Supermodel Faith Schroder's Diet and Workout Routine

guys hi baby obviously my sister the love of my life bestfriend soulmate everything you have been wondering about faiths diet her recent weight loss I've been getting so many messages faiths been getting so me messages source sitting down today and telling you everything exactly a year ago mean Camry filmed a video called right Andre ready in five days and if you go back and look at that video we're gonna insert right here right now a few clips of faith last year her body is 20 to 30 pounds puffier basically why I gained so much weight so quickly and unhealthy was because I started first control that was not right for my body type it was low low estrogen I had an appetite I remember I would never feel fall I would have to slushies a day from 7-eleven large large large slushy would order post me 4 a.m. waffles Dahmer Domino's you were never working out all she was doing was eating crazy amounts of unhealthy food and just living a super unhealthy lifestyle at that time because her hormones in her brain were just being altered enough than her natural state naturally she's to view it on my mom like oh my buddy took her naturally thinner and right after I stopped my birth control I think it took about three weeks and instantly I had I think lost like 10 pounds in like 7 pounds 3 weeks and it was just it seemed like a layer of like puffs and swollen it was a water water weight I was like holding on to all this water weight and all this unhealthy junk food I was eating was just like stuck in my body so anyways after I stopped at birth control my body my hormones completely went back to normal yeah so pretty much face went she was a little overweight then she had a little underweight and now she's at a healthy balance and what happened when she wouldn't sometimes when girls gain it's traumatic and you're like I never want to feel like that it look like that against you go to this extreme opposite I take your girl yesterday same exact thing I've been through that where you getting a little too many things get a little too unhealthy and then you have to find a balance that's where we are now is getting that balance back to faith and faith living that more of a balanced life but when she was a little under 8-under weights we were going through a lot in our family I get it too and I have anxiety or feel sick about life you have no appetite but what's weird is when I was on the birth control when I would get stressed out I would overeat in my binge and then after I stopped the birth control when I would get stressed out and having zyi I like felt sick to my stomach it just could not be nice and you went through like two months of that I would say we're gonna kind of take you through faced now current routine where she has she's you've been maintaining this body you have now for a few months now yeah you feel healthier and yeah more energy and everything but yeah I do feel healthier and I also have like a little workout routine that I've been doing I haven't been doing it every day but since my least one weeks coming up I'm going to push to do that every single day yeah and I want to show you yes so I'm gonna show you guys faiths roots daily routine a little bit more of her lifestyle because you guys know my lifestyle very well and I love my lifestyle eating healthy and working in faith lives a totally different lifestyle than me but still maintains a healthy balance so for the girls but my lifestyle is a little bit more pleasurable I'm big pleasures yeah Cameron loves eating healthy food but like for the girls out there that love junk food popcorn going to movies eating candy that is for you yeah so it is possible to be healthy and be have a great figure while still and going to the movies with your boyfriend and yeah eating sweets so we want to figure out your balance and how you do it tell us everything [Applause] hey guys so keep refilling me and I'm going to show you guys what's in my kitchen and also look how insane this apartment is it's really messy right now but so first thing we always have skills or some kind of candy and there's always candy here you guys there's sweets everywhere right so we only get candy actually so we have Red Vines chocolate this is my baking drawer which is like oh this is just to show you guys the type of food that stocked it what's not it's kind of hard to eat healthy here and there's Lucky Charms and then there's some like pre-made food meals but I make almost every single those are healthy those and then we make my favorite thing is like many sodas me Goodreads so you can still have a soda but not be drinking like a full one so the minis are waiting you probably like one of those at a maximum yeah yeah when I was on birth control and I was eating a little bit more I would have family sized bag of chips in it before like Dorito 55 siren chirps in five minutes and not even realized I was eating it so having mini bags of chips is a great way to make sure you're not eating too much and fit always has little treats like these show have like three of these which it really is not that bad that's like my eating habits is unlike more of a grater so I'll have like half a banana I'll have like three skittles when I walk out the door I'll have like five almonds when I walk to the door so I'm constantly like eating little amounts of food which is great if that's some people eat like that and other people don't so if you guys eat like faith this is a great video for you will you tell us your three favorite breakfast okay so literally when I eat for breakfast I'll get there have overnight oats with cambree's protein powder and now I'll show you guys how to make it or her mint chip smoothie which is amazing I get all of my nights with my fresh garden it's like my fear that insert recipe your race yeah the mint chip shake is life-changing and then not show whole day eating habits a nutshell is wake up either have one of those three breakfasts have a late lunch probably at like 2:00 and eat I'll either have like solid chicken I try to eat healthy for my lunch meal and then for dinner it really depends but sometimes I'll be pasta and pizza dinner and nighttime is when I get