one well there's two forms that they use in America for vitamin C and that one is the synthetic one and one is the naturally occurring one so the synthetic the natural one is d alpha too soft for all but the synthetic one is DL alpha so soft roll I was going to get a white horse I could write this out for you but um so basically we see if I can write this down here that extra little L means it's synthetic and it's not super common on there you know putting the natural one in them for the most part but when you're getting to the cheap ones they will put that so there's that that extra Ellen there's DL alpha that means it's synthetic so you want to get one without that extra element just P alpha sis after all so things like that and so I don't vote okay I do I go through each nutrient like in multi vitamins and stuff to make sure that they're good forms of them but just these are just a couple of things that you can use to kind of spot where the cheap and the synthetic ones are and so chances are if it has one of the synthetic versions of the vitamin in there the other ones tend to be also breakfast sorry so um the vitamin D is just kind of one of those ones that we can use as a clue about the quality of the entire um brand or the supplement and then another one is the folic acid if it's Bulloch acid um we want to stay away from that that's the cheap version of it and then on so what we want to do is look for soul weight which is natural on the natural B vitamin and so I couldn't just use those two as a gauge to accept if it's a multivitamin formulas what the quality is of it because if those are the synthetic ones or the cheap ones what's going to happen is the other ones probably are going to be cheaper forms too for instance the main museum it's probably going to be made museum citrate or something are really another really cheap version of that and these aren't the most absorbable form for our body obviously so those are good to stay away from the earth okay I think that's it for that and if you guys have any questions at any time let me know but in the end I can take um you know lots of questions about you know which ones for this and that one thing I want to know is that um I have to be extra careful not to say like this vitamin can cure this disease or this illness or this health problem just because of certain FDA regulations and stuff like that so when so I will say you know something that will maybe for instance support high right health instead of say it'll we'll cure hypothyroidism okay all right so one other thing when you're looking at vitamins to Tyndale is that liquid-liquid ones especially when it's like vitamins like multivitamins and things like that they tend to have preservatives and so those tend to not always be a good option and there are obviously exceptions to that but when it comes to liquid multivitamins and stuff I honestly have not found one that did not have preservatives that I'm not comfortable with so it's the same kind of like with chewables where they'll ten pounds behind sugar but I definitely spent a lot of time looking for good ones for those who can't swallow pills and stuff like that so I will share those with you when I get into the specific one um so one of the things that I think when we're talking about getting the most for our money with our supplements because let's face it it can be really expensive and a really significant portion of our budget to be healthy with vitamins it's good to budget more for them obviously in my opinion because the better health means less expenses in other ways much less expenses in other ways so they definitely do pay for themselves in that way but um so how can we get the most for our money with them so obviously avoiding the cheap ones which have less absorption and so basically when you're getting the cheap ones you're not getting any more your you know would take much more of that for your body to absorb that okay Erica thanks to a see you later have fun it's a birthday party so um what we want to do is make sure that we're getting absorbable forms that our body can utilize so generally even with a good form of vitamins or something or nutrients in a supplement we are on average only absorbing about well under 50% so that depends on which supplement which vitamin which nutrients it is but we're generally absorbing it can be as low as 20% to 40% and I think that closer to 40% tends to be a better average rate of absorption for the better quality supplements um and so obviously we're like well yeah if I'm only getting 40% of that it seems kind of like some of the money is going to waste and that's where the controversy comes about how much supplements are worth it or not and one thing I've found is that when you take other plant material and you combine it with nutrients you're going to skyrocket the absorption rate to the bioavailability and the synergy of those nutrients and so what I found this is really cool and I was super excited about this back with that pureplant essentials increase the absorption from that 20 to 40 percent range to 60 to 80 percent range so we're talking like a little bit of those essential oils that are safe for dietary use are going to skyrocket our nutrition absorption from our supplements and obviously give us more for our money so check this out let me see here if I can find this one watch I forgot it um let's see here okay this one so let's get into a really specific research just to show you how awesome this is this is a supplement called multi greens and you know it's how much at multi greens because it's got like