state your name cause Jamie in it was in the choir for a second does it got hello so hello people and welcome to Gemma's youtube channel today we're going to go shopping so we're gonna bring you with us I'm Jamie Gemma's new boyfriend waiting to see me so here am insert cool caption and some other before I met Gemma I've done a bit of research watching a YouTube videos for approximately a year most of the views were me and then I talked her down and I found her and I haven managed to fall into thinking that she manifested me welcome back to my youtube channel I'm joined today with a wonderful the wonderful the one the only the man the myth the legend Jamie so the thing anything oh she liked at before we go darling nice to meet you all oh so if you liked the video press the thumbs up button subscribe feels so cute right let's go hi grandpa Charlie then hon have you got a quid I have oh my god under some now it would only be right see at a bakery station station section obviously we all know Sophie likes the cheese twist so I'm gonna have to get refused because I feel like she would actually disown me as a friend if we didn't get her any Jamie's got your back so these look nice why don't you get a pizza slice they look yummy yeah get her to pick two nice ones chef – yes yes – are you judging her JB is fully judging it yeah get another one in their hand she doesn't need three Oh God look at him everyone will jump on you if you diss Sophie you do realize that don't you oh we could have actually completely lost your train of thought so like the filming of Jamie is just it's all – it's all too much for me it's all too much newness right too much Nina bloody hair in my last little video I was obsessed with like these mini little things to keep in the fridge just for snacks I'm really interested in those potatoes I cut them up and then put some like spreadable cheese on them which is like a really good little healthy snack you'll see up to over here look at him oh no Jamie no Jamie says these bananas look at my toes to me everybody that's my to be making an impression and so far he's got sort of got really banana toes do actually need some bananas bay yeah big ol boys and a good step and honest that what are you doing what nurse did you need to measure that for oh we're getting that yeah yep say my baskets actually actually but okay pumpkin anyone looking for pumpkins to carve a Halloween genuinely is important say is a man is not a mango little you absolutely okay Wow anywhere the crew go anyway the guy the mango oh my god you haven't met Jamie Brasilia until today I would just like to let you know Jamie loves to dance joke so if you don't love him like don't feel bad about it because no one loves it here no one laughs thank you thank you I love I love you know for yourself Jame this reminds me of your breath what did you show me on the web okay yes misery apparently the weather's gonna be six hours of misery that's a lot of hours of misery right three days why 38 hours is not freedom hey good day you know is that fair yeah pick your cherries these are also how that's such a good idea let the little individual packs of blueberries I think that is I think also a waste packaging oh for God's sake such a spoil sport I think that's really good to take like for lunches to work or to give like kids four little pack up don't you think because actually if you were gonna like buy a big pack you have to put in a little bag anyway so it's not wastage in every usable Tupperware such a killjoy below who you agree with Gemma or Jamie Gemma versus Jamie controversial me too come on everyone you know you're gonna vote for me you've known me longer let's get some straws we'll find out we're gonna put you in the trolley get in there mango you don't know about these gets no she had these rough line you did they're really nice really nice couple of salmon and chickens the really hideous and Ilan I'm really sorry but I'm not very good at multitasking got your little chair Jamie Jamie loves a bit if you look around the condiment is that what it's called condiment I don't know the jar section in little you might strike gold no it's not struck oh you might strike gold and find some chili jam sometimes they have chili jam around here and it's absolutely incredible with Lumi but today we are not lucky enough because there is no chili jam basically this video is just watch jabber and Jamie argue around little it's just a disagree also these packs of nuts are really really good 1.72 and you get like actually so many in there whereas like in Tesco in that you get a tiny little pot for like two quits whoa-ohh get them out the trolley they've got a zesty chicken chicken coconut yeah actually I think you might do them in the pan plated minute pan look they're actually really really good don't know they're nice just have in the fridge like as like a really quick easy little order for these cheesy chicken rice wild rice not not any rice I've also got loads of BBQ bits over here like all scraps chicken and stuff like that so if you're looking to the barbecue then did was the place to come they've got little beef kabobs and stuff like that and stay well what's this the daddy of all daddies rump steak whoa I'm actually a little bit shook with the amount of meat little hairs like there's actually so much like so much more than Aldi like there's all this row all of this bit here oh my god does anyone else love the already cooked salmon fillets I don't know why they just taste so much nicer than when I actually cooked them you know they've got sweet chili one I'm gonna have to get summer back so love it Jamie's in his element and he loves the pie do you want to get a pack of pie babe go on treat yourself treat is the go on oh you're so cute we've got 90 days as well these are so expensive I saw these in Morrison's the other day and they were literally