a little unhealthy and in the mornings I make sure I eat all my nutrients in the morning and then nighttime I'll have chips off candy like I'll eat whatever I want but just make sure I'm healthy about it I'm gonna go write nutrition in the daytime and then also also not eating too much on how I like my overnight oats a little bit more thick so I do like half both half almond milk and then just scoop not a full scoop like a little bit less scoop of protein powder so like this really sets the tone for the day that I have good nutrients in my body that I have protein to fuel me throughout today and then cinnamon great flavor and then or agave or maple syrup any sweetener you want I love bananas I usually do about bananas almond butter oh you love almond butter yeah also guys I want to show you my recipe for making health he deserve balls with oaths faith is an insane Baker and she can make like protein cookies and things taste really good way overly sweet my favorite for healthy items bananas avocados I love spinach no way love your spinach I do I do love a steak you wanted no way to understand guys spinach with a little bit of mixed greens like a little bit mostly spinach cashews avocado olive oil that's the thought I always make yeah it's insane he's the number one with ranch that's which I mean I don't even area but are you reaching I really like cookie dough ice cream really I'm learning so much about you because we never tell I never asked you about yeah actually I'm gonna go get some yay we're going to us show them also your bedroom and like my apartment a little bit because it wait let me show them my garden okay I loved my garden even if you guys live like in a little apartment or whatever and you just have a little balcony it's so easy to get a little planter and have fresh tomatoes or mid I love making mint tea the great thing what I just love having fresh fruits around so you so even those these are really mini and I don't get that much out of it it brings me a lot of happiness that I can have like three tomatoes a day look any Matt one of my favorite foods to eat of the Cuse knows it is one of my favorite foods to eat with these Tomatoes is that it's it's Spanish pan con tomate come two months so you have I make gluten-free bread I grab a little onion and olive oil on it and then put chopped up tomatoes what's interesting about famous lifestyle is I'm a lot but work oriented it's a lot more like pleasure and loving life which I love like to them more aggressive they makes a healthy garden like this is so healthy for your spirit to do this it is a really good place your bear and you like to paint yeah thanks very very house like I was like very yeah you know yeah you spend a lot of time to enjoy life which I admire and we can show you guys my room a little bit so we're painting let's go I just switched rooms so it's not very set up right now okay I have another one for a shoe store here and it's also really healthy out of years crystals crystals we're gonna be back in a little bit these days I still work out we're gonna get in workout clothes and get ready to explain all her favorite workouts I'm taking my puppies on a walk now and so I don't work out every day but I do take my dogs on at least two walks a day just so active okay so I seriously yes so you kidding seriously just feel good getting fresh erin walking being active like people in the new joe toning probably twice a week three times yeah being active is not even just like doing for work yeah it's an active they are getting ready to go to event after this little workout but we're gonna show you we're gonna just show you her light workout very quick do not everyday but okay guys I'm wearing a hoodie right now because I'm not bullied doing the workout but I just want to show you guys but whenever I work out I put on this waistband infinite series fit kit and guys it's on my waist so much just because when I put it on my stomach guys sweat an insane amount like if you're going on walks or doing whatever and you put this on changement you got to do it real kay pull against me the key is real tight because it also then here lift up the video more workout or you're being even under your hoodie run errands I like to run errands in it honestly action feels the worst like suction septic but also it helps with your posture too like it does it fixes your lower back girls ask me all the time how optimation wear it or what they should do a look at her waist you can wear when you work out or when you're just running around doing errands that helps your waist sweat going on walks with this night yeah or hikes – amazing so dancers gonna show us her favorite workout moves that she likes to do for just light Tony on faith never it goes like extra loud I don't like like going to the gym and doing machines like this is a perfect thing because you can literally do it anywhere in a little bedroom in a hotel room on the street let's do I've been falling saw how to bring it back out slidin heavy hit my pen in and I cash out I don't even want you back now – I'm trying to buy like Jerry Stackhouse the Lions sorry just went shopping got a present for my totally Verma's when you go you let me know my my way again thought of folks who might they be messing with your head hey it's a flag stuff for my X star is some wet just sipping nectar se on my team just like a banner on my rings that cousin that's like my 10 workout so that's kind of like my lifestyle that I try to maintain but then when I have important events like swim week I really try to go a little bit harder so if you want to see like my routine but I'm doing to prep for swim week and a little bit more intense version of my workout go to my page it's faith Schroeder I'm gonna be showing you guys all my tips for toning for swimming I hope you enjoyed this video if they think enough faith and her routine we're here always next to my weekly giveaway which is on youtube comment video YouTube and Tiger friends name and my latest Instagram picture to enter a free protein powder giveaway will see you next Monday for another weekly video make sure to check my website for all new products


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