barley grass juice and spirulina and things like alfalfa things like that okay so they did some research on this which was really cool so they tested the blood for the absorption of the nutrients in it and within in in less than 24 hours the absorption rate of this without the plant oils that they that they put in it without those the absorption rate was 42% so we're seeing about just you know what that's high-end is that twenty to forty percent range so once they added the pure dietary say plant and sent oils right into the supplement the absorption rate increased to sixty four percent in just thirty minutes and then 86% in one hour so eighty six percent is an incredible absorption rate for a supplement and so you're getting way more for your money when you get something that has got that synergy and that increases the bioavailability to your body so I just love that fact and so that's another way to really get the most for your money and so some people maybe have concerns about plant oil being in their supplements and obviously I've done some research on this and I have articles on it on my website I was concerned that maybe they would negatively affect the beneficial flora in our gut I found research that they definitely do not and in fact they do support that as well and they also there's tons of research that they support liver health instead of do the opposite like some people think so I am definitely comfortable and excited about that give it helping me get more for my money and improving my health – alright so one other thing I would say before I get into like my supplement regimen and stuff is that magnesium a medium is a big one you know I talked about me museum a lot me Museum literally changes like mine included and I have spent years going from different magnesium supplements to really just see how my body responds to it and asking people how their bodies respond to it and talking to other professionals who use a museum in their practice and I'm going to show you what I found really quick so I've got a couple let's see here I picked out a couple of magnesium supplements um where's my other one here so alright I got a few magnesium supplements here alright so what I'm gonna tell you this one is very common when it comes to magnesium and this bonus is that it tastes good which is hard over made museum that's not in capsule form the downside is that you cannot get enough magnesium for various things that I talk about on my page and stuff with it because it will cause loose bowels before you can get enough so that's the problem with this if the magnesium citrate even though it's ionic in this case arts positive it acts just like magnesium citrate in other forms where it causes loose bowels and so this is the recommended form I just read an article – they test this in heavy metals and things like that and lead and things like that and this one tested a little bit higher than we've all thought of course those are going to be naturally occurring with something like this when minerals because minerals come from the ground but this was a little bit higher than I'm comfortable with so there's that downside of it too if somebody's like where they can't take any other name Museum I think it's better than nothing but of course like I said in order for us to be able to get the benefits from magnesium to really change our health and the things that I talked about and post on healthy family forgot well what main musing can do we aren't going to be able to get enough of it for this and I've um magnesium has been something really that my body has needed a lot and so I've been able to really experiment with this on myself and I can really pay attention the signs that my body's telling you if I'm getting enough magnesium or not and I've never been able to get enough with this before causing the spells so the two forms that I do recommend for magnesium my first form is this form called mineral essence it's a liquid ionic mineral multi mineral formula so it doesn't just have me Museum but it does have a significant amount of magnesium in addition to some other minerals trace minerals but this one has the pure dietary essential oils added to it in order to really increase the efficacy the bioavailability of the minerals for our by so there is nothing that I found that really gives us the magnesium that we need more than this one the problem is is that it tastes horrible if you've tried other liquid liquid minerals like concentrates minerals they taste horrible it's just a fact of life with liquid minerals um so what I personally do I have a video of this really quick showing how I just put them in I put the droppers full in capsules and empty capsules and swallow them down so that I don't have to taste them and some people aren't bothered as much by the taste as I personally am and for my kiddos they'll mix it with like pineapple juice like a really good cold-pressed or what not filtered past pineapple juice and which is really sweet and so it really helps I mean this has honey and some essential oils that improve the flavor of it a little bit um but it's still not enough in my opinion so I put it in capsule some people put it in like a whole quart of water and drink it through the day which is great a great way to get your may museum throughout the day like that and the flavor they say isn't bad that way I'm not brave enough to try that so I just put in calcium if somebody cannot take this for some reason I give my kids this one I really didn't start too young with this one because of Scott peppermint oil in it and stuff but I have