like 2 pounds 50 so if you go a little quickly you'll be able to get some of these these are so nice get two of these so do another one please sir yeah more get half the Friday summer from 5 pounds 85 sorry guys unreal look everyone we have reached my favorite section I love this ocean right let's quickly get some words in before he comes back so this is my favorite section if you watch my other little video you will know I am absolutely obsessed with these yogurts they are so so good they got 22 grams of protein barely any sugar and barely any carbs I loved these ones and the vanilla ones so these are really really really good if you want like a healthy little tree that's like dairy free these are so nice they what's that what's that okay so after this section I turn around and we've got the random aisles you know down the middle of like little and Audi to have the misc I mean what is that a water but I'm surprised he hasn't picked this up to be completely honest I'm just waiting for the next random thing Jamie's gonna pick up Oh electric coffee grinder all right thank God little Oh panini grill there's actually some quite cool stuff here you know oh it's a pop-up toaster I look like mr. burns I'm sure you said you like football cut your head I'm sorry that must be James we've got an ongoing joke where I'm Jamie annoys me I say I'm gonna call James and now Jamie thinks James is an actual questionnaire Oh oh my god babe those are a bit of you they are your new barbecue sandals J we don't I thought you're gonna put them on their whereabout but you know what babe I know you really want them to not treat yourself or a tree six pounds ninety-nine you could draw or see us see on them turn nationalists but Jamie from Chanel aftershave from duty-free riot fortunate what it's really nice I thought you know what you can use this for is like special occasion aftershave you know everyone loves to have a special occasion after shape this one is I just have a general purpose and it's everyone seemed self in it to go to one more sprays we counted them for spray I had one to work she does so Jim is what one spray specifications for sprays Jamie stop I were down the second random aisle we have a tent obviously if there wasn't a Ken I'd be concerned I don't agree that's actually so cool it's cool oh wow honey does that close then yes that's wicked closes that's actually unreal we actually need that for the hot tub high table ice bucket is this what you're hoping to find today one two three four five six seven eight nine ten you could definitely fit more in there than that no yes what's that one's champagne yeah get the size of that bad boy besides you'll read whoa cool I really love how Jamie's just abandoned the trolley like 60,000 million times I hope no one's nicked anything out of there Jamie well there's still stuff for you Charlie because they like to mess with me following you around just messing with my shorts invasion what the people are messing with you yeah whatever think this goes wrong yeah I can relate it's cute I can relate doing the Yankee Candle juice a zesty oh I feel like I'm in a lemon Jamie have a sniffle it's one that's showing up this one spring Hobbs she did at the same time the toilet Krishna I think if you're gonna do any I would probably go through the citrus fruit mmm if you really want one of them I'm really not feeling them baby Biagio it's been a bit of explosion here like no joking have you seen Jake in yellow babe oh gee done everywhere this one cuz you love me I'd be right up there to do get fresh give me the giggles why have you got so many of them in your hands later in cream wow what kind of person does I've now got trust issues with Jamie I feel like I trusted you utilize that to Jamie I trust you up until you gave me a reason not to trust you and now you just put shower gel until that now I don't have no trust to you now this relationships over live on camera maybe I could hold this video we broke up a little click wait and that you know I'm just saying oh my god we're very excited this is like this is like the the jump will stay alive I like it I mean I can't explain I mean show you we've got a bit of Betty Crocker got a bit Tetley but some Rockies oh my god he remembers these haven't had those in ages oh my god remember these yeah they're like the ones they do on a holiday and yeah just a lot of random things here to be honest but also if you don't like eatin like meat sausages and that sounds really weird I'm not keen on like I only like chicken sausages all these those the red onion Rosen ones are so nice they're real they look delicious you're only saying that record maybe she could use them oh really yeah you like the light there don't turn a pork okay my dad loves these okay my dad literally loves these alive literally I can't I don't know what do they taste like is anyone try to factor for like what do they taste like I remember this girl at school always used to have like like oh what people you sound which is cheap you like sucker River weird things having a sandwich I mean people only have the how much is something it is quite close it what does she have in it like cucumber as well no just like white bread you're maybe I don't know do that go we're here every day well you're the one telling the story I feel like well Jamie just poke hunter yeah I mean gravy chef's gravy oh oh these look nice cheese jalapenos of chili dip oh my god whoo you still have a screwball did you still have a screwball I go to high school you like back in the day like I like that yeah we were saying that their sister they got many one the possibility a little bit we were saying isn't it Louis when you're eating it cringe when you're eating a lolly and your teeth when your teeth hit a little bit of wood and she doesn't like fine no they didn't used to be called space runners base for the