Superstore – Who Gave You the Right to Play God? (Episode Highlight)

[indistinct chatter] – Wait, wait, wait. Hold up, hold up. So if I'm Platinum Select, does that mean that I get the
stuff in the Gryffindor tier? – No, no, if you want things
in the Gryffindor tier, you need to upgrade either
to the Platinum Ultra or the Platinum Blue. – Okay.
– I have a question. Who gave you the right
to play God? – All I said was the fund can't
pay for a live-in nurse. That doesn't mean I want
to let Jerry die. – Right, you're just not
willing to lift a finger to help him.
Understood loud and clear. Thanks Jonah.
– Okay, look, I get it up to Diamond Plus, but when
you get down to Wall of Fire, it's like, "What?" – Guys, we're making
it too difficult. We just got to simplify. Cover everything,
exclude no one, and make it affordable. – Come on.
– Why didn't we think of that. – Okay, okay. It seems to be the problem is that some of us are going to
use the fund more than others, but no one wants to put
in more money than they're going
to take out. – Yes, exactly.
Thank you. – So my suggestion would be, what if we restrict the fund
to those of us who are able to complete a series
of "Ninja Warrior" type physical challenges? – Mm, see, I was with you
for so long. – Okay, how about if you can
jump on a table then you're in. – No, we're not doing that.
– Works for me. – There's no way you can jump
on a table. – I can absolutely jump
on a table. – No one needs to jump
on a table. – I think this guy needs
to jump on a table. – Yeah, I think
if you can do it, I will totally sleep
with Marcus. – Wait, what?
– Isaac! [all chanting]
Isaac! Isaac! – No, it doesn't mean anything,
Isaac. Isaac! Isaac! Isaac! – Oh! – No, no. [shrieking] [glass shattering] [all gasping] – Are you sure you should be putting superglue
on an open wound? – Mm, yeah, probably. Bodies are weird. – Ah, hey. How about that jump, huh? – It was good.
– Yeah. Real high, buddy.
– All right. – [shrieks]
– Oh, no, no. – Oh, God.
– Shoot, I'm stuck.


  1. 1:03 "There's no way you can jump on a table."
    "I can absolutely jump on a table."
    "No one needs to jump on a table."
    "I think this guy needs to jump on a table."
    "Yep. Issac if you can do it, I will totally sleep with Marcus."
    "Wait, what?"
    "Issac! Issac! Issac!"
    Superstore is just too funny

  2. According to Phil the swamp guy, if thou trust God, don't need insurance..

  3. Kinda preachy…

  4. Believe it or not superglue was actually made for combat medics to use on chest wounds.

  5. The one thing that I like about working at superstore cloud 9 is that these workers go into thebreak room alot and talk with I which my work the have a breakroom where I could eat lunch .

  6. Garret is the best

  7. Nice jump…

  8. Anyone else notice it said Targaryen on the board lol

  9. Super glue on wound lol

  10. I feel bad for Isaac, but damn, was that funny!

  11. It just shows that the problem lies somewhere else and not in the healthcare system. No healthcare system will be perfect unless you tackle the root of the problem, in the dark hidden side of the society.

    Pretty much it is the greed of big companies over the interest of the individual, raising prices beyond what is acceptable and also paying people below what is expected. Especially since it is when people are at their most vulnerable and cannot make a counter demand.

  12. Come backkkkkj

  13. I love Tate hahaha

  14. Team Sandra!

  15. why Cheyenne wasn't in the episode?This is not the first time and this is so unfair…i am genuinely very upset😓

  16. 1:26 well, if they were a Walmart, their hopes of a quarterly bonus just got shattered like the glass in that snack machine!

  17. watching from germany while laughing at the "greatest country in the world"

  18. I just came in, no idea what was gonna happen.
    I am scared that I am happy, and happy that I am scared.

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