one who I started on it when he was um four because he definitely needed extra magnesium and so and then I kind of just gauge it by you know I'm really tuned into the symptoms of whatever I telling us with magnesium and so I just kind of gauge it whether they need more or not so to determine the dosage so that's really just an individual thing in our needs for magnesium they vary and they change constantly like if you can sue more sugar in a period of time or in a day you're going to need morning magnesium or if you're more stressed out in a day you're going to need more magnesium to counteract the effects of the stress on your body so it's you know it's not something I can offer dosage guidelines to per person but so for those who cannot take minute lessons for some reason the other form I recommend is magnesium glycinate and this is the best form ii to the liquid ionic magnesium this one has a better um it's less likely to cause loose bowels before you can get enough it still can slightly they did some research and they tested minerals like this without the essential oils and at certain point they always cause loose bowels except for with the addition of the essential oils and so this is going to help your body get more for those of us who need more magnesium but this one is the second most that you can get enough and there's another brand that I am actually recommend more it has lessons of fillers and I can't remember what Brandon is right now I'll post links after class so but maybe even likening is the second best form for supplemental magnesium so yeah so it's just kind of assessing what they need on for instance for the mineral essence the recommended dosages for adults size half droppers um it only fills halfway five half drop burn so it's one milliliter each morning and evening so that's twice a day and so for my kiddos you know they'll get a few droppers full like my now seven year old who tends to need more magnesium than the rest of us he gets more than his eleven year old brother just because his needs are higher so so mineral essence is the ionic form which is definitely the best but then we've got the UM this one the second best thing is reckoning so I would say with me Museum don't waste your money on the cheaper forms those forms that are going to make your body how loose fell before you can get enough my museum citrate is another really cheap one and of course those are great to use if you meet some bowel support and things are backed up or a little slow so but they're not great for filming um our bodies make museum needs especially when they're wool okay let's say you're alright so what I will do real quick is kind of go through what I take in a day and just keep in mind I'll go through what my with what my kids take to UM keep in mind that this was just kind of where I'm at now it's constantly changing it changes as my budget changes it changes as my health needs change acts awesome Rachel it does you really notice a difference when your body's getting really good bioavailable magnesium and I'm telling you man museum is amazing on our body how many things that our body is screaming I need magnesium when it's acting out you know even just yesterday I had recommended to a new person after she was kind of explaining some things to me that magnesium would be good to start on right away and she messaged me back to Pyke a nice really be feeling better within 30 minutes yes this magnesium is amazing so but you've got to get the right forms and get enough people are like yeah I've tried me Museum it didn't work because it wasn't the right form or it wasn't enough so alright so this was just where I'm at right now with my personal supplements it's really not meant to be like a guideline for anybody like take these and this is what you're going to take and this is what you can take to be healthy um this is just what I've assessed what my body needs at this time and what my budget has allowed for me to do right now so let's see here there's really none I don't think that are personally more important at this time for me but having six kids and homeschooling and a farm and a job I need adrenal support big time and so one of the most important things for general support is vitamin C and so I like this SuperSpeed this is from Young Living and it has some minerals in addition to the vitamin C and it's got the bioflavonoids and the citrus essential oils for extra absorption I'm getting more for my money that way because my body is getting more of it that way so that and B vitamins are extremely important for my adrenals and also for energy so I really honestly feel like everybody can benefit from more B vitamins B vitamins are water soluble so you really can't get too much and most people don't get enough so B vitamins for our general support for energy support a lot of D vitamins have like folic acid and cheap form of those B vitamins I personally I used to use one by design for help it was called be supreme by design for health and vitacost no longer carrying it so I was really excited when Jana living came up with this super B because this one um uses the a new kind of foley organ F which comes from citrus peels so I love that but one thing I also love about this too that most events has some of those minerals like magnesium like we talked about but and it's not a great source of magnesium so I wouldn't take this by itself for magnesium but it also has selenium and it's in a good amount of it for thyroid support and a few other things it's also got nutmeg oil which is great for energy support as well so that's my