Rockets maybe that's little zone one oh these cute little film nights never we're pleased to have the little rainbow trouts oh they look nice mini-magnums they've got loads of mini stuff in here like they've put little mini ice cream port do you want to get some love to get some we need to decide though which flavors will that's what I'd like well you want ah ha ha ha ok I want this one wait what's that one it's biscuit one maybe we can share them yeah okay Sharon okay put them in the bar optimize these nicer cookie died we could get these two oh this is a nice selection other children's ones cheesecake cookie dough chocolate brownie cheeky caramel oh my god they all look so nice why don't you have these kids ones my ideal is oh yeah these are bigger as well so who's the real winner humid actually see like Magnum Oh that's why we're here both we need these look babe oh my god let me go into each other how cool is that no oh my god key right you've got much of bugs they need more matching motors legit have much about doing things for each other day I was like oh my god we don't even have much among fly war it's like the first thing the militia bucket they're matching mugs tick little food shop tick doesn't have much more else to life and every woman what except a little future were much input I show you something a little bit more typing hey you've got to find this love I'm sorry looking let's go on a slope I'm ready come on babe get in there get in there look for that slot that is so cool sledge he's literally chilly now you know Sunday it does get a bit carried away vandals if anyone is interested in a sloth inflatable this year for the holiday little is the place to I think last year's a unicorn wasn't everyone had in the playable unicorn yeah this year why not slot support you in any decision that you want to make in life even if it is only the best aisle on planet earth the snack aisle what's everyone's favorite snack I love looking down like this Iowan little of Audi because I always have like so many different types still oh my god this looks unreal coconut wine coke white chocolate coconut Cove AIDS white chocolate crisps baby you can't beat the malted milk say after God's sake you thought how can you say what it milks are better than the sound of that mm-hmm can you do about any cup of tea yeah dip anything in wantes then it tastes like chocolate emoted good player Jenny just have that kid at school like when used to go around the house and they used to have the coolest little chocolate I used to love these it's so much I reckon I could eat the whole packet of these pretty sure you're not actually allowed to do that in supermarkets well imagine if it flipped up neos from the matrix I'm gonna see the matrix no oh come on you dog with the cafe expresso that's a strength eight that's a Gemma on the scale one eight waianae ten hun no one's attack laughs you Joe you're my ten I'm highly offended you're like a modest equality well I was the late a minute guys that was changed my eyes thanks good anyway it's like a is good for a coffee stroke but you called me at home them yeah yeah I'm just trying to dig yourself out the hole now if you're a coffee I'd be an eight out of ten I'm just gonna erase JP out of this video complete you can get one of them blessings and just know you would end is that kung fu chopping kungfu chopping yeah oh wow I'm selling a boyfriend if anyone would like to buy one set.i ten P 10 P yeah actually you know what I'll pay you to take him away this little food shopping trip I like Ovaltine okay well instant fruit teas another peach tea hmm what right can someone please explain why anyone would ever have decaf coffee or tea is that much like the most pointless thing ever one and you just cover normal caffeine one okay I didn't think of that I'll take it back sir if you like it's time to rate Jamie on a scale of one to ten be sure to give him an 8 because number 10 would blow your head off yeah give me one should give him a low eh I feel like yeah no way it's fair right we're done on wing and we've also thought of another really good video idea which will be live really soon so we're gonna have to check out and we shall catch you in the car so – this question is a deal breaker for me every time we go shopping together do you solemnly swear to do one thing for me put the trolley back at the end oh thank you for this Wow hashtag whipped Sophie we apologize in advance but Jamie's really hungry and he's gonna have to eat one of your cheese straws I'm so sorry Sophie and you give us like a review on how nice it is please okay 8'o a night again God he loves writing things about an 8 out of 10 Dodie I want to join us some up the shopping trip babe a successful shopping trip always ends with eating something this is true you enjoyed today's video I feel like today's video was more of like a Confucian witness than it was like showing you stuff that's actually in the shop does that make sense so let me know which shop you'd actually like to see and I'll do like an actual like healthy food shop kind of thing like I was slightly distracted with Jaime with me today he was just he just needed that attention you know I mean like he couldn't just let me be the camera so needy needy people made an exception for James so we also got some stuff today to do a little challenge which i think is going to be really really fun enjoy today's video please don't forget to give it a big thumbs up you know like you got sweets yeah I was gonna say I'm looking forward to the challenge enjoyed it take miss just enjoy this juice anyway why it wasn't eight it's becoming annoying a bit like me you know I can relate your friends yeah see a trend here right in the video thank you so much for watching I love you all so much and I'll see you in the next video bye-bye


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