favorite be vitamin and I take here so I pick those and I don't take all my trouble mints at one time just becomes a lot I'll take some the morning and some at bedtime I'm not like oh this is the best time to take that so I'm gonna take this one with this meal and this one after this meal because that just gets overwhelming and I would probably never get my vitamins in that way so I just really make it simple because if you take down when you can take them you're going to be more likely to take them and that's really what's important is to take them so see here what else I'm trying to go in order of like the most important that I make sure not to forget iodine is extremely important and this is really good for so many reasons but especially for women because it really our thyroid and our sex hormones really need the iodine and so I take a few drops of this iodine this is NASA and iodine it's um it's a Surrey sublimity sublimated iodine I really like this form of it and it's really easy because one drop is 450 micrograms of iodine which is a pretty good amount and it doesn't taste bad or anything so and it doesn't have any preservatives or anything like that Rachel I love IV vitamin therapy for many things I love them I wish they were more available to more people and that more people could afford them IV vitamin therapy can be amazing for people for all this for many different things so I personally IV vitamin therapy so super C super B and iodine my daughter also takes this one when she started her menstrual cycle the cycles were a little bit longer than we like to see them or a little bit heavier for her age and stuff so she started taking those and that improved within the next cycle so those teenage girls need that too I also give my kiddos get a drop of this some of my middle-aged kid okay to drop of this – iodine is great for helping brain function and things like that – it's extremely important during pregnancy as well so that's something I tries to make sure every day I'm taking liver support is extremely important most people don't realize how important it is to support their liver every day and how much that could improve someone's health and so one of my favorite things for liver support is chlorella and this is from this is a supplement that I used to have available on my website I took a lot of time researching chlorella supplement finding that most of them come from China or Japan which are not clean sources of chlorella so I found this company that offers it from the South Korea which is one of the cleanest sources of chlorella and this one also has enzymes in it to really help get the breakdowns of like the walls of things like Candida and stuff like that and so it's extremely effective for many things aside from liver support but um I haven't been able to find another retailer who offers this this is something that I private label from Procera and I'm hoping to have my website open available again but if you can find another pro ther at chlorella supplement I think it's called duals eat hot generally when they sell it with their label on it that's my favorite one so Clara is so good for so many things like they said aside from liver support candy to support is great for getting heavy metals out of the body things like that so I think we can all just kind of use that kind of support every day with this kind of world we live in probiotics tremely important for everyone so everyone in my home gets probiotic we take probiotics in the form of food like lacto fermented foods and things like that but we also we also make sure to take it in supplement form just to make sure we're kind of covering all our ground so life 9 is a probiotic my husband and I currently take this is a new improved probiotics from young living it's got 9 strains and I really like this one if the pills are small they're easy to take oh okay I'll get that to that when we get to my kids one so um let's see your multi greens I talked about those the greens with the Scott in addition to the greens not exactly sure how I can say it compliantly so let's see here it's also got just some herbs and kelp and things like that so it's a really good rounded green formula kind of thing so yeah I do take something with kelp in addition to iodine in my experience kelp is just not enough to really give people the iodine they need nowadays because we have a lot of things that opposed iodine in our bodies nowadays like chlorine and fluoride and bromide bromide things like that so there's constantly opposing forces on helping us get the iodine you need so we're not I'm going to get it from iodized salt and we're not going to get it from kelp I've had clients over the years try just help and they just didn't get enough to support their thyroid and stuff sufficiently so I definitely feel like iodine drops all the way to go and so let me see her so one other thing that I really love this is a multivitamin formula so for those of you who are looking for it's just a good well-rounded multivitamin hey I just want to take a multivitamin and call it good that is totally cool so Kristin it was NASA iodine the brand is harmonic enterprises and I get this from buddy cop and it seems like it's kind of spending at first since this little bottle but like I said each drop is 450 microgram so this last quite a while so my daughter and I so for those who are just like I just wanted just a multivitamin and just simplify it um I looked at a lot of multivitamins I spend a lot of time probably too much time looking at them and I didn't really love any of them but even the ones that young Levine used to have I wasn't really like loving them so they came out with this one just as past year and I probably cried happy tears to be honest it's a really great multi nutrient formula so in addition to some really good forms of those vitamins like we talked about it's got these vitamins from organic food blend sources but it also has things like health and turmeric the ninja the wolf theory from antioxidants it's got garlic you know all those kinds of things that the whole food ones have like you know fruits and vegetables and things like that it's got what was the other thing that I really like in it you know after Oleg and camu camu mangosteen there's just so much in it spinach still berry and then um all of leaf extracts what else there's the tumeric and so and then it's got the essential oils the dietary safe essential oils so it's like mega boosting the nutrient absorption in these so this one is honestly quite expensive and it doesn't fit into my budget at this time but I get this for free so that's it's into my budget so I can take it when I get it for free but like I said you know what some sightedness you're getting what you're paying for unless for some reason you get to get some free and for those of you who don't know how to get like how I got it for free you can let me know I can tell you it's just part of Young Living thing I order and they give me free stuff back so they do it for a lot of people so that's how I got that one for free um up here I think that Oh for me I need like to have more liver but I don't like to eat it we put it in our food I sleep it in our meat and stuff but it's not consistent and I like to have it consistently so hi baby so I like the vile proteins is grass-fed pasture-raised beef liver um capsules in a certain Orman yeah you can ending to water Grayson gives you some so so um then I take these every day – I really like these I mean beef liver is loaded with so many things amino acids and tons tons of vitamins so this is like a multivitamin in and of itself – for those who maybe have too much hair coming out at postpartum this would be a really good thing to to take for that um this year I think that's the thing oh of course I can't forget collar royal if you follow me on healthy families forgot for a while you know that I have this big like fiasco with Colin royal I'm constantly on the search for a really good cod liver oil and I'm constantly switching which ones my family is taking I honestly can't say that I love with any of them better on the market nowadays but it's really important to take cat liver oil so I just keep going back to garden of life cod liver oil it's it's inexpensive I can make sure my whole family can get it at that price you know there's some other forms out there that are new and I'm not seeing that there's the fit that they're sufficiently tested before they're put out there so I don't jump on some of the new ones that are out there so I just was kind of startled stand by for now I'll see if everybody helps and if I do ever find one that I totally totally love so cod liver oil offers more than just regular fish oil or omega products because fish oil by itself does not have vitamin A or vitamin D in it and I really feel like vitamin A is extremely important as well as vitamin B for a lot of people and I think that's half the benefits of taking something like this so especially for children they need more vitamin A the problem is that the precursors to vitamin A like the carotenoids from food and stuff like that and that they put in multivitamin has to be converted by our liver in order to be vitamin A that our body can use for skin and gut health and brain health and eye health and all those things and most people deliver is even children nowadays is not functioning well enough to be able to make that conversion successfully so we really want to make sure that we're getting the animal sources of vitamin A and so this one's liquid we just like we just use those like liquid Strangers oral syringe errs and squeeze inner mouth this one does not taste bad so we don't need to add any juice to this or anything like that we just squeeze in their mouth and it's really easy to take so I like that one see here and then for me I like to have a good digestive enzyme I like to make sure the serum so I take that all I don't take all of these at one time and like I said I don't take down like oh this one should be taken with a meal and this one should be taken after and this one should be taken before bedtime I try to kind of follow that but for the most part I take them when I can I take morning keeps them at night if I take all of them at one time it my tummy doesn't like that so I tried to split them up in half and I'll remember to take them twice a day I won't remember to take vitamins if it's like three times a day in this one at this time in this one at that time so for my clients sue I just recommend taking them when you can most of them aren't they don't feel great on an empty tummy so usually like after dinner or after a meal is best so a digestive enzymes are one that tend to be best taken with a meal but I like this one is called detox time it's got the digestive enzymes in it but it doesn't need to be there slow release so it doesn't need to be taken with like right after a meal or right before a meal or something so I can take this one in the evening with my other evening supplement and that makes it easy for me and they're really tiny little capsules so I like that so that's my favorite digestive enzymes there's a lot of different does just of enzymes and you need an Young Living I asked for four different one and so I like to assess what each person needs there's some things in other digestive enzymes that somebody might need more than what another enzyme has and what another person needs so I just like to tailor that for our team members and make sure that they know which one is the best for them that one it's the best for me I don't need a lot of digestive enzyme support so I like this one and then of course for my adrenals personally sometimes I need a lot of vitamin C to be able to just kind of keep my health functioning they've been really worn on for many years so when I need more than what I can get from my super C over here I will use nutria biotics ascorbic acid and some people are against this form of vitamin C I've personally seen it work miracles in a lot of people for a lot of things so I'm not against it it's a great alternative to some of the things that people might have to turn to when they need some help so that is my personal there's other ones that I take here and there that I really like for just different things if my body needs it but these are generally the ones that I say in a day and I'm really good at remembering to take my supplements if I just split it up into twice a day some people have a hard time remembering that consistency is hard but it's a skill it takes it takes time to develop it to make it like a habit so for my kiddos I actually spent a lot of time finding multivitamin formula for my kiddos and when I order things from Procera and clear labs like the chlorella detox they have a really good multivitamin powder for children but I was having a hard time getting that to my children because the powder didn't really dissolve that great and liquid and so I see you do I like adaptogen I do like adaptogen for adrenal like SEO Wanda s coke I can't ever say that right I like those and I actually take that sometimes too I notice more of an improvement for adrenal health for myself and my clients with B vitamins and lots of vitamin C as well as sometimes like extra salt intake things like that so I think that kitchens are good they're kind of like 2nd on the budget because I've seen the other things work better and faster for adrenals so but yeah there's definitely good and when they have them in under product – I love that and I think yeah like some of these are a Debbie's here can't remember what I found here so anyway um so as far as multivitamins goal I really like my kids being able to get a multivitamin for meal every day but I had a hard time finding one so right now my kiddos do take this tubule multivitamin it's dr. Mercola I get this on vitae cos and I like this one because even though it's a chewable it doesn't have they'd have xylitol and stevia for the sweetener which I personally love those sweeteners and I feel like they're great for my research so I really like this multivitamin kiddos and I can't slice it but it tastes good it's got good forms of the vitamins in there you know it's I like this one so we go through the con a lot we go through three bottles of this a month for my kiddo my kiddos basically I want them to make sure that they're taking basically like three or four things a day if they can remember that that's great and I'm super happy with that Kristen because it's isolated vitamin C so I don't I love it so my kiddos take their multivitamin this is for my little ones away so ages three to eleven they take the two of the one they take a chewable probiotic and again with chewable probiotics tubule anything watch for the sugars in them this one also uses xylitol and I was so great for their teeth and stuff like that so I love that it uses violet all this is my private label one from healthy family for God that I hope to have available soon in the meantime if you can find somewhere that has a clear lab children's chewable probiotic that's what this one is so it's really it's really great I like this one it tastes good and sometimes I think this one too so they get some multivitamins the probiotics maybe a cosmic oil and they get their vitamin C this is the super C chewable from Young Living and this one does not this one also uses like stevia and sorbitol and non-gmo tapioca for the sweetener so it doesn't have refined keen sugar in it and it gets it has vitamin C from a stroller camera camo and Rose tips plus it's got the bioflavonoids in it so I've seen this one worked really amazing when their body needs more vitamin C so I really liked this one for them and it tastes good my three-year-old it's like a little too sour for him because it's not super sweet sometimes I can get in to take it times I camp but the other boys will cessation fine and then one other thing that they take which they love this is brand new or this is a newly formulated kids enzyme see if I can get that there you go kids sense my design so this is a digestive enzyme formula and so digestive enzymes are different than like probiotics I get asked a lot are they the same probiotics and enzymes are very different enzymes provides the they're the enzymes that we need to digest our food properly and then probiotics are the good bacteria so I this was he just was newly formulated with nutrients and things that I really like a lot better than the old formula we didn't get the old formula this one is also this one is also a little bit sweetened um it's got stevia in it and stuff so it's um the kit might have liked it it doesn't have refined cane sugar in it so they actually just like this once of a – prior to or with meal I just might kid to take all these at night they just take all the vitamins at night it's just simple icing they take it at night then we know they're getting it they've developed a pattern I have it just like brushing their teeth or getting such Amazon it just becomes a habit and so they just without even thinking go to the right image and take them every night and that's just simplify things and then I have ila I found this brand on vitacost to for my teenagers they have multivitamin formulas for teenagers how cool is that and these have forms of vitamins and stuff that I like plus some herbs and other things that are specific to like the teenage boys and the teenage girls so I really like that so my team's get did my daughter like I said yes iodine like my daughters she also gets milk thistle for liver support to help them hormone and then they get the cause of royal and probiotics to either take these probiotics the chewable probiotics everybody loves the jubal probiotics arouse or the life nein chromatic so that's basically what we get and so yeah we go through a lot of supplements but we really know it's a difference it's really worth it to me and for our budget for our health sorry let's go she having a hard time down there sorry so if you to simplify it you know for those who just want to let go with just some basics multivitamin formula to really simplify it you can get with something like this you can get you know not just the nutrients help assist the vitamins in the mineral but you can get like tumeric for inflammatory and liver support and things like that and you know you've got that this has spirulina in it also and the barley green like this multi screen so these two kind of have some a lot of similar ingredients so you could just simplify it with this one as well so this is kind of like some of these um all rolled into one so this would simplify it for those who just really want a basic and the thing that I like about this is um they come are nahee and a like a daily package so it's super easy you just take what's in the daily packet you just take them out of package my three-year-old bit when I just got it so but you can just open it up and just take one one packet every day so that's really difficult to what it's just simple you can do it that way but so for children for everybody of all ages I think one the most important things to make sure that they're getting that every day is a probiotic whether it's in food form like lacto fermented vegetables or a yogurt that doesn't have added refined sugars kefir things like that just or if it's the supplement form or both I really think that everybody needs to have poetic every single day so that's on the top of the list for budgeting supplements and and stuff I think that college Royals one of the most important things children can take each day so I highly recommend that everybody oh there's so many things that we need in that I think everybody can benefit from common royal every single day as far as women for women I feel like the most important things are magnesium B vitamins these also support our hormones and then iodine I'm having to pick here like I wanted to say they're all important and they are but to just really kind of pick what's most important and focus on that and then the same for men I think that they tend to need a lot more vitamin C and they can really benefit from B vitamins as well so and of course something like this is going to be amazing for men too so I can't remember where I order this from not coming to me right now so I don't like ordering anything from Amazon just because I don't know the temperatures of their warehouses which could really decrease the nutrients in the supplements and things like that so cod liver oil we generally start that about six months old I think that it's piled liver oil and where's the qu v I have an infant allergen-free probiotic powder that we usually start our babies at two at six month old so this and the Toback powder and that's one thing that I like about the hook Siegert wears it see i'm children's tubal the Claire lab supplements are allergen free so I like that a lot of probiotics for babies have theory in them which some babies just can't handle so yep your eight month old can take the Garden of Life cod liver oil it does have the peppermint and lemon flavor in it I didn't really mind that much you can do like if you want to get a plain one if you feel better about that that would be good too I don't know if Cardinal life has a clean one what we did for a plain one was on I think we did the fermented cod liver oil the plane I don't think I don't think we did the plane liquid there's a plane unflavored like a gel one has a butter oil added to it to but from my remember it for my last baby we just did the plane unflavored liquid from fermented the fermented cod liver oil from green pasture for the baby so but only kids get this one now so from ages like to not they've been taking this one regularly I think before that we were using the fermented cod liver oil I go back and forth on that one hi Kelly I think that fermented cod liver oil can still be okay I personally um wasn't finding that had enough of the fatty acids so we just kind of wanted something that we could be sure had more fatty acids and something and there's a really vast difference in the amount of the omega-3 fatty acids in college Royals of us so I won't recommend against green pastures fermented cod liver oil I actually like I think it's good to take a few different cause of Royals because they all vary the natural ones like so the cheese ones really tend to just have added deep and a vitamins added back into them so that's always the same amount and same with the omega fatty acids that comes to be the same amount of the cheap ones but when you're getting those the natural ones and stuff their mouths tend to be different some are higher than others so I like to just you know have a few different positive oils to make sure that we're getting you know well-rounded nutrients from them and so that's just me I mean for some people that's overwhelming but for some of us you know it's not so so I like switching it up when green pasture has their sales I'll still go and get some of their collar royal and we'll just kind of be taking a few different ones and so there's another one that I'm looking into and I've been trying out I think it's it's not coming me right now in a choice I think is one of this but I'm having a hard time getting good customer service from them so I'm not recommending them yet so um I think that's basically all I wanted to cover so if you guys have questions let me know one thing I want you to know is um unfortunately I did have to stop offering my services to the general public because I began offering them for free to members of Team Sarah and that's worked out great and that those numbers are growing really fast and so if you are on my team Sarah that's just wholesale members with them living that I signed up through me or through anybody on my team and you're like you know I just okay so which one should I take that are best for me and you give me your health scenario we can work through that and just really customize which ones would be really good for you there's a lot more supplements out there and some that some people need more than the ones that are here so you know we can do that and find personalized a regimen for you at any time figure out like for instance which enzyme works best for you for instance one of the enzyme supplements or man living has beaten HDL like the stomach acid kind of in it so um that helps for those who maybe just need more stomach acid supplemental stomach acid which is a lot more people than they realize ah or there's another one that has more pancreas pancreas support so we kind of just like to like really Zone in and see what works for everybody and what they need and we can help focus on which one's work best for them so if you are on Team Sarah and you have part result that you can email me at any time and we can help work through that just not next week because next week I'll be done at Convention in Utah and I'm going to take a vacation from my email so so but after that yes I so I'm open to taking questions too if anybody has any questions and I we'll come back to the comments periodically over the weekend before I leave for Utah and check on the comments as well and try to help you guys I will post some links I have a bita cos referral link if you have never ordered from bite attack that helps me save money when I order like our multivitamins and stuff for my kiddos and then that gives you I think they changed it used to be more a better coupon discount than it is now but it's still good to bun discount if you've never ordered from Viacom so I'll leave links to things like that in this group over the weekend and so really if you have any questions let me know too there's definitely a lot of ways you can support your health with nutrients in the in supplemental form obviously focusing on diet is fabulous and highly recommended first and foremost nutrient-dense foods you know like from animals raised that we got intended and lots of really good high-quality organic vegetables and fruits really should be high on the list and one thing people ask about with greens like lettuce or like spinach and kale since if they're better raw and actually there's some research that shows that the green mineral content I think it is improves or increases once it's cooked so really just however you can get those healthy foods in is great so let me know if you have any questions like I said I got these for free and you can too this is part of young livings program called the essential rewards program basically when on every month order so if I put in a $300 order every month I get $75 in free stuff in one month so this was basically just just like a month worth of point 33 V as I said every month I don't know we spend it on this every month so I kind of have to pick and choose what I spend it on and the max in addition to the 24 percent discount for members too so it's like bonus double time so I get so you know if I'm buying my young movie supplement and I'm getting stuff back I'm really increasing what I get for my money I'm getting more nutrients for my money because of the better bioavailability and so I can spend more so if somebody from my team asks the urn invited you to this class they can tell you all about that and help you get that information otherwise you can email me for more information on that too so I haven't found a ton of sources that I love online to order vitamins from by the kasnian living tends to be my favorite and pretty much where I get everything the only things I can't get from there well I don't think there's anything really so that's all I really need for me so I hope that helps you guys feel free to post questions or message the person who invited you to this class or me and we'd love to help you out more so it looks like it's going to be beautiful day here in Minnesota too hot maybe but um so I hope you guys have a great weekend I will see you later


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